Romance scammer Elizabeth Opare

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Name:Elizabeth Opare
Also reported as:Gloria Moris, Jennifer Hammer, Melissa Harrington, Pearl Anderson, Gorgina Botchwey, Elizabeth Opara, Faith, Juliet Foster, Natasha Owusu, Mary Sam, Ajara Ismail, Joyce Mensah, Mumuni Zulfawa, Mercy Authur, Nancy, Linda Harry, Adizatu Larry, Mina Bills, Olaide Adams, Patricia Russell, Barikisu Abdullah, Bilkis, Bowen Cain, Bashiru Mohammed, Fati Ibrahim, Saidatu Ibrahim, Lisa Brown, Lisa Binge, Temi Jan, Sharon Tope Grant, Nicole, Seun Rasaq, Brandy Kelvin, Diana Jack, Edith, Gladys Agye, Svetlana Orehova, Laura Wollcot, Marshitah Arriffin, Adiza Seidu, Jessica Smith, Elizabeth Sam, Gift Wooduah, Godwin Kwame Yibor, Lia, Emma, Mariam, Karim, Nalia, Comfort, Melodie Moriss, Jennifer Stone, Jenny Stone, Valer Mendez, Christabel De Lohan, Maria De Lohan, Ruth Millar, Eugenia Amlie, Joy Jeff, Linda George, Belinda Ampong, Mary Allisee, Monica Holine Mensah, Grace Smith, Michelle E. Daniel, Juliet Lawson, Melissa Welterm, Ninette Lowoe, Senyo Lawoe, Eunice, Bonnie, Tawnee, Dana, Janet Richard, Dorice Simeon, Kate Morgan, Mary Nsiah, Brandy John, Henrietta Irving, Sandra Franky, Zainab Yahya, Mumuni Yunus, Rosie Smith, Anita Yankson, Elizabeth Adjartey, Florentina Bretale, Janet Lizzy, Alice, Dorice Christ, Sophia Johnson, Lilian, Michelle Dumont, Olivia Fayole, Liana
Variants of name(s): Asandra, Berlinda, Beth, Bonni, Bonny, Brandi, Cate, Christabell, Daina, Danna, Diane, Dianna, Doris, Dorris, Editha, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Ema, Emaa, Emmaa, Florentine, Gifty, Gracie, Hennritta, Henriette, Henritta, Jannet, Jassica, Jeni, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, Jenni, Jennipher, Jennufer, Jenny, Jennyfer, Jeny, Jesica, Jess, Jessicca, Jessyka, Jestica, Joice, Joyice, Juilet, Juliett, Julliet, Kat, Lianna, Liliane, Lillian, Lilliane, Linde, Lizy, Lizzy, Lynda, Macha, Maha, Maire, Mari, Marie, Marieh, Mariia, Marija, Marishka, Mariya, Mariyah, Mariychika, Marry, Mary, Marya, Masha, Mashenka, Mashka, Mashuk, Mashulechka, Mashulecka, Mashulka, Mashulya, Meashel, Melisa, Mellisa, Mellissa, Melody, Meri, Merry, Mery, Michel, Michele, Michell, Mrusya, Nataha, Natash, Natashia, Nichole, Nicol, Nicolle, Nicou, Oliwia, Olyvia, Pat, Patrica, Samdra, Sandrah, Sharron, Sheron, Sherron, Sveta, Svetik, Svetla, Svetlanka, Svetochka, Svitlana
Approximate age: 31
Known location(s): Accra (Ghana); Agona Nsaba (Ghana); Agona Swedru (Ghana); Cotonou (Benin); Grand-Bassam (Cote D'Ivoire); Ibadan (Nigeria); Ikeja (Nigeria); Ilesa (Nigeria); Jaya (Malaysia); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria); Niamtougou (Togo); Ogun (Nigeria); Osogbo (Nigeria); Osun (Nigeria); Saratov (Russia)
Also claims to be in: Baltimore, Maryland (USA); Clearfield, PA (USA); Oklahoma (USA); Bee Branch, AR (USA); Bowling Green, Kentucky (USA); London (UK); Jeffersonville, Indiana (USA); France; Ocklawaha, Florida (USA); Rockbridge, Virginia (USA); Amarillo, Texas (USA)
Address(es): post office box 339, Agona Swedru, Ghana, West Africa
post office box 361, Abossey, Ghana
15th Kinsby str., Accra, Ghana
P.O. box sw 363, Agona Swedru, Ghana
po box 725 high street, Agona Swedru, Ghana
1442 Kanda hwy., Accra, Ghana
Anaafo St, Cape Coast Region, Ghana
Oke Beale street 13, Osogbo, Nigeria, 23435
10 Cole Street, Sabo, Lagos, Nigeria
Ground floor, Jalan, Subang, USJ 1 47600, UEP
26 Mango Lane Ave, Accra, Ghana, 00233
37 Heinsky Path, Abbeywood, London, UK SE2 9TD
1 The Vineyard Forgelane, Sunbury Middlesex, London, UK Tw166ef
24th Kanda High Way, Accra, Ghana, 00233
Kanda highway 442, Accra, Ghana, 00233
PO Box 110, Agona Swedru, Ghana
Russia, Saratov, Street Chapaeva 197, Apartment 87
Ariel hotel room 112, Lagos, Nigeria
54 Vicarage lane, London, UK
po box 2992, Mamprobi-Accra, Ghana
89 Dada estate, Osogbo, Osun state, Nigeria, 23401
17Airport road, Ikeja, Lagos state, Nigeria
Mokey street, Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast
6277 Oakridge rd., Ocklawaha, Florida 32179, USA
Phone number(s): 00233242858908
E-mail address(es):
Found on website(s):
Available media: unknown
Available fake documents:

Added report(s)

Report N1 (added on August, 29, 2007)

This women contacted me on date me free we talked on ms messenger 3 times the first time she told me she was a nurse her name is elizabeth she told me she lives in malta believed to be in italy or near 3rd time she told me she was in ghanna with her mom. boy that was one fast plane.she told me she was madly in love she wanted be with me i sent a pictue of me she sent me a picture of which wasnt her she got it from a porno site which said on the bottom left corner saying she is ftv girl how stupid can you get what a joke i did not send her anything i got pics here your welcome to it.

Grant (Canada)

Report N2 (added on November, 1, 2007)

She hope me send some money for buy food.

Ivan (China)

Report N3 (added on November, 12, 2007)

Hi guys this women contacted me on go fish dating she called her self melissa. she contacted me on date me free about 4 months ago witch i told you about under the name of elizabeth opare,and i have seen her on there named jenifer hammer just want give you more information on this person.

Grant (Canada)

Report N4 (added on November, 12, 2007)

I think I`m being scamed for money.

Mal (Australia)

Report N5 (added on January, 15, 2008)

Miss Botchwey showed me a passport that seemed legit. She claims she is from New-Zealand and is working as a nurse in a clinic in Agona Swedru. After 3 months of chat, many stories and 500$ later, she was supposed to be on the plane Thursday Dec20 but conveniently suffured a bad car accident on her way to the airport. Friday morning I received a strange phone call from some doctor K, 852-123-45678 in New Hope hospital, Accra, claiming that Gina needed surgery or could die! And that she needed 300$. Later that day Dr Richards from the same hospital 233-273-616215 saying that she would be fine but needed money to be allowed out of the hospital. I was at the point to send her more money when I found her picture on this site. I always had some doubts about her but she has partners and obviously had practice at getting her stories straight!

Sylvain (Canada)

Report N6 (added on June, 19, 2008)

I met her on person, Sent me pics, Eventually asked for money for laptop. Said she worked as nurse for unicef, I found her on your site and confronted her. She then told me she was looking for a white guy. She is stupid and contradicts things often. The pics come out of some magazine. She called herself, Gifty ama Bruce, shes also Gifty Laverty.

Georg (South Africa)

Report N7 (added on July, 17, 2009)

Here the picture and scam letter from Faith on Yahoo Personals. Thank for your service, these people not only take money but break hearts and trust of there victims.

Kevin (USA)

Report N8 (added on July, 24, 2009)

She contacted me thru a yahoo list she says...

Tim (USA)

Report N9 (added on January, 15, 2010)

Sent me flirt messages, then sent me an email. She seemed too good to be true, then I found pictures of her on your site under a different name. This is her photo from AsianPeopleMeet.

Joel (USA)

Report N10 (added on March, 31, 2010)

She is very good at what she does. first she falls in love with you and needs funds for passport and visa. then needs funds at immigration and for airfare. she claims she lives with her mom and uncle. she gets hit by a truck, catches malaria and needs help with hospital bills. then her uncle Ben has a car wreck and has to have back surgery, also needs help with hospital bill before she can come. also she has to have a ring and have a traditional wedding before she can leave her village. so she needs funds for the ceremony, ring and to buy snapp to drink. also she must buy her mom a laptop so she can keep in touch. then finially when she is ready to leave the customs officers stop her on the plane and take her to jail for having a fake passport and visa. of cource she needs funds before she goes to court or she faces a year in jail. but the police officer is very nice to her and wants to help her out. which I think is her friend and the jail is at her friends house. overall she took me for $3300 before I found out. talk about gullable. but thanks Stop Scammers you do a great job.

Mark (USA)

Report N11 (added on April, 8, 2010)

Hello Team!

Here she goes again!
This time as Linda Nancy, formally known as Elisabeth Opare, Joyce Mensah, Mumuni Zulfawa, Mercy Authur.

Story as usual, lots of sadness and sorrow, but 500 bucks will help… DUH!

George (Netherlands)

Report N12 (added on May, 24, 2010)

She just added me out of the blue and has been asking for money for a phone card for the last 14days. i was to send money to her step father through western union to:
Mustafa Mohammed
17 Accra

Ian (Australia)

Report N13 (added on July, 1, 2010)

These scammers must think I have got stupid stamped on my forehead. This is the second one I am reporting in a week and I've got 2 more on the go. Come on guys, trust no one until you have meet them face to face. And even then, keep your guard up. If you suspect her, sting her along nicely, gather as much information as you can. Then you will have more help in tracking her on this site

Alan (England)

Report N14 (added on July, 30, 2010)

Ze was zo verlieft op mij en ik op haar een schatje ze komt uit de u.s.a NEWYORK maar werkt in nigeria als een zuster in een privit hospital voor 18 maanden,ik vroeg haar na twee weeken kom toch naar mij ze zegt ik zal het proberen want ik heb geen vader en moeder meer zin doot aan kanker zo mijn vader was bisnis man en had nog een document voor mij want als ik een goede man vind en trouw met hem dan is het geld voor je man een bedrag van 1,700,2000 euro dus zij gin een advoocaat regelen voor het document ik moest mijn bank gegevens geven en mijn indentiteit kaart via de scan thuis, moest betaalen de advoocaat 500 euro en toen het document 450 euro dat kreeg ik thuis van hem met het document van haar vader daar stond in als ik trouw is het geld voor mij,dus ik moest ook trouwen voor de kerk in nigeria met haar het document werd ge scand naar mij zij had al getekend en nu ik en dan weer scan naar de bischop RICHARDSON ik ben totaal met deze zaak zoon 2900 euro kwijt en schuld veel.ik hoop dat juli mij bellen kan ik meer vertellen over die OLAIDE.

Richard (Netherlands)

Report N15 (added on July, 30, 2010)

She sent me the exact same picture. Wanted to come to Canada to be with me.
Took a total of $2500 from me.

Gord (Canada)

Report N16 (added on September, 9, 2010)

Was contacted on woome website
Yahoo IM: pretty_moder
Cell Phone: 233548252001
IP address:

Jim (USA)

Report N17 (added on October, 13, 2010)

Several emails were exchanged (with a couple breaks in the flow) then suddenly she emails that she is wrapping up a business trip and wants to fly to my destination; but needs 150.00 bucks to clear a bill so that she can depart. I ignored the request for the money.
A couple days later I got another email from (her) saying hello, like she was introducing herself. In this newest letter, she was in the biusiness of accounting, and finace. A new scheme.

Marvin (USA)

Report N18 (added on October, 13, 2010)

IP address:
Single, no kids, lives in Accra, 32 years old.....
Helps her mom selling things in the market............
No brothers or sisters.......
father died..........

1st chat has a problem, didn't pay internet bill and also wants me to buy her a calling card...........
wants $50 sent to her uncle...............

said wasn't sending money to a different male name, needs to explain herself
said it was her uncle who lived closer to money agent, after I said I would send it to anyone but her then she gives me this address

Likes to send poetry, found this on internet used by many scammers....
My interpretation of a friend is one to whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away. I thank you in advance for allowing me to be that kind of friend to you.

Thomas (USA)

Report N19 (added on October, 20, 2010)

IP address:,,,,
Contacted me on Woome
Her/His story:
Hello i am Lisa Brown and i will like to know u and i hope that u do not mind well i got your ID at woome and added u and u accepted............I am Lisa a Girl of 33yrs old and i am single i am American by birth and living with my uncle here in Ghana and also i am an orphan i had lost my mom and dad at the age of 15 i am also a caterer.......

Email is also linked to the following websites:

Network: YouTube
Name: blisa78
Location: AU
Gender: fAge: 29

Network: Flixster
Name: blisa78
Real Name: Lisa Binge

In our 1st chat says she is sad cuz lost her mother a week ago.
Didn't have the money for medical treatment.
She died from kidney stones LOL
(in email said she orphan lost both parents)
said she does work now (earlier said was a caterer)
says her dad is dead and is living alone (email said was living with uncle)
Photo sent to me is of a model, have seen it many times before on other profiles
asked why she sent me photo of a model, answer was 'sorry I lied to you by not telling you i was a model before, but that is me in picture'

Says she worked to support her mother for the last year but is now not working.
Asked me to send her money for her internet bill of $80.
Says she doesn't know where she is going to get money for food and asked me to help take care of her.
Said she doen't have a picture ID card and asked me to send the money western union to this man.
Name : Richard mensah
Zip Code:00233
Asked her who the man was, says it is a neighbor who will pick up the money for her.

Matt (USA)

Report N20 (added on November, 24, 2010)

Contact from lexa datingssite. she told me she was from canada and in nigeria now to claim her late fathers property.after 3 days of msn with her she told me her wallet was lost and ask me to send her 500 euro,s by western union. never sent her money. she had pictures of model lisa19 on her profile i found out later.

Klaas (Netherlands)

Report N21 (added on December, 3, 2010)

The same letter as Linda, MARY Nicole asking money, first no food, then mom is in hospital, then here dad that past away and the same Lawyer marras Bonito that needs money so she can get her inheritance. Then she was going to come and live with me, i have send here some money twice. And she did send me an fals American passport with the woman supose to be Sharon Tope Grant. There is a name Seun Rasaq that also was used, And the lawyer email adress,
I have asked her to sent me a picture were she will prove to me that i am dealing with Sharon Tope GRANT, SHE ASKED ME HOW, I told her to take a picture of her with a paper in her hand saying, I LOVE YOU ROELF. In this picture you can clearly see that my name ROELF was put in after the picture was take.

Roelf (South Africa)

Report N22 (added on February, 21, 2011)

Brandy convence me that she was stok in nigeria.
she went to nigeria to colect an inheitance from her father who die an she went to colect the money an e very aceptable history wer she got to me i cant remember the site well isebd her $ 1000,00 and another 300 for fod and hote etc.

Roy (USA)

Report N23 (added on April, 5, 2011)

She contacted me on Mate1 and we are still talking now. She has not asked me for anything yet but after seeing her on your site it will not be long. She told she's a 33 year old nurse in London and she lives with her Grandmother because her parents are both dead. I did not believe that she was from London because of the way she spells and how she types, when chicks are from Africa they all have the same little technique when typing and I picked up on it right away.

PS - When people go on-line to look for a friend, lover or wife they should be made to view your site before getting scammed, I was scammed the very first time I went on-line and if I had stop then I would not have been scammed because her profile is on stop scammers. Thank you for doing a very good job.

Jim (USA)

Report N24 (added on June, 24, 2011)

Lots of written hopes and love. Claiming NZ parentage. Sent plenty of nice photos, with long letters of hopes and promises. Then the cruncher for moneywhen she supposedly got very sick.

Colin (New Zealand)

Report N25 (added on July, 28, 2011)

She's using pictures of web actress. She didn't provide much info. She wouldn't even tell me her height. All she wanted to do was chat. I really didn't want to waste the time chatting since I knew she couldn't be actress.

Jonathan (USA)

Report N26 (added on August, 8, 2011)

Has scammed me for $NZ10,000.00 on the pretense she is coming to New Zealand to live with me, initially I paid for half her air fair, always has an excuse for not coming, need money for residency application and tax to bring out inheritance etc.
Attempted to get my banking details with fraudulent documents, fortunately I enquired at my bank and they confirmed the fraud/scam. This women continues to e mail me requesting more money and is now threatening to send my employer a nude photo I sent her.
I had given her my bank account number and have now cancelled and have a new account number, I fortunately did not sign the document and scan it back as they requested.

Stephen (New Zealand)

Report N27 (added on September, 19, 2011)

I was contacted by the scammer on MyYearbook and suggested we move to Yahoo Messenger. Scammer made a Yahoo IM video phone call and stripped in order to seduce me. She then discussed he coming to the states. Stated she would need help paying for it. I put her off and searched for a scam before giving money to a stranger in another country. I notified her today when she contacted me that I wouldn't fall for her scam. Scammer said in her MyYearbook profile that she was from texas and was 32 y/o.

Kevin (USA)

Report N28 (added on October, 13, 2011)

I was initially approached on the Netlog site by this scammer.

Ayjay (Australia)

Report N29 (added on January, 11, 2012)

She found me online we only talked a few times and she asked for money. i told her need to make sure she was the some girl in the pictures that she sent me she who i asked herif she had a webcam and she did. right off the bat it would freeze but u cude tell it was the same girl in the pictures she sent me. then all she would talk about was money. but i told her that i had to see her no the cam for a few min befor i would send the money she got mad and would not talk but i had where to send the money so i looked her up and te frist thing was ur page. so the good guys win this one. oh she thinks i send the money. lol

Floyd (USA)

Report N30 (added on February, 7, 2012)

I found her on WAYN. she offered me all ( in Sex ) to help her if i send money for food stuffs. typical scammer. we chattet over yahoo IM .but she uses differnet pictures. When i told her i will have her here with me, she only asks again for money. when i said no, she went off.

Herbert (Germany)

Report N31 (added on February, 17, 2012)

This is a report of a Melody Morrison aka the infamous and active scammer Lia19 aka supposedly 36 living in Ghana and working as an Editor for the Ghana newspaper, Daily Graphic. We have been chatting almost daily on Yahoo Messenger since she contacted me thru a dating site early November of 2011 including some live webcams which ended in early December. She said she needed money for a new computer for the webcams to continue, later $s for internet, a new webcam, and $4,000 US for a Fiance Visa. Her alleged agent Jexel Travel supposedly in Ghana said they process many Fiance Visas in three weeks but he neglected to tell me that the Fiance Visa requires that you meet the Fiance in person within 2 years before the Visa can even be Applied for. I also traced the IP address of the emails he sent me to New York city, NOT Ghana as he claimed. Knowing that he neglected to share this critical Visa requirement I stalled all money requests and our enjoyable chats, photo exchanges and occasional phone calls continued to the present while I supposedly got the Visa funds together.

However in early February I confirmed her Lia19 connection and that many of the photos she sent me supposedly current, were from celebrity's site, which has 5 pages and many galleries of her photos most dated 2005 and 2006, and other internet sites. I played dumb and said I knew Ghana had many scammers and before I sent Visa money I wanted to see her live on her webcam for one week. This demand resulted in a Wonderful week of entertaining, Live and very sexy webcam performances and strips, most over an hour which allowed me to confirm she WAS in fact LIA 19 from the mole above her left breast visible in many of the Melody and Lia19 photos she sent me. I even asked her about this mole during one of our webcams and she ackowledged it saying it was nothing and a birthmark. After her last webcam performance on 2/15/12 when she was asking me when the Visa money would be sent I confronted her saying I knew of her Lia19 connection and that Lia19 was the source of almost all of the photos she sent me. Surprisingly she confessed and claimed that she had been Lia 19, became emotional, cried for a few moments on her webcam and closed the chat. I was convinced I'd never hear from her again.

Much to my surprise she contacted me the next day on Messenger and we had long chat with me asking why she lied to me for 3 months, told me the photos she sent me were current when they were dated 2005/2006 on Lia sites, and details about her Lia19 porn career. She seemed to realize now that I knew about her past, she couldn't BS me further and confessed she didn't even graduate from high school. She said that her boyfriend got her into Porn when she was 19. She also said she was now 29 not 36 as she had told me, and was born in Arizona on 6/6/83. She said left Porn business 3 years ago and moved to Ghana aka Scammer Central, which certainly would be my first choice, from Arizona where she was luxuriously living as Lia 19. Though most of the photos she sent me and I've seen on this and other scam websites were taken 6 or 7 years ago in 2005 and 2006, she still looks great Live on her webcam, with a beautiful face, gorgeous breasts and a sexy trim body.

Our 4 months of almost daily chats contained a lot of mispellings and grammatical errors that wouldn't come from someone with PhD in Journalism as she claimed when we first met. This and other inconsistencies caused me to suspect she was a scammer early on. I only made the Lia 19 connection a few weeks ago. I received a flowery email from her this morning that was an exact copy with my name inserted of a love letter on: Earlier flowery emails also were copied directly off the romantic internet sites. I haven't replied to her morning email but I'm sure I'll hear from her again.

Jim (USA)

Report N32 (added on March, 20, 2012)

The name she gave me, which matches to her passport is Jenny Stone. The first attachment is her Norwegian passport, which shows she is 36.

Al (USA)

Report N33 (added on March, 28, 2012)

She said she was 37 years old, born in Norway and emigrated to USA when she was 4 years old. Both parents are dead and she has no relatives in US. She has a son that is now 9 years old. She told me that she staid in KL, Malaysia doing business with gemstones. she is buying gemstones in KL and sell them in US. She has her own business in Dallas, TX. She also has a website with link: .After 2 weeks of communication on SMS, Mail and phone she urgently called me due to her son urgently had go to the hospital due to a breathing problems. She told me her US bank accounts were frozen due to several errors during log ins.She had to go back to US to reopen her accounts.
She asked me for a loan to be able to start treatment of her son in the hospital. After 2 weeks she asked me for more funds to pay the debts to the hospital for commidation, accomidation and drugs.
She also sent me a copy of her passport to prove she was Valer Mendez. By accident she sent me 2 copies with differnt names in the biometric code. I confronted her with these facts and she stopped the communication with me for 2 weeks untill she sent me a picture of her selves and her son who had a poster in his hands with greatings to me written on it.
She continued to ask me for funds. she wanted to go back to US with her son. She needed funds to pay for the flight tickets. After some days she claimed she needed funds to pay insurance for her gemstones to bring them back to US. Finally when everything seemed to be set and she was ready to go home she had another 'bad luck'. The Malaysian customs asked her to pay VAT for here gemstones. So she was stuck again. Last week when I communicated with here she asked me to borrow her funds to pay for a secure stoarge of her gemstones , so she could go back to US without them. There this story ended. I started to look for info on the internet and googeled the picture I got from here. Then I found a link to
She has not communicated with me the last 2 weeks. She stopped the communication when I confronted her with the facts I had found. She claimed that somebody has stolen pictures of her. Totaly she has borrowed $15.000.- USD of me.

Jonny (Norway)

Report N34 (added on March, 28, 2012)

I had contacted her through the website establishedmen. We had sent each other emails back and forth since around November of 2011. i had mentioned flying her to the USA to meet me sometime. She needed me to send her money to renew her passport. and need 500 pounds to do this. I ended up sending her the money. When i offered to fly to meet her in London she refused and said she was afraid of her ex boyfriend. She said she needed 1000 pounds to fly to the USA. I was very leary of doing this so I put off the trip. She was very persistant about me arranging for her to come be with me. I finally just sent her money after she sent me a copy of her new passport that i supposedly paid for. I purchased an airline flight ticket to Calif. and sent her 1000 pounds through Western Union. After i sent her the money I have not heard from her and she was a no show at the airport.

John (USA)

Report N35 (added on April, 4, 2012)

She starting texting me on evening late and we began to chat for a while. We have been chatting since the end of last year and have been till yesterday. First she needed a new web cam so I could see her and sent by money gram at wal marts always . then needed to catch her up on her late internet fees 239.90. Several times for food 100.00 a couple of time and another 200.00 again and all money grams.Money for clothes 150.00 and luggage 100.00 and another 300.00 for something and 800.00 plus 500.00 for air line tickets. 300.00 fo visa,medical,re new passport which I have pictures of all of that and a whole lot more explicit pictures and videos of her ..Last but not least 3,600.00 for immigration fee to get her out of country, but this guy named Raphael Agrah FBI agent needs me to send another 4,000.00 to a nother mans name Total cost 7,500.00 to get her cleared with customs. I have his phone numbers and e mails and he calls every day and sends me e mails.

Cecil (USA)

Report N36 (added on October, 1, 2012)

She say she a volunter nurse over in Africa, she wants to come back to states so bad she willing to do anything marry me, have my children. her pass port has expired need 100 dollars to re new. i send 100 dollar, then she need more money for plane ticket.. she send me nude picture all the time but wat was strange was all the picture had Tissy Smith name on them so i google Tissy Smith, find out it all a scrammers. so thats it i no send nomore money she get mad calls me a Monkey.

Marion (USA)

Report N37 (added on November, 27, 2012)

Linda contacted me 2 weeks ago said she wanted to chat on yahoo msgr after she sent 20 or so e-mails she said she was in love and couldn't wait to marry my. When i told her i'm not ready as we just meet she stopped all contact... until today 11/22/12 after314 text msg on my cell she asked for money to buy new lap top. I told her my bat was dieing and i would chat when i got home on my pc i also asked her to take a current pic and e-mail it to me while i'm on my way home she agreed. I got on line and she was there waiting...?lol. I looked at the new pic and told her how beautiful she looked and without acknowledgment she asked for $1300 to buy a new system so we could look at you' I told her i would do it if she would take another pic for me... she agreed and i asked her for a pic of her touching her nose with her left index after an hour and a half she sent me a copy of an old e-mail that had 2 pics. When i told her that was not what i'd asked for she got upset and ended the chat.... I really think Conirio is a total scam nest as all but one i've interacted with have been fake though most want you to watch them do there thing while the meter runs on your cc.

Wayne (USA)

Report N38 (added on December, 4, 2012)

Told me she was Australian and working on an assignment with coco company in Agona Swedru. Was going to be there for two months, but then changed her mind to only 5 weeks, have pics and pic you have on web site same as on Yahoo messenger.

Gareth (United Kingdom)

Report N39 (added on December, 17, 2012)

Elizabeth contacted me threw my life saying how she love my profile she emailed me telling me she living in Ghana with her mom and brother and her dad is dead and telling me a bunch of bs about relationships and how she belives in god and how she wants to get to know me after a copple emails she was telling me she loved me calling me my love i knew something was wrong but i played along to see what her scam was. a copple emails latter she tells me her moms in the hospital with cancer and she spent all her money taking care of her mom and if could help her out with $500USD to save the old lady's life her words. telling me she had no one but me and god,she is waiting for the money this min i was trying to find out where she was when i seen her picture on your site.

Clyde (USA)

Report N40 (added on April, 24, 2013)

She contacted me though a chat message on shagaholic and we chatted there for a bit and the she wanted to switch to yahoo messanger to share pictures. She send me a few pictures. we chatted on our phones and thru yahoo for a while. Our conversations seamed normal. after about two weeks she said that her birthday was coming up and if i could send her some money so she could have a birthday party. so i send her 150USD thru western union. we clicked really well and have talked for a while. she send me over 30 pictures, all having the same girl in them, so i thought this girl is really into me and want to be with me. Now she is asking for 300USD to get her visa and passport which made me suspicios. she claimes to have a UK passport and with a UK passport you do not require a visa to travel to Canada. I am just glad she didnt take me for more, like some of the other poor fellows on here.

Ronald (Canada)

Report N41 (added on August, 30, 2013)

She sent me a message through Yahoo personals and after a few letters she asked for money.

Bruce (USA)

Report N42 (added on August, 30, 2013)

Using Nigerian hotel bill scheme asking for money after 3 letters, nice pics.

Jim (USA)

Report N43 (added on August, 30, 2013)

Received contact through yahoo personals of a girl that tragically lost her parents in a car accident about 8 years ago and inherited the family business of buying and selling gold, sculptures, beads, paintings etc. Says she has been to many countries in Europe and Asia, and told me she is currently on her first trip to Lagos, Nigeria and we been corresponding for about 10 days when she finally gets ahold of me (after banks are closed) and asks for $650 to pay a hotel bill. (they seized her passports and travel docs). She lays on thick that she is Catholic and that she lives her life for God. Language is a bit off, deffinantly not American. Nice pics too, on of portrait sitting, other is with a dog.

Kirk (USA)

Report N44 (added on August, 30, 2013)

She started hinting for Money after 1 Email and 3 Chats, So I checked her email address on the web and the link directed me here, but her information I got wss incomplete I am adding more ; Photos, and Telephone Number. Her IP address is I called her Phone Number and a man answerd and when I asked for Ninette he Hung Up.

Darren (Canada)

Report N45 (added on August, 30, 2013)

Hello this girl stool money from me about 280,00 euro,s after that sche asked me more mone,but i was telling here i dont have any more,sche even send ticked and pasport scan to me and id and i was belive here,becaus i thouth she wase comming fore real,but after that sche alway,s asking me money,and sche told me that the agence needed 600,00 euro,s more,and sche even let the agence cal me to say that it is treu story,but afer that i did not belive it any more,so what can i do about this becaus i have all the proof frome here whit me on mine internet side,realy i want mine money back from here sche is living in negeria som where,by the way i have olso naked fhoto,s from here and all of that kind.

Edwin (Netherlands)

Report N46 (added on September, 4, 2013)

Known scammer update.

Donald (USA)

Report N47 (added on December, 12, 2013)

Here's another one. During first conversation she tells me she is from Bowling Green, Kentucky now living in Ghana with her Mother and Sister after the death of her Father. She told me she is finishing up her schooling there as a nurse. She emailed me a fake copy of her certificate which is from the USA. She wants to move down here to get married. She needs me to wire her money for a new passport. A few days later she asked for more money for food and other expenses. I didn't send a cent. Communication has stopped.

Joe (USA)

Report N48 (added on January, 21, 2014)

She scamm my with 3,000.00

Oscar (USA)

Report N49 (added on January, 27, 2014)

Contact started from "I want you" website. Felt strange that someone on this site was looking for a marriage partner as most users are looking for casual sex.
Chatted for few days and then started declaring undying love and wanted to come to UK / USA / Europe to "start a new life" with new partner. When visit to UK was suggested requested money for visa / medical etc. Sent about ?370. Took a few weeks to complete but visa granted and then sent one way ticket to London. Gave up home and job in Ghana to come to UK. Date of birth given as 11.05.81
On day of expected arrival, no show at airport and unable to contact from airport. Had frantic 24 hours until made contact. Excuse was immigration said I needed to prove I had the equivilent of $8,000 dollers as travelling on one way ticket and later sent letter supposedly from Immigration Department to that effect.
Continued to chat. Kate has decided to remain in Ghana, has got new job and looking for new accommodation as currently living with friend. Discussing potential visit by me to Ghana later in 2014 but am not convinced of genuineness so want to check out before making any further commitment.

Paul (UK)

Report N50 (added on March, 26, 2014)

Known African scammer.

David (USA)

Report N51 (added on April, 24, 2014)

The contact was made by her thru Mingle2, I had been corresponding with her for about 2 months now, yes sinds I was brought up in the states, that certain expressions we use, she did not understand the meaning, had to repeat myself alot, never answerd my questions, always evaded them, said that the electric power in ghana, goes down everyday, she said she is there to help her mother to sell the business from her late father, who passed away 3 years ago. she had asked me for money for food, clothing and to help her to pay for the airline ticket to Holland???? which ofcourse I did not do !! and that I would get everything back from her, plus she could get money from the bank here to give to me, yeah right!!! the amount would be 160,000 dollars?? I have checked her out where she said she came from in Miami Florida, No records were found in any registration, and her adres did not not excist, she said she was born on 15-04-1978. she is very beautifull and very dangerous!!! she falls in love with you and promises everything, she als was a model working for nigerians, and is now according to her, registerd nurse.

Rolf (Netherlands)

Report N52 (added on May, 29, 2014)

Contacted me yesterday. After an hour long chat she was in love with me. Then came the story of being stuck in Nigeria and needing money to leave and also pay her lawyer so she could get her inheritance. Nude photos followed. This one is not even a good liar.

Jimmy (USA)

Report N53 (added on June, 6, 2014)



Report N54 (added on July, 9, 2014)

I join this new site mate one and i was shocked to see sandra franky pictures were the same as henrietta irving pictures that site harvest scammers and i see two other people their from stop

Jon (USA)

Report N55 (added on February, 17, 2015)

Very good at what she does be careful/ with this one tells you that she lives with granny and wants to leave Ghana and get married wants a passport and visa then plane ticket but after the ticket seems to need $2000 to declare at the airport which I got in contact with customs and is not true. I talked with her for 4 months and got taken for about $7000 found out she is a model . And a very good one see for yourself at tread lightly fellas she is most definitely eye candy.

Zac (USA)

Report N56 (added on August, 11, 2015)

She ask on money the hole time.

Allan (Denmark)

Report N57 (added on August, 19, 2015)

"...hello how are you baby here Everything you do for me reassures me that I am appreciated. I want you to know that you mean so much to me. From the first day we met, you were determined to get to know me. At first, I was skeptical about you because of your persistence, but you quickly grew on me. I want you to know that every moment we've spent together since that first day holds a special place in my heart. I was afraid at first that if I let you in I'd regret it, but I haven't regretted a single moment..."

Paul (Netherlands)

Report N58 (added on September, 29, 2015)

The corrispondence is long from 1 month..... she wants money for webcam.... but i am not sure that this woman is a scammer......

Michele (Italy)

Report N59 (added on December, 2, 2015)

This person as a french Passport in the name Florentine Bretale she as rang me from the phone number I gave you. She as tried to get me to send money for a flight to England but I am no fool things did nit had up thanks to your site i now know what a con merchant she is.

Victor (England)

Report N60 (added on December, 2, 2015)

Have been talking to her for over a year and she is involved with IRS fraud. She has been asking for money for food and for other items. Claims she is to claim her fathers estate in the states.

Jerry (USA)

Report N61 (added on May, 26, 2016)

"...can you please help me with 100 dollars for food and I will pay when everything clears okay..."

Frank (USA)

Report N62 (added on September, 28, 2016)

A woman calling herself Melissa Harrington contacted me at MATE1. During the course of our chatting I got her to send her passport and birth certificate. I determined that these were both false. I have retained the pictures she sent. They are actually pictures attributed classically to Elizabeth Opare who may in fact have been the scammer. She asked me almost immediately to send her $100 for food, saying she had not eaten in three days. Unfortunately, I was so weary from recent scam attempts, that after Email analysis showed she was in Ghana, I terminated our conversation citing the forged documents. I had no idea I might be in the presence of scamming royalty!!. Now I could kick myself (laughs.) I will provide the hangouts chat log, fake British Birth Certificate and British Passport and the few Photos (of Elizabeth Opare) that she sent me in my proof report as soon as I receive the report number.

Jonathan (USA)

Report N63 (added on November, 23, 2016)

She scammed me out of 70000, she needs to be stopped.

Gale (USA)

Report N64 (added on February, 1, 2017)

This report deals with Rockbridge a cupid client who calls herself Little Kush in her mail address.
Searches show that she uses aka names Lia and Michelle Dumont. I also found a false visa document in the name of Olivia Fayole.

Philip (USA)