New version of website announcement

stops As you can see, we’ve given our site a bit of an overhaul. We’ve reorganized the layout and made navigation a lot simpler, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the site feels a lot sleeker now. But that’s not all, we’ve also added a few extra bells-and-whistles to make searching our databases even easier and faster. We’ve added a new dedicated fake documents search so you can quickly cross check any official looking documents that may have been sent to you, and we’ve also added a new IP check tool that lets you check the true IP address of emails you’ve been sent (useful for checking if the email is coming from the country the sender says it is).

Another new addition to our revamped site is “Photo Search”. This new feature does exactly what it says it does: just upload a photograph of the woman you are involved with (or point to the URL of the picture on her online profile), click “search” and we will automatically check through the thousands of images we have on file to see if it matches, and get results back to you in just seconds.

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