Why scammers use fake docs?

doc2 Previous year saw the troubling situation of rapidly increasing number of female scammers on all dating sites. The scammers target the compassionate side of people who join online dating sites, seeing them as soft targets who can be easily deceived. They make use of fake documents, also known as scam documents, and lifted pictures that are not their own. It has been found that on most of the dating websites, one out of ten profiles belongs to a scammer. To save yourselves from becoming a victim of such spamming activities, you may take adequate measures.

It is quite hard to distinguish a scammer from a genuine member on a dating website. The fact that these female scammers consistently change profile pictures, names, email addresses and locations makes it difficult to trace them. These female scammers hold your attention, by showing their interest in starting a relationship with you, providing information of personal nature and making use of scam documents or fake documents. These female scammers take considerable time to build a relationship with other members on a dating website, proving their sincerity through various claims and gestures.

After they are certain that they have gained your trust, they may use fake documents or scam documents to make you a victim of their scam. It is also possible that they may even outright ask for financial help. It is quite disappointing to realise that the relationship you were so looking forward to build on, and have invested a considerable amount of time in, was nothing more than a part of a scam.

It has been observed, that in most of the cases involving female scammers on dating sites, the scammers make repetitive use of scam documents. These fake documents include important credentials like passes, visas and certificates of various natures. Making these documents available is an effort on the part of these female scammers to strengthen your trust in them. To deceive you into giving out money to them, they make drastic claims of being challenged with very difficult circumstances.

To avoid any chances of becoming a victim of these female scammers on dating sites, you may make use of various online services offered by different websites to assist you with the identification female scammers. Reliable websites like Stop-Scammers.com houses and provides essential information about various female scammers, to save you from becoming a victim of their online scams.

Stop-Scammers.com has the largest collection of fake documents, which are more than 3000 in number, for your view. Additionally, new fake documents are discovered and added every day to the website portal, to increase your online security.

You may make efficient use of the website to search scam documents and fake documents, for your help. By entering the document number in the provided search bar, you will be able to search the fake document database to view a particular document and be informed about whether it has been used in an online scam previously or not. You may also search these fake documents by document type, out of the 400 types that are today stocked by Stop-Scammers.com.

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  1. I have been a victim of a proven your age or your not a criminal by signing up to a website. I got fooled once. Many women will ask you to prove something like that. It’s all BS.

  2. I guess the wisest way to avoid scammers it to go to the best dating sites like Match.com AFA anastasia, and Elena’s models. Too many sites out there that do not have any rules to abide by have all those scammers. and yahoo messenger is NOT the best place to find anyone! I have had more scammers on yahoo messenger than I want to count and all of them are asking for money! I just tell them off and delete.

  3. ScamBaiters UnitedProfessional


    This site helped me in the early days of 2007 to discover the scam trade, I got involved in, with the Russian Female Scammer… years later I become a scam educator in a team of other professionals.

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