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10-24-2017, 10:52 AM
I met a girl from the Ukraine online we he have a great connection. She didnīt ask for money or did anything what a usual Scammer would do. She talks about her family, that I should not come to her area since it is a War Zone and she would be worried about my safety and we should meet somewhere else. Recomment movies and tells me a lot of personal information. However, she is too beautiful, but her pictures are most normal ones from Birthday parties, at a Beauty Salon, at work. I have even a picture of her parents. But I want to be sure that she is real. Any advise would be appreciated.

01-01-2018, 12:00 AM
I'm in the same situation, and all I can suggest is be very vigilant , I have been talking with my lady going on a year and still, no request for anything, I have similar photos and we even talk on the phone.
I even came out and asked her straight up how I was Uncomfortable with our writing relationship possibly being a scam, She honestly took it in stride and understood why I was asking , and so far things are well.
I find as soon as you ask a scammer if its a scam they get right nasty pretty quick.
So think of questions you haven't asked or ask her to have a photo taken on a certain day with a certain monument with a clock in the background also make sure the photo is time stamped, you'll have to do some of your own leg work on monuments and clocks to find the 2, but if shes true, she wont have a problem with it.once the photo is taken, compare the time on the photo to the clock in the background, and check for other objects that match.
hope it helps some. Good Luck.

01-21-2018, 04:23 PM
Be very carful bros. I've seen a TV report about a guy who went through exactly the same thing as you. It all seemed legit for months and months. He of course 'helped' her with some cash after a while and she of course vanished.