Translation Scam Scenario

Translation ScamIt is not uncommon for people today to turn to dating websites and find partners. While many people do find their perfect matches on online forums, there have many cases of scams as well. Due to scams and their rising numbers people have become wary of using online dating platforms as they may lead to dire consequences. These scammers use a number of ways and can easily be spotted if you pay the slightest attention to them.

More often than not, they use very similar means to take advantage of other people and you can easily tell if the person you are talking to is real or if they are using for a scam. One thing that usually gives these scammers away is that your correspondence with them will revolve around finances more than it should. A typical way these scammers use is termed as “translation scam scenario”.

This article will lead you through the issues that may come up with a translation scam and help you to get out of it.

The Scenario

A typical translation scam begins with your correspondence with a girl whose profile seems too good to be true; her profile picture will look like it has come straight out of a fashion magazine. It may be you who has started the conversation or in some cases this beauty may also initiate correspondence with you. If you are ready for it, you can spot that the correspondence taking place is too generic to begin and does not have personalized touch to it. That is because the scammer may be using a set of pre-written letters and that is the reason why they lack in giving out a personal touch.

When she tells you about her foreign origin

After sometime of this generic correspondence, she (read: scammer) will tell you that she actually does not really speak your language and has been using services of an agency which translates your letters to her.

When her financial crisis begins

After some time of communicating with you she will then tell you suddenly that she is in a deep financial crisis and cannot continue to pay her agency for more translation services. That is when she will ask you to pay for her services because he really likes you would like to be in touch with you.

Another scenario can be that you get contacted by the translation agency itself, rather than your potential date. They will formally inform you that since the person you were in contact with has not cleared their dues, they will now have to stop her translating services. They will also provide you with an alternative; you can pay her dues on her behalf and continue your correspondence without any interruption.

If you choose to pay her dues the correspondence will continue until you stop paying them. Once you stop paying her agency you will find your lady love disappear like she was never around. If you ever find yourself in such a situation you must insist on getting to know the person better before investing in them in any way. These scams are very common and are not even hard to spot. If you identify these in the beginning you can save yourself a lot of heart ache and financial crisis.

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  1. i have been writing to a lady in Samara for close on 4 months now and she is coming to see me at christmas she is 45 and at no time has she asked me for anything up until now it is going to cost £350 return including her visa and passport i think this lady is genuine regards Eoin

  2. i would also like to add that the lady in Question has repeadedly told me we can carry on just corresponding until she can save the money herself she has given me a photograph of the date that i requested from her is she genuine Eoin

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