Dating scammer Sandra Clark

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Name:Sandra Clark
Also reported as:Emerald Swannie, Pamela Brooks, Rita, Victoria Baidoo, Crissy Isaac, Suraj, Susan Clark, Anita Mensah, Sandy Love, Felicia Asrpong, Kayla Flynn, Rachael James, Ahen Sweet, Susan Lovely, Anthonia, Lily Donald, Jane Morgan, Angel Anapong, Anne Marie, Slayer Queen, Kim, Grace Morgan, Patsy David, Josie Myers
Variants of name(s): Annie, Antonia, Asandra, Gracie, Janee, Khim, Kimm, Kym, Kymm, Lil, Lili, Lilly, Pamella, Pammela, Pammella, Samdra, Sandrah, Sussan, Suzan, Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victora, Victoriia, Victoriya, Victorya, Vika, Viki, Viktiorianna, Viktoria, Viktorija, Viktoriya, Vikusechek, Vikusi, Vikuska
Approximate age: 32
Known location(s): Accra (Ghana); Ikeja (Nigeria); Kumasi (Ghana); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also lives in: Maryland (USA); Dallas, Texas (USA); Guyana; Ellison Bay,Wi (USA); Malmo (Sweden); Calgary, Alberta (Canada); Temperance, Michigan (USA); Chesapeake, Ohio (USA); Yuma, Arizona (USA); Phoenix, Arizona (USA); Dubai (UAE); New York City, NY (USA)
Address(es): Adu Kofi, Accra, Ghana, 23321
Phone number(s): 233503120331
E-mail address(es):
Skype: patsyolner122
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Report N116 (added on December, 2, 2014)

I meet this person on clover dating site, she said she's born and raise in America, but she has an Europa accent, she has been asking for money every time we talk. Please need to know if she is real.

Filipo (Canada)

Report N117 (added on January, 21, 2015)

Met this person on Topface right after Christmas of 2014, she is damn good,claims to live in Maryland with her aunt, will webcam for you, show you everything, she IS the person matching the photo. Latest story is Dad who lives in Ghana is sick and she is paying his bills even though he is an engineer, first needed money for new phone, then wanted $800 to pay his medical bills, had someone claiming to be her sick father contact me saying he had 17 kilos of gold he wanted to send for our wedding and called me son. At today's exchange rate 17 kilos is worth over $750,000 yet she claims she is paying his bills on an annual income of $18,000 because he worked as an engineer in a gold mine and can't sell any of the gold in Ghana where he lives(what a shock)because the mine will think he stole it. Says her photo and such were stolen and being used by scammers and she is innocent, told her my favorite pizza was Pappa Murphys and she had never heard of it even though Pappa Murphys is all over Maryland because I checked, when she replays with the word OK she spells it okk, an obvious pro and scary good at her job, called her out on being a scammer before I found this site and she got very angry, then told her I had found a site about scammers and she refused to talk to me further until I told her the name of the site. She will vehemently deny everything and try to manipulate you into trusting her all over again and say she is just a victim, I implore everyone to exercise extreme caution when dealing with her, has no soul and will say absolutely anything to get what she wants and will get nasty on webcam for you almost immediately, also uses Skype as a way of communicating.

Kirk (USA)

Report N118 (added on January, 21, 2015)

Roughly 1 month ago I joined Mate1 dating site in search of a partner in life .. however to this point the only thing I have found is fake profiles - stolen pictures and B.S. in general.
I have a folder that I created to save stolen pictures. This folder now contains more then 60 photos that have been and or are being used currently on Mate1. Some of these I have started chat with on Yahoo. messenger to then realize they are as well scammers. They send additional photos that aren't even same person, cant answer simple question that match whats in there profile and just the use and choice of words is not common for a real American.

Eric (USA)

Report N119 (added on June, 8, 2015)

Coming from Cypres living in ghana - "...I love To share My Time with People I Love and care eg,friends and Family. well about my family i come from a very small unit Of Family My Mother and I..."

Pierre (Belgium)

Report N120 (added on June, 12, 2015)

Started of ok then asked my dad for money for a visa, then money for a plane ticket, then money to stay alive while everything was being processed. and the floods needed money because she had rent to pay etc and people where demanding money from her, now her mother is in hospital for cancer on the lung. Now my dad is in hospital because of this person. My Dad found out she had two fake passports from USA and Ghana.

Natasha (New Zealand)

Report N121 (added on November, 3, 2015)

Supposedly, is visiting mother in Guyana, but is a canadian citizen.

Carlton (USA)

Report N122 (added on January, 20, 2016)

This person contacted me at an early time from another site we talk for a week, and even went on cam to show me her and she did, she put on a complete strip show to me. I have done as much checking as I could after she was wanting me to put air time on her phone, and then wanted $100.00 for a birthday cake. This person has several sites ans user names that she goes by.

Arnold (USA)

Report N123 (added on September, 6, 2016)

Sandy contacted me via Badoo yesterday and later by my yahoo email address, we conversed on Badoo and she said that she wanted me to make her pregnant, she also wanted me to send her money to buy internet credit time. I tried to copy her Badoo messages but unfortunately I found that she has been deleted from the site. I managed to save some however.
Sandy is quite illiterate and types very little in the way of messages. She sent me two photos only. I think now that her email address has been stopped as well.
Reverse image searches show her as a scammer.

John (Brazil)

Report N124 (added on October, 27, 2016)

I was sent a friend request on face book by someone using the name Felicia Sarpong, I corresponded with this female for 3-4 weeks, she kept telling me that she loved me, money request was for phone bill and sent by money gram for $150, 2nd request was for food money and $300 was sent by money gram, third request was for passport replacement for $1,300.00.
I contacted a company called wymoo international who researched her background and told me this was a fraud romance scam. I have discontinued contact with this person.

Rambo (USA)

Report N125 (added on December, 21, 2016)

We exchanged emails on meetoutside and started emailing each other on Saturday, seemed genuine until she started having feelings for me three letters later. Her pictures got more revealing and her last set contained with the letter saying she was going to sort her flights out today contained the partial nudity images. One quick google search showed she was using stolen pictures.
So typical scammer I guess if I'd not called her out on the pictures she would have then sent the usual 'I need such and such money to pay my airfare'

Jim (England)

Report N126 (added on January, 18, 2017)

Very boring man using pics from a very well known scammer.

Joe (USA)

Report N127 (added on June, 7, 2017)

I contacted her because I thought that she was cute and lived close to me.

Nichole (USA)

Report N128 (added on December, 27, 2017)

I was contacted by her on Facebook. Claims to be in fashion and living in New York. Needs money for her computer to be repaired and also to pay bills. After I did some research found her on a personal ad site and also on a porn site.

Dennis Johnson (USA)