Gold and Romance Scam Scenario

Gold & Romance Scam Scenario by Female Scammers
Gold & Romance Scam Scenario
Africa and specifically, Ghana, is becoming one of the most recent spots in the world for scams. The internet is full of offers from African cities and the rest of the world. One needs to ensure that one’s email box is both clean and secure. Ghana, as it stands now, is a place for dating scams and huge money scams involving both gold and diamonds. It has been discovered that there are many situations whereby the man becomes a victim to the scammers. These female scammers are very good at what they do. They are quite familiar with their game and are very intellectual. They have multiple scams running at the same time (this is how they run their business).

It cannot be denied that most online dating scams originate in Africa even though most African singles looking for a date online are legitimate. It has been observed that the low per capita income, high rates of corruption and unemployment are some of the reasons why most of these scams are of African origin. The money extracted from their victims residing in Europe, North America and Australia are enormous fortunes for these female scammers who are ready to put in months of work into getting what they want. They have found some new ways of doing this.

One of these ways includes their telling the supposed victim they do not have enough annual leave to come and visit them unless they buy some from their employer. They tell the victim that a day costs a certain amount and the victim will have to pay for the number of days they would be off. When the victim pays for this, they also demand the victim pays for their flight.

Another has to do with customs. These female scammers claim they have found a box containing gold, diamonds or jewels in the desert and have sent it over to a foreign country where they can have a better life. They will now say, however, that the box has been seized by customs, and they have to pay a certain fee for the box to be released. The victim is then requested to pay this amount.

Protect yourself against dating fraud

Online dating scam is on the increase and the online dating sites say they have little they can do about this. However, they advise that you adhere to the following tips.

  • Never give out sensitive information online and be careful about what you say
  • Never send money or give out your online account or credit card details to anyone you do not trust
  • Run away from someone you met on a social site that tells you they want to continue the communication by email
  • Always trust your instincts whenever you feel something is wrong
  • Avoid communicating with people overseas and be careful of the ones who tell you they are in same country as yours (because on the contrary, they might not)

In conclusion, online dating scam is on the increase and people should be careful how they look for romance.

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