Meeting with a model and birthday scam scenarios

Men! Things To Be Wary of on a Dating Website

There is a saying ‘if it seems too good to be true then it probably is’, and this is true when it comes to dating websites too. Online dating can be a fantastic way to meet women and perhaps a lifetime partner, but you need to make sure that you go into it with both eyes open.

It is important to remember that not everyone on dating websites will be there for the same reason. A majority of people will be genuine but you have to watch out for those that aren’t. The last thing want is to get caught up in a dating scam. People often assume that they are too clever to be caught by a Russian scammer in a scam scenario, but that is not the case at all. These dating scams are run by professionals, so they can be had to spot. You need to make sure that you keep your wits about you at all times.

New-scam-scenarioMeeting with a model and birthday scam scenarios

One scam scenario which seems to be on the increase at the moment is the birthday scam. They will usually chat to you for a few weeks and then casually mention that their birthday is a week or so away. They won’t outright ask for gifts, but will try to steer the conversation in a way that makes you want to be the nice guy. Sending them a birthday present seems like something nice that you could do, but the chances are you have fallen victim to a scam and things aren’t as they seem at all.

You could also find yourself chatting to a model online. By coincidence they’ll find themselves coming to your same city shortly for a modelling job. They’ll ask you to make a charitable donation in exchange for a meeting with you. However, they’re not a model, you’re not paying to a charity and they are not visiting where you live.

In order to make sure you don’t fall for a dating scam just keep your eyes open and be suspicious. You don’t want to be sending anyone money or your bank details and anyone who asks (or hints) for these is a definite no!

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  1. Hi I’m presently talking to a model from Nigeria she say her name is Melanie Walsh she tell me that she’s in love with me and need money to come to visite me so if anyone know her let me know don’t know if she is the reel Melanie Walsh from please tell me I’m doing this for nothing thank

    1. If she tells you she is already in love with you, then it is for sure a scammer. Stay away from people from nIgeria, there are too many crimnals and scammers there.

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