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08-15-2004, 04:32 AM
overall, i'm sorry for my bad english.
i'm from italy and corresponding with a russian girl (27 years old)from 2 weeks, and know i'm confused because i don't understand if she's a scammer or not. Prefix that she?s never called me like ?my love?, never told me ?i love you?. In some cases my dear friend, or ?i like you for that you say?. We never spoke about love. I think that she was sincere from the start on what she was looking for and her intentions was seriusly and didn' wanted games.
Is also true that she's never answer at some question but and other yes. All was right when in a mail, rightly she's wrote me "Do you want to see me? You know that we'll be able know each other better if we meet. Well, sorry if you don't like this idea I'll not speak about that. As for me I really want to come to you! What do you think?", I answered her ?i think that is a good idea, why don?t speak about that? Is a right thing, and was the same that i thought me?. So i received a following letter that she spokes about a aunt that work in travellin agency (maybe is true, maybe not, is 50/50), which explain her all about the trip, the document for visa U.S. (great doubt for me i live in Italy not in the U.S.A.) 150$ and airline tickets for round trip 600$. For visa no problem, while for airline tickets has a problem because not have much money for the trip, so she asked to me a help for the airiline ticket. In the letter there aren?t mentioned banks like western union or money gramm.
Now I have a big doubt because i answered her in rugged way, that she is a scammer maybe etc. Etc. Etc. And she answered me, ?i know many thing about this. In any case i don?t never asked amount of money, only if you can help me. If you don?t want, i made me myself but i took a little more time. If we have not understood each other please
forgive me, I think we can be only friend and chat some time.? Friend ? Maybe i was your man? I don?t think for me she was always like a friend and not more.
Now i live in the doubt for to have broken a nice friendship what was being born, maybe. She?s a real scammer or not?
If here?s someone that give me an help many thanks! If is necessarily i can send the integral mail incriminate.
Thanks a lot

08-15-2004, 06:55 AM
To Duilius

In my humble opinion she's 100% scammer. Well it's true that I have not much experience, but from what I have read the fact that she mentions the uncle in the travel agency, the request for money and specially the US visa (when you live in Italy) indicates that this is a classic scam scenario.

I know that you might be feeling bad because you think you have lost a good oportunity, but I honestly don't think you have lost anything and I tell you this, not because she asked you money but because she wanted to meet you after two weeks of emails... And my question for you is... If you were a woman... would you want to visit a man you have emailed just for two weeks? And also... being a man... if you had the time and the money Would you head for Russia to meet a girl just after two weeks of emails? I guess one must correspond for some months at least before the big step.

Well... I know this is easier said than done. I have similar problems now but it's hard to be objective when you are involved.
I hope you meet another girl soon and this time for real

Lone Gunman
08-15-2004, 08:34 PM
I'm also living in a "Shengen"country as you are.

You should ask (as I did, by email) your very own "foreign office" what fee they demand from FSU people to issue a Shengen / EU tourist visa. Then you surely know if you get "screwed" by anyone.

Knowledge is power.

See ya

08-15-2004, 10:40 PM
>I honestly don't think you have lost anything and I tell you this, >not because she asked you money but because she wanted to meet you >after two weeks of emails.

I can give reason to fitfy-fifty. I say you that because Years ago I knew a Dutch girl in a strange circumstance and since the second e-mail she had mentioned me that she's be liked to know me and to visit my town. It's also true that we wrote us three times a day for two weeks,(serious and stupid thing also for laughiing a little bit). Also she mentioned me the problem of the money (not for the trip but for hotel). Any problem because she could be my guest. Now are five years that we feel us, sometimes they comes to me (now she has a boyfriend) and sometimes I go to them. And assure you we are great friends.
Certainly, the our life condition but over all our mentality are completely different from Russia, maybe i'm wrong.

Is also true that in last time i've found three scammers, all drinked from the second mail (one big problem with family and she spoke always about acertain Olga) the other two from the second mail, "my love, you're my big love etc etc etc." In fact i say goodbye them immediately. (always contacted the first time from their). But with this girl is strange thing. When we started writing, she has not made visits anymore on the site where we are known, while before your visits were continuous. If she's a scammer your visits are continuos i think. Maybe she's a great player. Certainly there's that strange U.S. visa, but she's confirm that her aunt has made a mistake. (true or not true this is the fix). Maybe i'm played her to me, maybe is better so. In any case the doubt remain.

08-15-2004, 10:52 PM
[quote]Originally posted by Lone Gunman

>I'm also living in a "Shengen"country as you are.

>You should ask (as I did, by email) your very own "foreign office" >what fee they demand from FSU people to issue a Shengen / EU tourist >visa. Then you surely know if you get "screwed" by anyone.

What you say is right. But if she's not a stupid scammer, she goes on italian embassey in moscow internet site and she's find the price for the visa and all necessary documents. She's wants to cheat you, she's cheats yourself in every case. The problem eventually is to know how much the russian passport, if she's mentioned also the passport. The russian language i don't speak, insofar even if I know the cost of the visa of my nation i cheat always.

08-16-2004, 02:50 AM
thank a lot to all for the big help
she's is really a scammer e now is signaled over this site.
after an afternoon by searching i found a similar mail at this address

http://www.google.it/search?q=cache:p_-QmhEUB2kJ:www.antiscam.org/scammers/YanaMelnichuk.shtml+%22i+went+to+my+aunt+who+work% 22&hl=it&ie=UTF-8

Now I'll be me that i'll entertainment with her. A fews day the history on line.

08-17-2004, 05:30 AM
she is a scammer - women just don't ask for money. i have been writing over 20 women and not one has said anything about or asked for money in 2 months of writing. now she is caught and she knows it and she wants to make you feel guilty so that you send her the money. but as soon as you do she will get mugged at the airport and request more. or she will has to bribe someone - it will be something and she will ask for more money. she doesn't need money for a US visa - she's not going to the US!! its a total scam and its probably a pre-made letter or email that she sends out in mass.