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  1. Stuck @ Gloria Hotels
  2. Another Nigerian Favorite
  3. Nigerian Scammers
  5. If you want to recover your lost money in Africa
  6. I knew right away this was a scam. Just thought I
  7. You can help me contact the other victim
  8. Eunice Lamtey
  9. Scammer Hanna James from Ilorin (Nigeria)
  10. Scammer Ann Hudson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  11. Yolanda Angeles from Lagos (Nigeria)
  12. Dating scammer Angela Bornson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  13. Scammer Tamika Sim from Ikeja and Lagos (Nigeria)
  14. Romance scammer Alexis Brown from Lagos (Nigeria)
  15. Dating scammer Mary Wright from Ile Ife (Nigeria)
  16. Dating scam Ellen Micheal Donald from Lagos (Nigeria)
  17. Scammer Amelia Vickery from Lagos (Nigeria)
  18. Scam Joy from Lagos (Nigeria)
  19. Romance scam Becky Andrew from Lagos (Nigeria)
  20. Scammer Jessica Markling from Lagos (Nigeria)
  21. Scam Leah from Lagos (Nigeria)
  22. Dating scam Sofia Carie from Lagos (Nigeria)
  23. Scam Sherry Amble from Lagos (Nigeria); Cyberjaya and Selangor (Malaysia)
  24. Scammer Nicole from Lagos (Nigeria)
  25. Dating scammer Linda Benson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  26. Romance scam Karina Martins from Lagos (Nigeria)
  27. Scam Marian Scott from Abeokuta, Ogun (Nigeria)
  28. Tonya Massey Carter from Lagos (Nigeria)
  29. Billyan Wimberly from Lagos (Nigeria)
  30. Mary Petersen from Lagos (Nigeria)
  31. Sandra Johns from Lagos and Oyo (Nigeria)
  32. Alexis McFord from Lagos (Nigeria)
  33. Carol S. Craft from Lagos (Nigeria)
  34. Kate Wayne from Lagos (Nigeria)
  35. Janet Cees Karen from Osun (Nigeria) and Copenhagen (Denmark)
  36. Janet Mathieu from Lagos (Nigeria) and Palestine
  37. Wendy Walter from Lagos (Nigeria) and Kansas (USA)
  38. Rita Munoz from Lagos (Nigeria), Bangkok (Thailand) and Commerce City, CO (USA)
  39. Elizabeth Schafer from Lagos (Nigeria) and Irving, TX (USA)