How to Recognize a Female Dating Scammer (part 3)

There are so many scams relating to dating and these are done through a chain of emails. These scams are targeted for men in first world countries like Canada, Australia, USA and Europe. The Ukrainian online scammers send emails to these men pretending as a girl from Ukraine. Nigerian Love scams are also got some fame because of their use of female photos and emails to lure the men of certain taste.

However, you can always find some signs in those emails which gives away really the nature of that email. All you need to do is pay close attention to the details as they say that these little details are the real deal. There are certain warning signs such in the email the girl will write that she doesn’t has an online presence except for this website and she has financial problems that’s why she works full time and only uses internet when she is at work. She then sends you kisses and more flirting photos in the email. Beware as soon as you she tells you that she has this financial problem and she needs you to help her you must know that she is a scam and all your money will be lost because there is no girl on the other side of email it’s just the scammer.

The internet is littered with many dating scams that wants to take money from you. However, you can protect yourself by looking for warning signs in an email that you receive from the girl stating that she is interested in you. These emails have a same pattern and if you look closely in the section mention to whom this email was sent the you will be shocked to find out that your email address is not the only one to whom this email was sent. This means that the sweet girl has sent the same loving message to all of those emails that are in the recipient section.

When you sign up for the dating service be careful to keep your identity safe by giving as little information about yourself as possible because dating sites are the best places for scammer to find their prey. Don’t share your date of birth or your address with anyone on that website. You need to be very vigilant about the user that wants you to email her directly and some others who want you to use some other website which is not even a dating website as the dating websites keeps working hard to keep scammers away from their users.

Russian Girls Travel Scam Scenario However, there can be different scenarios in which the scammer can ask you to send them money and one being the “offer to come visit you” scenario. This scenario is quite common in those scam email. The girl will email you and after the exchange of few emails she will express her wish to meet you. She will then ask you that if there could be way that she could meet you in person and then she will offer to come visit you. She will then ask you to pay for her ticket as she cannot afford the ticket to your place. She will convince you that you really want to see her which means that you will have no other option but to send her money. But you can protect yourself by knowing that this is the most common scam technique used by scammers now a day.

Another warning sign is that when she mentions that one of her relative which can be her mother, brother, son, daughter or even grandmother is suffering through some kind of illness and she is devastated by thought of losing that person. She then tells you how she can’t afford to pay medical expenses of that person and she needs your help and ask you to send her some money so that she can help that person with their medical expense. This is a neat trick of scammer to use your emotions against you so beware it’s a scam and stop emailing her at once. You can easily keep yourself safe by paying attention to this little warning sign.

The another warning sign includes that during those emails enhance the girl wants you to share your photos with her. Even though its little hard to tell if that girl is a scam or not from if she asks for your photos however it is better to protect your identity and not sharing photos with the ones you really don’t know or haven’t met yet because a lot of people have felt victim to the photo theft which means that the same scammer that is trying to scam you can use your photo in scamming any other person and that person will think that you are the one who is emailing them and it can be a headache.

These girls in these emails always try to avoid the personal questions and avoid sharing their personal lives in details. Sometimes they are jolly and fun and try to use your native language and then they will tell you how much they want to learn your native language but they can’t because either it’s too expensive on its own or they don’t have the facilities and the means to do so other than taking an expensive online course. Then they convince you to pay the fees this again is a scam which is very common nowadays.

There is another type of scam in which the girl that is emailing you will tease you and be very flirty with you however she will take ages to come online and will have many internet problems as she will tell you how bad it is or how expensive it is in her country and she will ask you to pay for it which you will definitely get ready to pay for because you really like her but if she asks for such a thing then you should know that you are dealing with a scammer.

In an another scenario your dream girl the one who is emailing you will ask you to visit her country so that you can meet her face to face and have loads of fun together. The idea of meeting the girl seems so good until she asks you for money so that she can secure lodging and take care of all the expensive so that you can spend as much time as possible with her without worry about lodging and other things because she will have taken care of those things. But because she is asking for your money before even you meet her there is a fair chance that there is a scammer emailing you and will run away with your money and you want get any further emails once you send that money.

It is really bad and disheartening feeling when you become victim of such scam because you don’t lose the money only but also get emotionally wrecked when you realize that the girl you were talking to and thought that she was the one for you wasn’t a girl in the first place and she was sweet to you and took care of you but that sweetness and care was just temporary as it all was for a scam. In the period of email exchange, you become emotionally attached to that person and once opts over you are left devastated. It’s easy to overlook such little details however these little warning signs can save you a lot of pain and suffering both financially and emotionally.

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