How to Recognize a Female Dating Scammer (part 2)

There have been many cases of fake profiles being used on dating websites; these scammers mislead you into believing their lies. These lies can, in the longer run, be very damaging to your personal safety, your finances and emotional well being. Beware of the scammers whose profiles do not match with their words when you begin talking with them. Obvious indicators include a big age difference compared with yours, insistence that you correspond through private e-mail and not on the website platform and a sudden change of her e-mail address. It is not particularly difficult to identify a scammer, as they come with a type of communication that seems very unnatural to begin with; it does not have comfortable feel to it, seems forced and leaves you feeling uneasy about it.

Look closely for your potential date’s reviews on the website; what other users have experienced with her can tell you a lot about to expect. Also, you will find that her contact list includes a number of unreal looking profiles. When you come across someone like this, your warning bells should ring. In such a case, you can ask that dating platform to take action against that profile and blacklist known scammers.

Consider the following warning signs against scammers in case you feel you are being cheated by a female scammer on various dating websites:

She sends you a letter

Scammers Send Spam Letters She sends you a letter that you have already read somewhere; this is a giveaway sign that the user you are dealing with is a scammer. When a beautiful female contacts you via private e-mail, and you do not remember giving your e-mail address out to her, you most certainly have a scammer at hand. Look for signs including repetitive e-mails, e-mails that do not answer your questions and are generic.

How she uses your name

Since a lot of female scammers use similar methods of communication (even their letters sound similar!), you can tell a lot about your potential date by looking closely at how she uses your name. When you receive one of her letters, you will notice that either you have been addressed by a wrong name or not addressed at all. We all are aware about the power of good communication and that includes properly addressing you; when that does not happen, you are being contacted by a scammer.

She is wary of personal questions

Female scammer avoids personal questions You will notice that your potential date (read: female scammer) goes out of her way to avoid personal questions and even after talking to her for a while you will not have any substantial knowledge of her personal life. She will not share her family background, her contact number, information about where she lives or works and even a tiniest bit of information that gives away her reality. What you can do in such a case is to go through her profile and then ask her questions keeping that information in mind. Your female scammer is sure to slip here and there; this will save you a lot of heartache and may be a dent in your finances. When you sign up on a dating platform and meet someone who seems too good to be true, it is absolutely important that you check identity for scammers.

She falls in love with you

We totally understand how flattering it is, but sadly we also know that, this is not how it happens in real life (and only scammers fall in love without meeting you even once). When a potential date on a dating website (probably the one with the hottest photos), claims to have fallen in love with you, you are dealing with a clichéd scammer. Believe us; they fall in love real hard; this is the moment to end all contact with her. This proclamation of love is usually followed by asking you to share your financial information, arranging for her air travel, hotel stay, shopping sprees – basically all your savings!

She falls in love with youSo if you have an account on any online dating platform and seem to have been contact by a beautiful woman, whose photos seem to come out of fashion magazines (which they probably are), and who gives out shady information about her and professes undying love for you; you need to check her identity for scammers. She may also ask you to;

  • Help her, as one of her relatives, who has recently died has left her an unbelievable amount of money and she needs an account to keep it safe in
  • Help her out as she is having severe financial issues at the moment
  • Help her with English lessons, or lessons of your native language
  • Fund an expensive operative procedure for her or someone she loves
  • Pay for her internet connection and gadgets so she can stay in touch with you constantly

The above mentioned indicators are among some of the broad signs that can help you identify a female scammer. Many of these are particularly interested in your finances and are generally termed money scammers; you can easily identify them once you see one of these. Everything that they talk about revolves around money – your money, to be specific, not theirs.

Scammers of various nationalities can be identified by the way they carry out correspondence with you. Some of these means are used by Russian scammers, while others are associated with Nigerian scams. You can check Ukraine scammers’ listings online and help blacklist known scammers.

If you are seeing someone online who seems too good to be true, talks about honesty more than an average person and your conversations revolve around money, travelling and a little bit of undying love; she is most certainly a scammer and is after your money. Beware of such female scammers, as they not only bring financial issues but may also get you in trouble with the law. If you or someone around you is being contacted by such scammers, immediately report their profiles on the dating website and end all communications with them.

To be continued…

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