New Investigative Tool Giving You More Ways to Spot a Scammer Online

Investigative Tool Search a Scammer is an online resource for men in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and in many other countries to protect themselves from women who target men in order to con or scam them out of money. Unfortunately, with the advent of the Internet people are now able to meet each other online through dating websites without any of the usual protections available when you meet someone socially or through friends. Men across the world have been systematically conned out of millions of dollars within a relatively short period of time by female scammers. Men can now protect themselves by searching for specific profiles on, a virtual treasure trove of information on women who have been involved in scams. If you’ve met a woman online do yourself a favour and look for her on our website. If she has been scamming men there is a very good chance that we have a profile of her, her photos and even her aliases on our website.

Before you trust anyone you meet online, you would be wise to check out our updated scam information on to know for sure to whom you’re speaking. We have made great strides recently in our effort to dispense information on dating scams throughout the world by implementing a new anti-scam tool. This tool works by utilizing the metadata in photos and analysing them to identify scammers. This, along with all our other tools, might just end up saving you from being scammed!

The new tool uses a specialized image file exchangeable format that is able to specify the formats for the type of images, recorded sound files, ancillary tags and other image handling systems used by digital cameras. It also works with images picked up from scanners, iPhones and other types of smartphones.

After you’ve uploaded the photo, you are given the metadata in a variety of forms:

      1. You will know the type of digital camera that captured the image, and actually see the name and model of the camera used.
      2. The date and time that the photograph was taken is also available. From there you can compare the details of the image with that of the woman you are communicating with on a dating website. Once you have the information as to where the photo was taken, you can just ask her where the picture was taken and when. You can then compare her answers with the facts obtained by the tool and know whether she is telling the truth.

    Furthermore, once the photo has been uploaded you can find out:

      3. If the image was manipulated in any way as the software details will be disclosed as well as the details as to which software was used to manipulate the photo.
      4. You will also find out where the photo was taken. If the geographical location GPS function on the digital camera was turned “on” a detailed map of the exact location where the photo was taken will be available.

    Other information provided is:

      5. The photographer’s name and any copyright notice. If the owner of the camera has adjusted his camera settings to provide this information, the owner’s name and copyright information will be shown clearly in the metadata.

However, this tool does have a few shortcomings that you should be aware of:

      1. Someone can easily edit or delete the metadata on photos, but if this has been done and the metadata is missing, this raises suspicions because this must have been done intentionally in order to hide the truth about the image.

    Because of this scammers can continually edit or delete the metadata each time they make contact with a new potential victim, but because of the quantity of people they are communicating with, it’s very possible to catch them in the act.

      2. You also need to understand that the geographical location GPS function is not something that everyone activates on his digital camera.

When this new tool provided by is used along with other resources and information about scammers and con artists, it should prove very effective in informing men about the women they are communicating with online and whether or not they are the real person behind the photographs and messages being sent. The scammer profiles, photos, scam messages are all updated weekly on These are the features provided to users, along with our tools, that can be used to find scammers on dating sites before they are able to con an innocent person emotionally and financially.

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