After a Scam – What You Should Do Next

What to do after you have been scammedUnfortunately, there are males that will fall victim to one of the many scams that circulate the world of online dating. Females that conduct scams are highly skilled in the act, which results in several men being successfully scammed out of a serious amount of time and money.

Furthermore, not every victim will be fully aware that have been scammed initially, and when they do it can be rather difficult to know what the next step should be.

First and foremost, any victim should make a note of avoiding a future scam. Whenever a female succeeds in her fraudulent activity, she will then place the victim on her “contact list”.

This is a list that features many other victims, and it will be shared among other scammers looking for their next target.

So, after a person has been scammed, he will more than likely be the recipient of a random message on the website they use.

The message will be from a complete stranger who may be acting in a similar fashion to the previous scammer – this is because it is from a totally different scammer who is also looking to make money off of the victim.

It is really horrid approach to take considering this is a victim that has already lost money and been emotionally manipulated for the financial gain of others. But, as this person has already been scammed before they will seem like an easy target.

This is why it is vitally important to know that this is yet another scam. Hopefully the warning signs that this is another scam are all there, which will make avoiding this new scam that bit easier!

Warning signs that it is a scammer making contact includes:

  • Suspicious profile and picture.
  • Manipulative language which should be similar to the previous scam.
  • They come from an unusual location e.g. Nigeria.
  • She immediately confesses a love for your, claims that god brought her to you, it is a sign you are meant to be etc.

Upon receiving a random message from a new scammer, there is a simple yet effective approach that can be taken.

Begin by informing the individual that you are fully aware that they are a scammer and then simply block them from future contact.

However, the scammers are often vigilant, meaning there could be a number of attempts at a second scam. Take the same approach, telling them that you know they are a scammer followed by blocking them from future contact.

Eventually, the scammers will realise that there is no chance of succeeding. As result, you will stop receiving any future message and will be placed on the “No Contact List”.

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