Romance scammer Elizabeth Emily Rodriguez

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Name:Elizabeth Emily Rodriguez
Also reported as:Kathy George, Lizzy, Becky Jaimes
Variants of name(s): Beck, Bekky, Beth, Cathy, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Kathi, Kathie, Katy, Lizy, Lizzy
Approximate age: 26
Known location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)
Address(es): 34 Opebi Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Phone number(s): 08101603258
E-mail address(es):
Found on website(s):
Available media: unknown
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Added report(s)

Report N1 (added on October, 9, 2012)

To Whom It May Concern: needs to be aware of an international Nigerian ring of scammers that are stealing money from individuals, banks, credit card companies and other victims.

I was contacted by Elizabeth E. Rodriguez ( on UpForIt dating website. Her profile stated she was from Santee, SC. She is also on FaceBook, Tagged, MySpace, MeetMe and Yahoo. Her hotmail address is her primary email address. We started exchanging info and she stated she was born in Madrid, Spain on August 11, 1985. Her parents died and she moved to Marietta, GA to live with her aunt in 2005. She lived there 6 years until volunteering to be a physical therapist for UNICEF in Lagos, Nigeria. I checked her out on Russian Dating Scam Search and Spokeo and she had a clean record. However, I would occasionally catch her lying about something and confronted her. She always had an good explanation. She sent me several photos and even her passport. She had a friend, email me that Lizzy had been in a taxi cab accident and had to have surgery immediately and wanted me to send money. I contacted to US Consul in Lagos and he investigated. He said there was no record of her being in Nigeria and her passport was a fake. I contacted and reported my suspicions. They told me all they had was the information I had given them. She had her doctor, email me asking for money. I didn’t send any money at that time and they told me UNICEF paid for the hospital bill. Lizzy recovered and I started sending 14 Western Union Money Transfers and total cost was $1176. We were planning to get married and set up 2 new Yahoo accounts, and . She told me that she had a $3 million inheritance that was being held by her attorney in Madrid, Spain and he wanted me to set up a banking account that he could wire transfer her inheritance. I opened a Wells Fargo account, then she said he needed another, so I opened a SunTrust account. After a month of waiting, I got a telephone call from Wells Fargo that 2 fraudulent checks that they caught. I confronted Lizzy because I had given her the account info. She claimed she knew nothing about it and asked me to set up another account. I opened a account. Again, I waited for weeks and there was no activity. After I sent the latest WU Money Transfer, I decided to check out her new Yahoo account, using the password she gave me, password: joe123456.
We have been using Yahoo Messenger for our daily chats and I know about Yahoo keeping Conversation History records. I clicked on her messages dating back to 11/30/11. Her conversations are all in Nigerian language (Yoruba) to several of her co-scammers. I have copied these transcripts that include them bragging about getting $2500 from 1 client and $6500 from another. I found 1 conversation where Lizzy gave another scammer my banking info. I was shocked, but not surprised… we would have had our 1st year anniversary on 10/10/12. In 2 of the messages, Lizzy said she was Stephen Jhor and I think that is her real name… she is a man.

I have attached many of the documents about this Nigerian scammer and her ring of 9 co-scammers including: Hon Cole Olla Smith Jose Bo Lola Williams Scam Leader Ashleigh Ganonzb Kathy George Scam 2nd Leader Evelyn Nelson Abraham Oluwafemi Robert Peters Lizzy Rodriguez Stephen Jhor

Based on the messages I read, is Lizzy’s "boss". She always calls him, “Sir”. She refers to me and others as her “clients”. The most recent messages indicated the scammers were getting ready tomorrow, Friday, 9/28/12 to deposit fraudulent checks into my SunTrust and USAA banking accounts. Last night, I changed the passwords, security questions and pins on all 3 bank accounts. I am waiting for Lizzy to contact me immediately after she finds out they don’t have access to the accounts.

Thank you for your assistance to stopping internet scammers. I have send scam report to the banks involved, Hotmail and now, Yahoo. I will send scam reports to Facebook too.

Joe (USA)