Online Dating Scams – The Travel Scenario

Female Dating Scams - She Wants To Visit YouThe travel scenario is perhaps one the costliest scams found in the world of online dating. As a result, the individual conducting the scam must put a considerable amount of time and effort into this to ensure they appear genuine to a potential victim.

Single males using any variation of online dating may find themselves falling victim to the travel scenario without even realising it. It is a testament to the endeavour that a female scammer can put into this particular scenario – it has the potential to be highly lucrative for the scammer after all!

Therefore, the first sign to lookout out for is receiving numerous messages from the her.

These letters will become frequent and feature detailed content that aims to make the victim feel special. Before long, she will be messaging on a regular basis in the hopes of making the individual feel that bit more special.

As messaging between both continues, she will aim to reinforce this “special” connection by immediately replying to each response she gets – it will almost seem as if she is constantly at her computer the replies come that thick and fast.

Eventually, the letters will begin to take a more romantic turn in their content. These messages will display plenty of effort and consideration on the female’s part when writing them in the hopes of driving up more interest in her from the potential victim.

Expect these romantic liaisons to continue for quite some time – weeks or even months – before she will attempt to begin the scam proper. This is the moment that the scammer feels her victim is willing and to send her money.

This will lead to a letter that she will hope lures in the victim. What she writes can vary from individual to individual, but for the most part it will feature the following (or a variation of it):

  • She will talk about suddenly being provide with a two-week holiday that means she can now come and visit. This holiday will be very short notice.
  • Coincidentally, she will also know of a friend or family member that works with a travel firm offering a great deal for this vacation.
  • Also, her passport will be expiring shortly, meaning that she can only travel right now – she may not even know when she will find another chance to do this!

As you can image, this letter can take many forms and the details can vary, but the bottom line is that she has just out she can travel but this will only be a limited opportunity, forcing the individual to act fast if he wants to meet her in person.

This is when the request for money will start. What the scammer needs it for could be any number of travel-related expenses, including a travel visa, tickets, travel insurance etc. Moreover, she will need this money sent to her as soon as possible – time is of the essence after all.

Now, when a female you have only just recently met online is asking for some money, then this should be a rather clear warning sign. But as mentioned, she has spent so much time and effort into cultivated a relationship with the individual that they rarely suspect a thing.

Unfortunately, this means that many men will send over the money and become victims of the travel scenario scam.

Once she has received the money, in the majority of cases the victim will never hear from the female again. She completely disappears, as if she never existed in the first place.

Even worse, sometimes the scammer will aim to extradite even more money from the victim – if he is happy to send over money before, why wouldn’t he do it again? Therefore, the scam often continues unbeknownst to the male individual.

When this occurs, she will remain in contact, this time messaging about how everything is going well e.g. her visa has just been received or that the tickets have now been booked.

However, a new problem will arise before she can travel, and thus begins the second part of the scam.

This stage involves the scammer asking for even more money – usually to help solve a problem relating to her travel. For instance, it could be a problem with the visa or that the only available tickets left are incredibly expensive.

Regardless of what she claims is the problem, the fact is that this is merely another method to extract even more cash from the victim, and it succeeds more often than not.

Once it becomes clear she isn’t arriving for a vacation, most victims will stop providing them with money, and it is at this point when the scammer will finally disappear for good with a fair amount of cash.

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