New scam scenario: universal sports festival in Ghana

New Ghana scam scenarioCopy of report received on


After initial contact via LinkedIn, Mrs. Linda became interested in business project proposed (USA Festival – UNIVERSAL SPORTS AWARDS GHANA 2015) by Michael Legendary. He asked for money in order to push the project forward. He claimed he needed money for business consultants, lawyer consultation, authority clearance and so on. Repeatedly he asked for more money. Mrs. Linda sends money via Western Union, Money Gram and Remit. Mrs. Linda asked for verifications or document showing how the money was spent. She never received any documentation.

Mrs. Linda noted that something was wrong and tried withdraw from the project, but Michael Legendary always told her that all money already invested should be lost. He managed to pursue Mrs. Linda to continue by both threat and false hope. After approximately two years Mrs. Linda has spent approximately 200 000 Euro. She told Michael Legendary that all her money was gone and he continued to ask for more.

Mrs. Linda had up to this point invested all her saved money. She had also sold valuable gods such as nickels, rings and jewels. She even sold her part in an apartment, and moved to another flat she could rent month by month.

At this point Mrs. Linda told Michael that she was broke and could not pay anymore.

Michael responded that Arabs were interested in buying the project. Michael claimed that he should set up a meeting in Stockholm with the Arabs. The asking price for the project was set to 10 000 000 Euro. The Arabs were interested according to Michael Legendary.

Now he asked for money for ticket and Mrs. Linda could just barely come up with the money and send them to Michael Legendary.

Now the project was delayed and he asked for money for a new ticket. When Mrs. Linda responded that she had no money he said that he had to “role her out” if not paying and she would then lose her entire investment.

Michael Legendary also told her that now he had talked to the Arabs who knew the Swedish bank and the Arabs said that “she has more money”.
When Michael Legendary got money for the ticket, he asked for money to prolong his visa!
Then he asked for money for excessive luggage, copy of documents and so on.
He never sat his foot on an airplane.

Michael Legendary has shown that he is a coldhearted thief who can lie to his investor without any scruples. He can also manufacture fake documentation, or buy fake documentation, put on fake logo and signatures.

He is a professional scammer and he shall be convicted for fraud and stopped for future Freudian behavior.

Mrs. Linda is very very sad and depressed at the moment.

Obviously she felt rather early that something was wrong, but continued with hope that she should get her money back. It is the same mechanism which triggers a gambler to continue to play poker or roulette.”

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