How to Identify Online Scammer Through Images

Have you ever contemplated finding your soul mate through an online dating site? If so, beware. Although many people who turn to dating via the internet to find their future life partner, some have made this platform an excellent means to make money by scamming trustful and innocent victims. While scammers do not have preference in terms of what sex to victimize, it turns out that men are more prone to succumb to scammers.

Here are some tips on how to recognize a dating scammer:

• The profile picture looks like that of a magazine cover. Many females hunting for someone to victimize would post attractive pictures. Usually, the profiles are those of young, sexy, and beautiful women.

• Compare the profile picture and the information given to you. Does the picture shows a person that matches her profile in terms of age, complexion, hair color, and facial features? If there is a discrepancy, report the person to the dating web site.

Inheritance scam • Check the background of the picture. If the woman claims that she is a simple girl abandoned by her rich father when she was young but her picture shows a background that shows urban setting, beware. She might not be who she claims she is. This girl might ask you for help to lay claims on her inheritance. Usually, after a few weeks of online dating, she would confide in you about her inheritance and ask for your financial assistance for the legal battle ahead. Some would lure you more by offering you a share once she gets her money.

• Some girls would tell you about an accident involving herself or a family member. After pouring her heart out to you, she would ask for financial assistance. Some women would talk about a disease they have that requires expensive treatment. Check her profile picture and if the image shows a woman looking at the top of her health and physically fit, think twice before responding to her plea.

Some of these women would promise to be with you soon. They would profess their great love to you. After they think that they have hooked you, that’s the time that they would ask for favors, most often financial help. Others might ask questions regarding your financial status and information. Never give out the data because they can use it to scam you.

If you are set on finding someone you could love and someone who would love you in return and you think the best option is use online dating sites, be vigilant for the signs mentioned above to avoid getting scammed.

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  1. JIST ANOTHER SCAM? I have had someone attempt the arrest if not paid for breaking the law. I think the woman came by my home not mention that she called my family! I want a pic of her. She is well know in the scam watch list. Why would a website ‘helping” identify pics of scam artist want me to pay 17.99 for a month subscription. I fell like I’m being scammed agqin. Can’t someone help us free of charge? Haven’t we been scammed enough? If there is a site to find pictures of these people for free please let me know.

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