Email Header Analyzer is providing various services to individuals wanting to ensure that they are not being scammed. Our website will allow users to search scammers online to become acquainted with the frequent scammers and teach users, who to avoid in the digital dating world. will… Read More

Scamming the scammers

We wish it was possible to say that everyone knows about scammers and their attempts at using the web to extort money from victims, but unfortunately not everyone is aware which is why they continue to try different tactics and still people become victims. One… Read More

How to recognize a scammer

Imagine if you will go into your e-mail and opening it to find a message from a lovely individual concerned with just you. At first glance, the woman appears to be all you could ever dream of. You send the e-mail back to this woman… Read More

Why scammers use fake docs?

Previous year saw the troubling situation of rapidly increasing number of female scammers on all dating sites. The scammers target the compassionate side of people who join online dating sites, seeing them as soft targets who can be easily deceived. They make use of fake… Read More