View Full Version : A Tale of a Cheap Romanian Money Whore- Bookofher (Chaturbate Name)- Caution

09-08-2013, 04:23 PM
I didn?t want to waste my time writing about this cheap Romanian porn cam girl. But realised later that it may help other to be cautious with her in future.
Few things I know about her best of my knowledge are:
Real Name: Alina Onea/Alina Lazar CB Name: Caroline
Age: claims 20 but easily above 25
Location: Romania Brasov or Deva (Not sure)
Claims to be Single But Married to jobless Romanian Husband
Claims that lives alone.. But stays with Romanian jobless husband.
Paypal: Sergiuonea@yahoo.com (claims cousin but may be husband name Location Deva Romania)
I know few people who she cheated for money, I will name few I know but the list is bigger
Don?t forget to say hi to them if you see them on CB any room LOL
Jetline : 4000$(may be more) Clockher 1000$ (May be more)
Note: I was her mod for more than 6 months I know many things she does.
Idea behind this thread is to caution people to be safe with this cheap Romanian porn cam girl ?Bookofher. She has jobless Romanian Husband who survive in the mercy of wife. Both together cheat people. You might be chatting to her husband thinking that how sweet she is to chat with. Im saying this because I experienced it and she was stupid to admit it too. What she needs is Money to pay bills take care of husband. Don?t waste money behind this whore. She doesn?t deserve it.
She was once banned from Chaturbate for Credit card fraud. I m sure that she and Husband are involved in the fraud. Dangerous Girl to Know. I still remember the day when she was banned in cb so helpless desperately asking me to help her to get unbanned in chaturbate. I was stupid to mail cb in her support. I never realised how big fraud she was. If I knew I would have never supported her. Friends just avoid this bitch/slut/Money whore. Money/time is precious don?t waste behind a fraud.

Email me if you had same problem with Bookofher: Kevinpeter1990@yahoo.com
Lets help deserving girls Not a Frauds like Bookofher. Believe me there are few good girls in chaturbate who appreciate if you help them.