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05-01-2004, 12:04 AM
Below is report we received from Johnny (UK). Bad story, but we can not call this girl scammer. Eager - yes, scammer - no. All she wants from all men are expensive gifts. This is our opinion.
What do you think? We need your advice.

Best regards,
Stop-Scammers.com Censor

"After E-mails and talking on the phone to this girl i decided she
was sincere so no point in sending her letters. Booked a filght to
Krasnodar to visit her on 14th to 19th April 04. She met me at the airport with a car and driver she had booked for my 5 day stay. Dropped me off at my hotel claiming she had to go back to work for the afternoon. Picked me up in the evening with driver and we had a meal, her friend joined us too. Finished meal and the driver dropped her off then took me to my hotel...the time....8pm!! Car and driver picked me up next day at 1pm, stopped outside computer shop and she demanded i buy her a computer, i refused, bought her a skirt later instead. I was becomming concerned about our driver, his car didn't seem like a taxi or hire car, it was full of family belongings like kids clothes, books, etc. and he was always hovering in the background, decided he must be her boyfriend/husband keeping an eye on us. Dropped me off again at 8pm that evening. Next day she took me to jewellers and demanded i buy her a diamond ring i refused, so we got in the car and she told the driver to take us back to computer shop as i was buying her a computer instead. I refused again
telling her she had shown me absolutely no signs of affection, told her i wanted to spend time with her sightseeing her city not viewing the inside of shops. She climbed out of the car and walked off... never to see her again!
Dont worry guys....All was not lost! I met 2 english guys and a dutchman that afternoon, had a great rest of the holiday :)"

05-01-2004, 12:09 AM
The "car and driver" bit is the key here. She's operating under a pimp master. She's doing it a lot and gets a kickback on the goods they sell.


05-07-2004, 02:16 AM
you've got to be kidding right? you would not lable her as a scammer? her only interest was to see what she could get out of him, under extremely suspect circumstances. if you can't label her as a scammer then i question your judgement and honesty.

05-08-2004, 01:49 AM
Well, thanks for your comments guys.
I think there is a distinct difference between a girl actually not liking you when you meet, Which is her right and obviously not a scammer...and not caring what you are like as long as she can get what she can from you when you meet.
I thought long and hard about sending my original report to Stop Scammers and decided it was a 'not caring what you are like' scenario because she never actually wanted to spend any time with me apart from shopping, also showed no sign of affection, i was never alone with this girl, if her driver wasn't with us, her girlfriends were. Also i noticed after she had gone for good, when i was out walking alone, the cafes and restaurants we had gone to by taxi were only a few hundred yards away from my hotel, it seemed we had travelled miles in the taxi to get there!
What i didnt mention in my first letter was... i had planned to go to Cyprus in June and she was keen for me to pay for her to go too, whether she would have ever turned up we will never know! Also, when she climbed from the taxi and walked off, the taxi driver was distraught, he got out too and talked to her for ages...lots of shaking heads but it was all in Russian so i couldn't understand.
I believe this girl set out to deliberately scam me in a different and probably unique way but thanks to me reading Stop Scammers reports before i met her, i was always 1 jump ahead of her. No, maybe this girl didn't scam me to any degree for much personal gain to herself (apart from a skirt and the taxi drivers charge) but the trip there still cost me ?800.00, had i not been so alert she could have taken me to the cleaners!
I thought by sending my report i could help protect others from going on a wild goose chase to Russia and maybe be taken for a lot of money.
As this girls name will never be mentioned and she is free to do it all over again to someone else, then i guess i've failed you all!
Sorry guys

05-09-2004, 02:33 AM
But Johny, you didn't tell us what happened after you met up with the other three chaps. Did any of you meet any ladies? I'm going to post something shortly, regarding meeting girls in Poland. I met other single ladies there too, but we couldn't communicate. What's wrong with arranging to meet a lady through an agency, then If she's uncooperative, just find another? You were certainly scammed, but one wonders if the girl liked you or not and what the fuss was all about when she got out of the 'taxi'. Maybe she liked you and was refusing to do as she was being told re. asking for more presents to be sold. BTW it took me a year to find some other FSU sites, but I still can find no internet agencies with Polish or Czech ladies.

05-11-2004, 01:18 AM
Cheers for the letter RichardC
Probably the reason you cant find any agencies from Poland and Czech Republic is because all the ladies are over here <joking> Although, there are lots of Polish and Czech Au-Pairs in my town. I can understand why you like their company because they are lovely, also they don't need a visa to come here or us to them, i guess that is why you are looking for ladies from those particular countries. One country you have missed out Richard is Bulgaria. I met a lady there in 2002, she was beautiful but a bit 'bossy' She worked at Sofia airport as a customs officer so had a good job, (I enjoyed being searched by her every night) she had a car and the 2 of us drove to the Black sea via Plovdiv, etc. We had a wonderful time together for 10 days. The girls there are absolutely stunning, my head nearly fell off i was looking so much! Why i'm not with her now? Well, she wasn't interested in coming to the UK to live....or even leaving her country and me not interested in living in Bulgaria.
What did i do when i bumped into the Brits and Dutchman?
Well, firstly i must tell you when i was in the hotel lift there were 2 girls giggling in there too, i chatted to them for a minute and as they got out they took my hand and led me out with them, they led me into a small bar i didn't know existed in the hotel, it was full of girls and hardly any men, i thought i'd died and gone to heaven! So, there was me and 5 girls all chatting around a table...me buying the drinks of course! It seems most girls in Russia are 'call me tomorrow girls' They just dish out their numbers and hope you ring them! Trouble is you can never remember which girl gave you what number! I discovered there is an acute shortage of men in Russia. The reason? all the lads are doing national service so the beautiful young ladies have to make do with whatever is going. Also, me being alone seems to have some sort of attraction that you wouldn't normally get if with a group
Me and the other guys just went sightseeing on the tram, had fun chatting to the little old peasant ladies, they were giving us flowers and we all just enjoyed ourselves seeing all the sights i should have been seeing with the lady i originally went to meet.
Oh, after my night in the bar, i did have a night caller......I must say i didn't want to leave Russia.

05-14-2004, 07:53 AM
Sorry, Censor, I have to agree with Johnny that this girl was a scammer. It seems to me that "all she wants from all men is expensive gifts" is not a scammer, I don't know what one would be. If nothing else, Johnny's report would prevent somebody else from spending hundreds of units of their hard-earned currency to go visit her. This babe was insincere from the start, giving Johnny expectations that were unwarranted. Nice story about the rest of the trip, however!!

05-14-2004, 08:00 AM
Edit to my entry: That sentence should read, "It seems to me that IF 'all she wants from all men is expensive gifts' DOESN'T qualify her as a scammer, I don't know what one would be.

05-17-2004, 03:08 AM
Come on stop-scammers, I am appauled by your comments "this girl is only eager."

If this is not a scammer, or scam scenario, I don't know what is.

05-18-2004, 01:57 PM
Well if she is a scammer then so are half the women in Los Angeles county. Including girls I actually went out with..........wait a minute....maybe she is a scammer....