Scamming the scammers

Scamming the scammersWe wish it was possible to say that everyone knows about scammers and their attempts at using the web to extort money from victims, but unfortunately not everyone is aware which is why they continue to try different tactics and still people become victims.

One way that scammers now trying to target people is through the use of dating sites and this is carried out predominantly by females known as dating scammers who are trying to target males however the fight back begins. People are now beginning to turn the tables on the scammers in an attempt to gain more details in preparation for reporting them and there is a way to do this.

It is known as scamming the scammers and when the first suspicious email arrives the first thing to do is reply to it. This sets the bait and gets the scammer thinking that you are potentially going to fall for their plan and if they reply with suspicious emails it is time to step up the pace. Create a free email account under a different name and send a friendly email explaining how much you miss them and how you are ready and waiting to send them the money, making it clear that all you need is their bank account details. This will certainly whet the appetite of the scammer and to make it more authentic you can always add a picture of someone else claiming it is you!

The chances are the scammer will use an automatic script to reply to your email but then again they may have found it so touching that they may reply with their bank account details if they do then it really is game on.

The idea is to keep the scammer clinging on to the hope that you will provide your bank account details but essentially they will want your money after all, these romance scams prey on the vulnerable. They don’t want to waste their time chasing you by sending out multiple emails but if you can keep them interested then they will persevere.

The idea is to scam the scammer and keep them going for as long as possible, this is done by stalling them with lies and excuses. This will waste their time and energy to the point that you will be able to gather as much information as possible. This will increase the chances of exposing and identifying the scammer.

Every email has to be based around the fact that you have every intention of sending the money but each and every time you send an email there is absolutely no need to send any money or details. Give excuses such as bank problems, work problems, computer problems etc. Any excuse will do, use your imagination. If the scammer continues to reply then keep the game going, wasting time and gaining important information is the key here and every minute they spend replying to you is time they don’t have trying to scam other people.

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  1. well crap… i spend 45 minutes giving info and details on how to stop scammers and detect them and then i have to join a site post it and all i wrote disappeared.

    so i will not be as detailed and you will have to write me if you have any questions.. IF you can contact me on here.

    1) i totally disagree with the comment to keep contact with them and waste their time.. how does that help when they have 2, 4, 10 or more people in a hot room and they all reply to each others inbound soon to be Plucked Chicken???

    and for one i am too busy to carry on for hours.. days or weeks to keep them busy for nothing.

    here is what to do!

    1) go to and drag their photo to the site.. it shows you everywhere they have scammed the photo.. sometimes it gives the REAL persons name and location. some of the photos being used are 10 and more years old! they get them from x rated sites and model for hire sites.

    go FIGURE .. that ez!

    2) go to GETNOTIFY.COM
    they wont know they are being tracked and it tells you all the following.

    Free Email Tracking
    Track Links in your Emails
    Track how long your email was read
    Get Recipient’s IP address, location etc
    Get Recipient’s Browser and OS Name
    Add after email address
    more features…
    Can be used for Personal Emails
    Can be used for Email Marketing
    Tracks multiple email reads
    You can use your own tracking image
    It is Absolutely FREE

    Guys this Works with any email client/provider.

    So she says shes from Dallas and traveling now to Australia on a buying trip…. possible.. but when it shows the mail was received in Nigeria or TimbuckF’n2 you now KNOW.. scammer

    I could say more but just ask me and I will help you all i can…

    I’m just sayin’
    nuff sed…

    scammerslayer at hotmail . com

  2. Your info is helpful. Most of these I tried to use when one alleged young lady invited and like me in one dating site. But I am just apprehensive that these unscrupulous scammers have also already read and would counteract!

  3. Your info is helpful. Most of these I tried to use when one alleged young lady invited and like me in one dating site. Thank you I used what I read from your tips previously. It’s true their messages are scripted and not directly answering my messages. I was kind of surprise and started to have a doubt! I am just apprehensive that these unscrupulous scammers have also already read and would counteract! For people reading this, be aware and vigilant, they will pose beautiful and young ladies, good educated and some photos pretending theirs. And mind you they know how to take your heart! Don’t be victimized and regret later! Take this coming from a concerned person.

  4. I am one of the victims who have been deceived for 2800 Euros. After this, I made ​​it a mission in life to expose as many scammers as possible. It is not a secret that I really hope to find love through a dating site. On these pages, it is actually very easy to spot the scammers. They are most often in the military, widowed men and have children living at home. I’ll contact them with an “I like your smile” or other flattering. If they fall for the flattery and writes back, they will very fast ask for your mail address, if we can chat on Skype, Messenger, etc. Then they will quickly ask you to delete your profile on the dating side, for now they have found the woman of his life. Already in the second or third email they tell you how much they love you, you have changed their lives to the best, because they usually have tragically lost both their parents (car accident, plane crash etc). The wife is usually death of canser or they have undergone a dramatic divorce, and now you’re the only one they have in life.
    It is entirely consistent with the fact that the mails they send are copies. Prompts you to enter something in an email they do not correspond to the question. They do not read the mails you send to them, unless they relate to the word “money”. If you ask directly about something personal when you are chatting, they have an ability not to respond, hold them firmly and “claim from” an answer, the connection suddenly bad or they must hurry on patrol, etc.
    Most of us think that the scammers can only defrag naive people (I thought even that). But these people are fantastic convincing and can manipulate and control your feelings 100%. Although I now communicate with them to reveal them, some of them still make me doubt if I’m wrong, he is real enough – and especially here, it is important to note the small signs. However, there is one thing I do not agree with. You write that as long as the scammer is in contact with a person avoids other his betrayal during this time, it is not true, I have learned that the man who deceived me for money also deceived other three at the same time.

    1. Sad to hear you got scammed…
      Warning to all do not trust Online Sites date Sites that pay by letter Translator fees.
      Sadly more sophisticaed scams exist warning all:

      (However it exist other few good honest date sites Online also, that have low monthy subscriptions cost, with all included send as many messages as you want, no translation fees per letter, but all is included in the low monthly or quarterly, or yearly price etc, and free date sites exist honest few good ones, avoid pay by letter translation fee date sites, and date sites with low reputation or bad.)

  5. I only pay attention to three sites: Love, Elena’s models and ALA ladies. The rest, I ignore since they are mostly overseas and likely crooked. But the INS and the Secret service make it VERY clear as does Love and Elena’s models, “do NOT send money to someone you have NOT met in person.” So I don’t and I have yet to get burned. There are too many crafty liars out there. and I have bought their story up to a point. Emphasis on “liars”. If the above axiom is followed to the letter every time, there will be no loss of funds.

  6. This isn’t a way to get report information, but more for information for the typical person on a dating site to prevent from getting scammed. ALWAYS BE WILLING TO GO TO THEM. If they’re close by, ask if you can drive down to see them. If not, make travel arrangements. Most of them will either squirm (making excuses for not being able to see you), offer to come to you instead, or just plain say goodbye.

    A couple of the more common excuses are:

    Won’t be able to see you because of work/school/etc. – Tell them it’s okay because you wanted to visit that place anyway. Either you’ve been there before and like to see places/family/friends, or you’ve never been there and want to have an adventure.

    I feel unsafe because of Internet predators – This is VERY easy. Just tell them you’ll stay somewhere else and meet them in a neutral, public place (restaurant, cafe, Starbucks, etc) and actually make it into a first date. If they have family that lives with them, ask them if you can meet them as well.

    If they offer to come to you instead, DON’T HELP THEM!!! If they can’t afford the travel arrangements, they shouldn’t have contacted you in the first place.

    If anyone has other suggestions on fighting back, please don’t hesitate to reply to this posting.

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