Romance scammer Oksana Agacheva

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Name:Oksana Agacheva
Also reported as:unknown
Variants of name(s): Kensij, Ksusha, Ksushka, Ksyusha, Ksyushka, Oksanka, Oksanochka, Oksanushka, Oksusha, Oksy, Oxana, Susha
Approximate age: 27
Known location(s): Nabereznye Chelny (Russia)
Address(es): unknown
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Found on website(s):
Available media: unknown
Available fake docs: unknown

Added report(s)

Report N1 (added on April, 20, 2005)

i was sent an email via yahoo from this person who introduced herself as oskana from russia. she further went on about her life in russia, what she did for a living, what she earnt etc and that russian men where no good and that she wanted to travel and be a family unit.

i immeadiatly heard the warning bells but decided to play along to see if i was right, so i responded to her email and begun a daily correspondance with her for about a two weeks, in which she declated her undying love for me and wanted us to be together.

during the correspondance she kept saying she needed to talk to me, but she could not afford a phone ( i thought i would get asked then for money then, but no)i suggested she gave me the phone number of a phone booth near her and that a pre determined time and day i would ring her saving her the money,she never answered to this directly and evaded many of the questions i had set her, she just kept giving me crap about how she wanted to be with me etc.

out of no where, she then decided that she wanted to visit me after a dream she had one night, and she was going to visit me in a months time, ( i wonder how if she could not afford a phone how was she giong to afford the fare to engalnd ,walk!!!!).

I then offered to fly to russia to see her, but she returned with all this crap that she had never traveled and she wanted to see a bit of england (not bad for someone who has no money etc).

Then the sting came, she needed money for a visa an had to travel to moscow to get one, she needed 450 dollars (im in england !!!!)and she had saved up about 50 and needed the balance of 400.

i said i would pay for her but needed her details, she sent me her name and details and this is the story so far.

im going to reply to her in the future to tell her what i think of her, but im giong to play her for a while.

hope no one else gets caught by her.

Pete (England)