View Full Version : Romance scammer Kathleen Beckley (Johannesburg, South Africa)

05-24-2016, 04:01 PM
This person is posing as a professional (Geologist, according to the correspondence with me...) working on a contract basis in Johannesburg, South Africa. She said she has previously worked in Dublin, Ireland. She claimed to be from Anchorage, Alaska but the voice I heard over the phone sounded "African"...vaguely South African at that, but rather Nigerian or some other region. She definitely had problems understanding me and I speak VERY enunciated....check this out, she didn't know what "Siri" is all about. HUGE red flag...who, if you are really and truly from the States, doesn't know Siri??? Anyway, our conversations were philosophical at first, then turned romantic, but after about 2 months she began asking for money. At this point we had began talking about possibly meeting once she was finished with her work there. But then something supposedly had gone wrong with her project and she needed help to "make it right" so she could finish up her duties there and return state-side (meaning, so she could come back to the States). Out of the blue, she asked me for $3000, which I couldn't and didn't send. The requests for money stopped for a few days, but then started again...these next few times, it was "whatever I could send...$200, $300", anything would help, she said. I already smelled a rat when she asked for the $3000 (oh, and asked me, since I didn't have the $3000 on hand, to take a loan out using my car title...THE NERVE!!). I didn't send money but continued to talk to her...glutton for punishment, I suppose. But beware, she is very cunning and slick with how she talks and interacts with you. When I outright "accused" her of trying to scam me, she didn't talk to me for a couple of days (said she was deeply hurt that I, of all people, would think such a thing about her), which one might be inclined to believe "okay, maybe she isn't a scammer." But oh yes she IS! Also, she claimed to have a 3 year old son named "Joseph" and a live-in nanny. She also had someone named "Kimberly Stewart" in her employ but it was probably just another pseudo-name. She was (and still is) on numerous websites and is scamming both men AND women. The website I found her on (www.pinkwink.com ...this site is for lesbians who want to meet other lesbians) she was pictured as a blonde, athletic bombshell who eats healthy, exercises, doesn't smoke, and does not go for people who are fake (HA!). She was on Yahoo Messenger under "kattty01v" and the photo I saw online for that is the same one she had on the PinkWink profile where I met her. Beware...beware....beware is all I can say to anyone who has the misfortune of meeting this person. Be prepared to feel like you have finally met the person of your dreams, to be romanced, to hear all the right words, to feel like your heart is in her hands, but then a sob story is going to be told and money requests will come (you can bet your sweet petunia on it!). "Kathleen Beckley" or "Kathleen Marie Beckley" or "Kathy Becks" or "Katerine Belley"...the same scam artist and nothing more than that.

05-24-2016, 05:33 PM
Addendum: attached are the photos I am aware of from Kathleen Beckley (aka, Kathy Becks, Katerine Belley, Kathleen Marie Beckley). I hope they are approved for posting...the more people are aware of at least what image(s) she is using the more apt you will be to do what you really should do...run in the opposite direction.