Intimate Photos – She Will Begin To Demand Money

Intimate photos as a scam scenarioIt’s not difficult to develop feelings for someone, either in person or online. Picture the scene; your love life is not as exciting as you wish, so you join a dating website and begin to chat with other singles.

Soon, one particular female messages you, and with her stunning profile picture you’re immediately hooked. You trade compliments and the messages flow, each one more flirty than the last. She begins to share intimate photographs with you.

You enjoy the attention and you crave more and more messages. But what you don’t realise is that it’s all a scam – in fact, one of the most brutal dating website scams around.

The Dating Website Scam

The first thing to note when such a scam begins is that often, the images shared by the scammer are not of themselves. Usually, they will be of young and beautiful girls, a very deliberate ploy to entrap the victim easily and quickly.

As the correspondence between both parties accelerates, the scammer will begin to share their apparent feelings for the victim, using words like “I love you”, or “I am in love with you”.

For many victims, this only speeds up the rate at which they become more excited about this potential new love interest. As things progress, the scammer takes further action to bring the scam to life.

● Step 1: The dating website scammer professes their love for the victim on many occasions. They will insist that they want to meet the victim, that they want to make love to them. It is at this point where they ask the victim to send money, which the scammer promises will be spent on travel costs for the meet to happen.

At this stage, if the first step is successful and the money is sent, this is usually the end of the correspondence and contact then stops, as the scammer has been successful in obtaining the money.

● Step 2: If step 1 fails and the victim refuses to send the money, the scammer often continues to send the love letters and messages, along with more intimate and nude photos. She will then begin to ask for nude photos in return.

Once the photos are received, the scammer now has a powerful bargaining chip which she will use to blackmail the victim. She will begin to demand money, telling the victim that if he does not pay, the photos will be published online or shown to his friends and family. This leaves the victim in a potentially embarrassing situation meaning they are likely to pay the money to protect their pride.

Avoiding Dating Website Scammers

For many people, dating websites can be a great way to meet new people and form relationships. However, bear in mind that there are always people who misuse such sites and set up scams designed to make money out of innocent people.

To avoid dating website scammers, never send any photographs or sensitive information to people that you have never met in real life. You never know who or what is lurking over the keyboard on the other side. Always check latest scam information on

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