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10-08-2018, 09:31 PM
For 7 months I started talking to a girl online called ellen love never she is from Ghana but travels to new York to anyway she started saying after a couple of weeks that she loved me so after a bit I asked for pictures then she sent a naked picture of a girl called jelena jenson I found this out because I saw a teddy shirt in the picture and I looked the logo on it up and it turned out I thought it was jelena then I said to the girl your in a porn she started saying I don't want to do that anymore anyway she started asking for money then it was more news more each time I am speaking with her on hangout at the moment and I asked her to prove she was jelena jenson theneeds she sent a picture of her holding a large bit of paper saying my name on it and date but I think u can do this on some app so I have a picture she sent and I'm needing help to find out the truth she uses the name ellen love and she's moving from Ghana to new York in no this because her address changed now where to send money anyway hopefully u can help now another girl called Joyce kyere is messaging me also