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02-03-2012, 01:45 PM
There is a site called USSR-Star.com that mostly offers women from the Ukraine and some from Russia. I put up a stupid profile and photo and get 12 to 15 kisses or letters a day for the last month. I paid $20 to get two of the emails and then write back. They say you can exchange email address, etc. but the two women I picked said they are advanced English speakers and writers, but they wrote back thru the USSR-Star site so I would have to pay $5 more. I questioned the administrators and they say it takes time for the women to write back themselves. All of the women are beautiful. I think it's all computer generated and you could spend a lot of money trhying to communicate. Do you know this operation?

03-27-2014, 09:26 PM
I tried USSR-STAR with almost the same experience. I saw several women also have profile in charmingdate.com website. Some of these women emailed me in USSR-STAR, two of the women emailed to my private account, but others tried to funnel me back into USSR-STAR to continue our communication. Once I am out of credits, I will cease to participate in this website. I figure if those women whom I communicated with really want to be with me, now that they have my contact information, they know how to find me. I suspect the site operators may be harassing these women for producing revenue from men in order to stay in there.

The super expensive charmingdate.com website isn't any better. They require you to stay in there for at least three months, which you can spend a lot of money before you are allowed to buy contacts. Similarly, I ran into questionable profiles and the site operators refused to take responsibilities. Often you can find the same women profiles in the free VK.com website, to double check their identities. I noticed that if a woman look like a super model, she probably is, and if can find her in VK, email her, double check if that is really her profile. Most likely you will find some other person is using her photos in these websites to make money for the websites. In other words: scams.

If you are really serious in finding a Russian / Ukrainian mate, now that I know what I know, you are better off paying more for a personal professional introduction service, or better yet, move there for 6 months to a year, find someone there in person. Otherwise the chances are you will be continue to sink money into a black hole with no results.

I rate USSR-STAR and charmingdate websites the same: 60% scam profiles, 40% valid profiles. Both can cost you a lot of money in a short period of time.

If you are doing this as an entertainment, no problem. If you are serious, then there is no short cuts, and the risks are too great. You need to participate more in person rather than continuing pay money into a website like a video game.

03-09-2015, 07:59 AM
I've been investigating USSR-STAR and it is a SCAM.
I say this after considerable personal research and expense.
I read messages first which cost me quite a lot of money, then I replied to various messages and found several things:
1) after several replies I include my personal email address
1a) Sometimes they reply with photos, but then they revert back to using the site again, this does not make sense so I ask why and they reply their English is not good so they need help of the interpreter. I tried translating my messages to Russian using google translate, but they still reply via the site saying it makes no sense. I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
1b) Some continue to message via the site despite giving email address and reasons to communicate via email ie: cost. They pretend they have not received your message and you wonder if your messages are getting through or problem via the interpreter... I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
2) The profiles do not look right, they all look really professional. I look at the frequently asked questions area about why they look like models and I see wording that they can use legally to say that they are open and honest about the girls being photo models, which can still leave innocent custoers wondering: The words are - "Only some of the featured ladies are actual photo models" - I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
3) If you put stuff in your profile which the site does not like such as that you do not want to continually message through the site as it costs you money, the admin will remove the parts they do not like and will freeze your profile so you can no longer edit parts of it. Also I had 4 photos, I could not add or remove any, the editing had gone. It looked like they considered it to take time and money to edit my profile so they froze it to maximise profit! I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
4) The replies I received often seemed totally over the top enthusiastic. This does not make sense. I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
5) I got the sense from multiple replies from multiple ads that either the girls were on a commission basis to keep you messaging on USSR-STAR or they were infact working for the company, quite possibly even male... I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
6) The cost of the service is completely dissproportionate to what you get. It is as though they know you will suss it out so they maximise profit until you do! I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
7) The flavour of writing suggests that you are talking to the same person accross multiple ads. I think they have a team who are well trained. I smell a USSR-STAR scam.
8) The time delay factor is consistent, which suggests they are not being picked up by the girl, but in a dedicated office. I smell a USSR-STAR scam.

In all I am almost certain this is a con. They will probably find this thread in a search and use it for varying their methods as ongoing training. Do not waste your money on USSR-STAR unless as they say you are just entertaining yourself.

04-18-2015, 12:41 PM
This, hotrussianbrides and marmeladies all use the same pictures. Why would these gorgeous young ladies be interested in meeting some middle-aged troll halfway around the world?
It's just people behind some glamor shots, trying like the Sirens to lure you to the rocks...

04-18-2015, 12:50 PM
Ussr-star and hotrussianbrides both use many of the same pictures. Why would 25 year old girls be interested in some middle-aged troll halfway around the world? They're just sirens trying to lure you to the rocks.

05-29-2015, 03:28 AM
Anastasia wrote me 3 letters in February after I sent her a free kiss. I read but did not reply and deactivated my account. I open it again in Mai (ask me why...) and she wrote me twice again. I bought the minimum of credits and replied her.
She wrote me again. Then I remembered something from her messages back in February that didn't match what she just wrote me. Could she have make this mistake? haha.

-Anastasia, message No.1, February 13:
"...I also love pets very much but I never had one..."
-Anastasia, message No.4, May 25:
"...I have a cat..."
-Me, message No.2, May 27:
"How long do you have this cat?"
-Anastasia, message No.5, May 27:
"... dog... love for pets... I have a cat, I have him for two years already..."

End of the experience.

02-05-2016, 11:32 PM
I have been to Ukraine 9 times. Odessa 4 times and kiev 5 times. I have visited a dating agency and spoke with the owners. Unfortunately they confirm there are many scam sites in Russia and Ukraine but on the other hand there are many genuine ones. I met some unbelievably stunning girls there and found romance, however for me the site is not the problem. Getting a visa to come to UK is issue for the girl. USSR-star site has some girls on who only want to write via it even though they wrote on email
To me. I'd suggest using some other sites to try to find a girl but not romance compass site or Anastasia. Be careful too about trying to write on vk.com to the girls who are on the dating site. They will be in trouble from dating site if they get caught because s lot of the girls receive money from dating site to write letters to men. However there are many genuine beautiful girls who want a man from different country. So the best way would be to get yourself over there and it's easy to meet when there

02-06-2016, 06:43 PM
Getting a visa to come to UK is issue for the girl.
This is exactly right. Just go there (or to any city for that matter) and check out the talent in person. These websites are more like stripper bars: You go, have some fun, spend some bucks, but it's not real. Don't delude yourself into thinking it's something real.

10-30-2016, 07:01 PM
What I sometimes do to see how scammy a site could be is to use more than one email address for registering
I know it`s not very ethical, quite close of cheating, but if you get the same messages from the same faces on all your emails, you could ask yourself whether there is something wrong with that site