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02-15-2017, 07:33 PM
Good Day, My question is how long or can a scam last for months???? This person that I am talking to or chatting with doesn't ask for money or anything else and they are not on the register by email but I do see some comparison because of pictures on 2 of other ladies on stop-scammers.com but that are not the same lady by name anyway or email, I have gotten to know her through Skype. I have been dealing with this person for 19 months and we talk about God and love n freedom as well. I have not actually seen pictures of her in person but other pictures like the ones that I see on stop-scammers.com and I have not chatted by video either only by email n Skype.... She is from overseas but I also have other contacts from her that I do relate to here in the states and have talked to them as well. I AM A CONFUSED PERSON CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME INSITE PLEASE IF THIS MIGHT BE REAL OR NOT. I HAVE LOOKED AT ALL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME ON THE WEBSITE.

02-25-2017, 02:38 AM
There are two agencies in the Ukraine who, for a fee of $50.00, will ascertain the validity of any Ukrainian Passport......cheap insurance..!!!!
Last time I corresponded with the principal of one of these companies he told me that of the last 300 passports he was asked to verify only about 1% were real......so 99% fake passports = 99% fake women......something to consider...!!!!!
I had 5 passports checked....of 5 women I corresponded with......ALL FAKE....!!!!