View Full Version : i beleave iam being scamed

02-08-2012, 03:37 PM
hello my name is charlie i beleave iam being scamed i asked for help trying to catch her i still talk to her no one will help me i have seny you guys letters she wrote me and all the money i sent to her you turned me down and would not even put her in your data base her name she use is tiffany mcjohn her pictures i found on her as sandra willams from nigeria she is on facebook yahoo zoosk i dont know what else and she even uses my last name on some off them even if it is a girl who knows i lost almost 7,000.00 on her lies i can show you on messages letters i have western union monet i sent her by wire needs 2 be caught put in jail i dont care about the money yea it hurt but it was what all they did to me no one else needs to be hurt and put through that my family will not even hardly talk to me because of it i lost alote of friends she is a sweet little liar good at it

04-30-2013, 05:53 AM
Charles, first I am sorry for your situation and understand your pain and frustration. The thing you have to realize is that the money is gone and the chances of her going to jail are actually slim to none.
Now for the good news: You are in the perfect position to really make "her" pay. Not with jail time or prison, but with headaches and lots of frustration of "her" own. I would love to help you with this in any way I can. I just hate people that lie and take advantage of others. I see that your post is from last year and do ope I did not run across it too late. Please feel free to contact me.