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09-01-2004, 08:27 AM
Hello all

I received some letter from a nice lady Olga and after I received from the Agency That If I am interest I have to pay for corespondence.I am sorry for my english.I hope you will copy me..
I send a letters I want your opinion is this agency a scamm. How could I know?
Thank you

fisrt letter
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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 15:30:53 +0300
From: "Olga" <veka1979@mail.ru>
To: matkoboy@yahoo.com
Subject: From Olga
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My e-mail adr. : veka1979@mail.ru
Hi, my dear friend!
Tank you for your letter, I was very glad to receive it.
It was very pleasant for me to know that you noticed just
me. I suspect that first my bright appearance attracted
your attention, but I really hope that our relations will go
further and you will be intereted in my innner world. I
think it is very important to see a person not only from
his outward side, but also know what kind of person is.
Please, forgive me if I tell something wrong, because I don`t
have much experiance in communication in such way, actually
I don`t have it at all. Frankly speaking this is first time
I decided to get acquainted with the help of Internet. To tell
you the truth, I hope to meet not simply a close friend, but
a man who would become my future husband, a man whom I would
trust completely, a very special person, who would love me and
care of me, whom I would be happy to share my joys and troubles
until the end of my life. A person, who would love, understand
and appreciate me equally. From my side I would do my best to
make him the happiest man on Earth. But first of all you should
know more about me. So, my name is Olga, I am a young lady of
twenty five. I live in Lugansk, this is one of the biggest cities
of Ukraine. I can`t say that this is the city of my dream, but
I live here since my early childhood and I really like it, because
this is the city where I was born and I`ve been living for twenty
five years already. My family is rather small, it consisits of two
members: my Mom and I, just the two of us. Mom is already retired,
but she continues working at a factory. I work as secretary in a
private firm. I finished the three-year courses. My job is not
the one I was dreaming about for all my life, but unfortunately
I don`t have any choice. The situation in Ukraine is quite difficult,
there are many unemployers, so as I don`t want to be one of them I
had to agree on the job of a secretary.
In my free time I like doing lots of things. My biggest love is
tennis. I go in for this kind of sports since my childhood and I
should say that I`m pretty good at it. I`m also really fond of
watching movies, all kinds of them. As to music, my tastes
are very different. I like Pop the same as Rock or Jazz. So, when
I have free time, unfortunately, there isn`t much of it, I usually
spend it going out with my friends.
Sorry, have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon.
Eagerly waiting for your letter,

A second letter

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Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 18:23:15 +0300
From: "Olga22" <veka1979@mail.ru>
To: "arh tadic matjaz" <matkoboy@yahoo.com>
Subject: From Olga
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Hello, Matko!
It was a real pleasure for me to read your letter, I`m glad to realize
that in you I have found a very interesting person, that is why I do
hope that our communication will continue and develop, letting us learn
more and more about each other. I hope, you share my opinion as to this
point, at least I will try to do my best to make you think so.
I guess, I will keep telling you about myself, about my life and my
to everything in this world. This all seems so new to me, because I
have told you
already that this is my first try to find someone close this way and my
first time
using Internet in general. Call me old-fashioned, but I never really
liked computers,
and moreover it was pretty hard for me to believe, that someone can
search and find
love or friends like this.It is even more difficult for me, because I
don`t speak
English, and all this communication goes through an interpreter of the
agency. But now
I must admit that I was wrong in a way, because I have found you, and,
though it hasn`t
been a long time we know each other, even through letters I start to
feel something
for you, you know, it`s like if you were my old friend, someone I know
for ages,
it`s hard to explain, but I feel like with you I can talk about
everything and get
understanding. And this is what I appreciate in people most of all:
ability to u
nderstand and to support, these are the things I`m going to give to my
future husband
and this is what I want to get back from him.
Actually, I can`t say that there are some exact creterias, something
I demand from a person who I want to be with. I believe, that all two
need is real love, and if you love, you can forgive a lot and
understand a lot.
In love there must be respect, trust and understanding, and then there
is hardly
a thing in this world, that can spoil or ruin such relationship.
As you have probably understood, I`m a really family-oriented woman, I
have realized that
all I really need in life is a beloved husband, with whom we will make
a happy family with
children( I adore them, and I dream about being a mother). As to
children, I`m just positive
that to grow up happy they need both parents by their side, I`m telling
this from my
own experience, and I`m determined to give this to them, to give them
everythnig and to
leave a part of me and my beloved man in their faces and souls.
Some people say that it can`t be romance in a family life, with
everyday routine, like
housework and the stuff, but I`m sure that this is the opinion of those
who were unlucky not
to find or to loose their feelings. As far as I`m conserned, there can
be nothing more romantic,
than waking up in the morning with the man you already know for years
and to understand that with
every passing day your love to him is just growing.
I think it is time for me to finish right now. Well, this is the life
and love I`m searching for,
who knows, maybe we are looking for the same...
Waiting for your answer unpatiently,

third letter

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:25:12 +0300
From: "Olga22" <veka1979@mail.ru>
To: "arh tadic matjaz" <matkoboy@yahoo.com>
Subject: From "Jelanni"
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Dear Sir
Thank you for using our services and your serious interest in Olga
She applied to our firm for help because she doesn't know English and
has not access to the Internet. At the same time Olga wants to find
her soul mate and she seriously interested in you and hopes to develop
your relationships.
For the moment her account is over. If you are seriously interested in
continuation of
correspondence with her, contact us to get more details about our
and payment.

We hope our offer is interesting for you.

Sincerely Yours


09-01-2004, 09:22 AM

AGENCY is possible?! Girl, I think no...
Who is girl, ID at ATAREKS...

09-01-2004, 10:00 AM

As far as I know atareks is a place where ladies place they add for free and you can contact them also free.
The problem start when some agencies used this free pages to place the profiles for they customers.
So, as far as I can understand, you pick one lady that did not place her add in that web page. The agency did it.
After you send 3 mails, the agency let you know that if you want to continue writting to her either she or you must paid for the translation fee or name it yourself.
I think that is what happend, I can not say to you if the agency or the woman is a scam, but the procedure I describe above it is very comun.

09-01-2004, 12:49 PM
I would think that an honest agency would be honest from the first letter. They should have stated in the first letter, that after the 3rd letter, they would start charging for translation. They are using the bait and hook method. Once they think you are serious about this woman, they ask for a fee, or she will never be able to communicate again to you. She will just move on to the next guy, or perhaps she is just a made up person with this agency, and they are writing all the letters.

Martin Kowal
10-07-2004, 08:34 PM
i had a simular experiance, i was amazed by the quick response i always receive in my letters, then i had instructionns on how to pay... 250$ per month!

my reply was:

> We are open for all your suggestions.
> Sincerely Yours
> Director of "Jelanni"
> Victorya Molchanova.

Thank you for your information, please provide me with:

1. Your website details so I can look.
2. Your business address so my friend can pop in and say hi, he works in the Ukraine.

He can give you some money for me.

Thank you


have a heard since from them? Nop... a SCAM


10-08-2004, 08:15 AM
In my opinion it's a scam. She has a feeling for him after only 2 letters and talks too much about her future husband. Typical. And the agency takes advantage of him or maybe contributes to the scammer.

10-12-2004, 12:33 PM
scamm or not?

10-12-2004, 03:56 PM
Scam without a doubt. No hot looking babe like that needs the Internet to find a man. She can find a rich man in Russia with ease.

10-15-2004, 11:41 AM
To Ranulfo:
You would have to start a new topic, but I will answer you. Evidently these ones are photos of a model. They can be falses, be a deceit to catch you. Ask her for her job and have a lot of precaution. It would be recommendable to look at her through a webcam.

10-15-2004, 05:02 PM
This is the typical scenario for the "bait and hook" agency scam. You get a "lady"'s email address through a free or paid subscription website and then you write to whom you think is the lady and some person from the agency purports that he/she is that lady and then you get another letter, often appended to the bottom of the "lady"'s letter, that, if you would like to continue to correspond with the "lady," you must pay for each subsequent letter. The real lady probably does not even know that her identity is being hijacked.

If you want to test this hypothesis, write a follow-up letter asking for the lady's home address, home phone number and personal email addresses and enclose your email address with instruction that she send you that information. If you don't get this information, then that is your evidence that this is a scam. ([u]If you do, contact her immediately to test the veracity of the information sent</u>. Do NOT accept the agency's phone number and address in lieu.)

Hope this advice helps you.


11-02-2004, 11:53 PM
Hi Guys
Asking for money is rated as scam on this site, but asking for too much is a bad scam. Can anyone advise on these amounts requested by a recent contact... She says...

1. "I have the Russian Passport" (sent me a copy) "I must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 65 US dollars" ? is it true she needs a different passort ? Is it $65

2. "Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 65 dollars." (desination Italy - but I didn't see anything about that on Italian Cosular Site).

3. VISA. "Visa costs around 120$, but I said 210$, because 60$ is registration of visa and other 30$ is registration of other papers. What's true here ?
According to Info I found, Visa to Italy cost about $40, no mention of registration etc.

Thanks in advance - If her info is false, I'll send SCAM Report to Site


11-03-2004, 03:47 AM
Hi ray!
Yes it is true that they need a difrent passport to travel abroad , but the price on those i dont know.

Medical exams, is only nescessary if she stay for long time, this is like we need a Aids test if we shall be there for more than 3 months.

And you has right, a visa cost about 40 $ , i never paid anything else than that , to get a lady visa there.

12-12-2004, 10:11 AM
I walked into an "agency" once in Kiev, Urkaine. There was one lady there answering letters. That was her job. She would answer letters for hundreds of girls from hundreds of men. Of course, you'd eventually be asked to pay for correspondence.

If you are asked to pay for correspondence / translation forget about it. Sure there are ladies who can not write or speak English but then you've got to wonder about their sincerity in finding a foreign partner if they are not at least willing to make an effort to learn English. That is not to say that all those who can not speak English are not sincere. There are some.

For the most part ladies can use translation software anyway which is free. It is true that internet access is expensive for them if their salary is low. But then I know a lot of ladies are willing to sacrifice and go to the expense in finding their future husband.

You are best to deal with agencies which provide each lady's authentic contact data - home address, email address and telephone number so that you can contact her direct. Be sure that the agency will provide this before you purchase an address otherwise you will end up spending hundreds or even thousands in correspondence fees and the real lady may never even see your letter.

Finally you've got to go their in person. There are no shortcuts. You've got to get on that plane and see if she is for real. Forget about all this sponsoring if you haven't even met her in person.

12-12-2004, 05:56 PM
Thank you jsk for your insight on operations of these so called marraige agencies. It opens one's eyes to just how somer operate. I agree with you that if a woman is serious, she will try and learn English on her own. My fiancee was doing just that. She bought books, and tape to help her learn. After my third visit there, I decided that since we plan to now get married, that I would pay for professional English lessons. We went to local University and we found an english professor who was willing to teach her for $100 a month. That is a reasonable fee, and professor spoke fluent english and is a patient teacher. I have talked to my lawyer, and it is important that your fiancee speak some English, as all embassy interviews in FSU countries are now only being conducted in English. This is a new change, which will now make immigration harder for those who meet women from other countries that can not speak to each other.

12-15-2004, 06:52 AM
Look Guys... here are a couple of clues you need to watch out for...

1) If they fall in love with you by the second letter... RUN, don't walk to your nearest computer terminal and dump her (...and all the email associated with her)!!

2) Watch for suspect email addresses using a name and/or the prefixes or suffixes such as XXX, wantu, needu, kissme, inlove, etc. Clearly they are intended to provoke additional emotional responses associated with the thrill of meeting a young, sexy woman! This is quite similar to subliminal messages using the power of suggestion. If you browse through the scammer's addresses on this site, you will notice the increased usage of these examples and others.

3) Not every young, hot, sexy Russian or Ukrainian "Babe" is on the take! If they are sincere (and you are as well), they understand that they need to be patient for your arrival to meet them. Some women may request that you to meet them in a different town other than their own. This could likely be sincere, and is often due to the restrictive passage into some Russian and Ukrainian republics and provinces. In other words, many cities and republics won't honor your tourist visa to Russia without an additional visa for that specific area without a valid reason to visit their particular region or city. Meeting your dreamgirl is not a valid visa reason, you would need a formal invitation from a business or resident (yes, even her) in that city. However, that does not mean that you should send them money for the trip to a different city, either. Most parts of Russia and Ukraine are accessable by train (crappy trains of course, but they are extremely affordable for nearly anyone). Also, some women choose to meet their chosen man away from their own home town... especially if the subject of intimacy has already been breached as being apart of your planned activities when you visit her. Nice girls, who simply have a strong desire to be intimate with you, don't wish to be seen as whores to their neighbors because they want to share a bed with the foreigner for whom they have deep affections. Remember, this is supposed to be a trip to meet somene you want to marry, and NOT a sexual foray into another country!

As in any situation, common sense must dictate your actions. It is just dumb to send money to anyone you have never met, period! Occasionally, you may feel you have gotten to know someone well enough to feel you can trust them. However, just remember that many scammers are patient, and will wait up to 6 months to drop the "money scam" in your lap!

How do I know any of what I speak? Well, in 1997, I was married to a very beautiful and young, Russian "Babe"... but THAT is another story! Just remember, if any relationship is worth attaining, it is worth the wait. But don't expect any woman to wait more then 6 months to visit her without a really good reason, or you may lose her to another man who was willing to get there before you! By the way... For the record, I am going back to Russia for a second try because I know it is worth it! Let's just say that I simply forgot to incorporate all of my personal measures and requirements into my decision to select my first foreign wife. I will NOT be making that mistake, again! If you had a bad experience being "scammed" already, it's probably due to the fact that you were thinking with the wrong head!

The Scam Doc

12-15-2004, 07:21 AM
aussieman40 and bacpac provide valuable insight through experience. Since I have not gone through all that they have, their advice has helped me a lot with my future wife. No one can really get to know someone through one letter or one visit. Online relationships do not equal easy marriages and a lifetime of marital bliss. I would think there are probably more problems marrying someone from another country, than marrying someone from your own town or country.

I know it will take a lot of patience on my side when she does come here. I will have to drive her everywhere until she gets a driving license. I will not understand everything she says and vice versa. Communicating will not be the easiest even though she is learning english. Her daughter will take time to adjust to new schools, trying to make new friends etc. Luckily there is a fairly large amount of Ukrainians and Russians in my city, over 3000. So I will try and get her involved in that community. Plus there is the big issue of her moving away from family and friends. Being homesick will be an issue. I will get her a calling card with many minutes on it so she can call home whenever she wants. The other part is that she will likely not be able to visit her home country for at least a year as we wait for her temporary visa to be upgraded to a permanent visa. So with aussieman and bacpak experiences, I hope I will be prepared for all of this and I hope I can be patient enough to make her adjustment easier.

12-18-2004, 01:01 PM
The Internet service in Ukraine is quite archaic. It reminds me of when Internet service began in US. You pay a monthly fee and it includes just a few hours of service. Sounds like she is recieving several letters from different guys. She reads them, and then on another day, probably sits down and writes letters back offline, logs on, and then sends them out all at once. She might be living quite nicely, especially if she is writing several guys, and now may have stopped especially if one of the guys is a sugar daddy sending her lots of money (relatively speaking).

12-19-2004, 06:05 PM
I think you are in complete control of this one Aussieman. It will be interesting how this one progresses and if she is a scammer or not. How do you send you packages to Ukraine? I've had so much problems sending things to my fiancee in Ukraine. I don't send cash or presents. However, when I send cards, they rarely make it to her. Most of the cards from US never make it past the greedy hands in the postal service in Ukraine. I do occasionally send things through federal express and they always make it, even after going through customs, but that gets expensive.

12-21-2004, 03:52 PM

I checked with my fiancee in Ukraine and asked how much the Internet is per month. She told me it costs $40 US per month, and that is why many people do not have it. She hasn't heard of an hourly rate, but then again she has no computer, so knowing that info isn't high on her list. She is amazed that in America, one can get connected for as little as $10 per month. They are still trying to figure out capitalism over there. When I was there last month, I was amazed at how rediculously high prices are for electronics, mobile phones, appliances etc. You would think these companies would figure out they could make much more if they lowered the prices. But that is for another discussion board on economics.

12-22-2004, 03:41 PM
I checked again with my fiancee, and the $40 a month is for high speed internet through cable. She has not heard of the hourly rate, and does not understand why, if it does exist, one would pay that much per hour. It's much cheaper to go to Internet cafe instead. By the way, that phone company also provides services to the internet cafes, so she may be writing from there, and just handing you a line on how much it costs per hour.

12-23-2004, 01:52 PM

I wonder about her too. She does sound like a really good professional scammer. How many men would do a trace on her IP address? I would say less that 1/10 of 1% would think of doing this. The professional scammers know this and will move on once someone catches wind of this. I guess we will really see if she is honest.

It does make me wonder why she doesn't use internet cafe, but with her changing ip addresses, it is starting to make me thinks she is. Her place of work may not know she is sending out emails. In the US, companies really don't press the issue, and I would suspect the same in Ukraine. I'm sure they don't spend the money to spy on their workers, and secondly, they probably don't care.

12-24-2004, 10:17 PM
Aussieman40 - Wxman2003
Neither of the two of you know little to nothing of what you are talking about.
Many of the things you write about do not pertain to the topic.
Are you both here because your bored, if that be the case may I suggest maybe write emails to each other.
One of the two of you (Aussieman) once said that you would not be back to this forum, its to bad your words no good.

W ) There are many "Hot" looking "babes" (as you say) who are very serious in there search for there other half and the Internet is there only means. In case you don't know, the estimated women to men ratio in Russia and FSC is 12/1, and there are more than ten million women looking for there other half, with most being serious, and again most are not interested in a man's bank account. Does because she is beautiful mean shes a scammer?,

W ) Why do you think that if a women is serious, she will learn English on her own? If by chance she were to meet a man in her Country, why does she need another language?, and then there's the women who has not met a man yet, Only dreaming, what if she meets and he is not from an English speaking Country? No, you are a conceited piece of sh*t, remember, your NOT the only thing going and you are doomed to fail at any relationship. its your time, so go ahead and waste it.
Once a man meets a lady for an extended period of time, visits etc. and they agree that she will live in his Country, Only then will she know what lauguage to learn, then it should be his moral and financial obligation to see that she learns.

And maybe you better find yourself another lawyer because he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about when it comes to a women knowing the English language. There are many men who will try going threw the legal process without an attorney, some will succeed but more will fail. For men to spend thousands in there search, only to try and save money towards the end, Hire a reputable attorney, he will have liaisons at any embassy to help the women threw the process, it will make her feel at ease and things will go smoother, and not to mention speed things up.

A ) You at 40 yrs. what the hell are you doing communicating with a girl 24? You should be ashamed of yourself. within a few years, She is close enough to the age of being your daughter. I realize what many Russian women think about age. But a 24 year old girl is not mature enough to know what she wants, let alone anything about family values, there is a big difference between a 40 year old conversing with a 24 year old, and a 50 year old conversing with a 37 year old, its called maturity. You are nothing short of being a potential child molester, or better yet, a baby raper. Was your wife of 12 years, a child as well? you need professional help. You may have to go to another forum for that.

Lone Gunman
12-25-2004, 10:59 AM
I simply got the urge to add:

That I as well, also clearly recall the episode when Aussiman40 frankly promised to never, ever get back to these forums again.

So I'm SO glad he's not a salesman of used cars, in my nearest neighbourhood;)

"FlyToRussia" You maybe had a few points ther? Who knows....


See Ya

12-25-2004, 02:11 PM
Fly to Russia

First of all you are the one who has absolutely no clue! Why don't you write to the US embassy in Kiev to find out the truth? Do you think I just believe everything a lawyer tells me? No, I checked, and by the way I also work for the United Stated government, and I also checked with the state department. So until you have the facts straight, you need to piss off before making accussations. You my friend are the loser who has no clue. I know more about US immigration policies than you will ever know.

Secondly, I do have an excellent lawyer who has people working in Kiev, and in Russia to help mt fiancee through this process. She decided to learn english after we met several times. She wants to be able to adjust quickly to Americaa and being to speak English is importatn to her. So apparently you know all FSU women and exactly how they think and feel. Just like your expertise in immigration processes. Don't lecture me on the process. I do know it.

You are what we call a jack of all trades, but a master of none. You blow more hot air out of your butt that it leaves a voide in your head. Take your arrogance and go somewhere else. You are a bitter man who wants happiness for no none!

12-25-2004, 04:27 PM
Guys, I can't believe this!

It's Christmas - certainly no Christmas cheer/goodwill to all men from Flytorussia: Terms like "potential baby raper" and similar are totally out of order! They may be your personal opinions but keep such derogatory, insulting and, frankly, almost libellous terms to yourselves. Don't let this forum slide to such low levels. It's a forum designed to share information to benefit others, I believe.

So what if a marriage with such an age difference doesn't work out? Both parties could be 'happy' with the outcome? She a visa and he some affection/romance/love/physicality with a beautiful young girl for a couple of years!

Statistically 50% of ALL marriages end in divorce in this day and age anyway!

I have no interest in any women of MY age, regardless of colour, creed, race or religion. It just does not 'do it' for me. And believe me, since my divorce, I have played the 'dating game' here in the UK with real endeavour. I am also a few years OLDER than Aussieman and my 4 'relationships' have been with girls aged 25 - 32...so what does that make me, Flytorussia?? My lawyers are on standby for your cultured reply!

Have a great Xmas guys...mine has started really well with several beautiful e-cards from the Ukraine and an ICQ chat with my girl in Kiev who has become a good friend through this dating game. It has added certain dimensions to my life that are most welcome...so does that make me a 'pervert'because they are younger than me?....or does it just mean that I have found a way to express feelings, romantic thoughts and bring perhaps, a little happiness to my life AS WELL AS the lives of the girls?...

So much so that in conjunction with a pal in the travel business, in the New Year we are putting together a UK-based 'Romantic Tours'to E.Europe. Why?...because there is a market for it. For a Government travel-bonded company to help all the 'middle-aged' Uk men who WANT to meet younger girls. So are they all 'perverts' and 'potential baby-rapers', FTR?....

HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL...and Stay One Step Ahead of the Scammers!

12-25-2004, 08:15 PM
Wxman2003 , Aussisman40 , & Willsy999

I read the postings and disagree with a some of what you have all said, in part that is what this forum is for, to agree, disagree, and inform,
As to immigration:
I cannot say about the immigration process in Australia or Ukraine, but I do know most there is about the laws that pertain to bringing a lady from Russia to the USA as I have been threw it twice within the last few years with success only to have ended in tragedy, (if interested- read prior postings) I am now waiting my turn in line again in Moscow for a third date.
A good friend of mine who lives about 3-4 hours from me just went threw the process with his finance in Moscow this last December 16th with great results. His attorney as well had a liaison to help. She received her final paperwork (visa) immediately and has just arrived from Yosh-Kar Ola to America.
Unless the rules have just been revised with in the last few days, they remain the same, at least from Russia to America.
I don't know why it would be different from Ukraine to America, but maybe. but needless to say, I bet you a dollar, you don't know anymore about the immigration rules as I where Russia comes to play.
And Wxman because you work for our US government, that is nothing to brag about, you are probably just a slacker and thief like most of the others who work for the government here. . you don't work for a living, but just put your time in.
There's a difference in your fiancee wanting to learn English and having it mandatory to complete her visa. As there is NO such rule.
Willsy999 : Tell your Lawyers that its my opinion that I agree with FlytoRussia as it pertains to Aussieman40.. You are as you say "playing the dating game".
Its my opinion that you are a pervert and potential child molester as well.
When you are with these young ladies. close your eyes and picture them as your daughter, you child molesting- son of a bit*h. Your Nothing but a game player, a heart breaker, only out for a good time , looking out for number one, a Scammer hoping not to be Scammed. The phrase "Scammer" does not nessassarealy have to mean money.
Isn't it strange how this forum is to inform others about a Scammer?, yet serious women who need to be on the look out for guys like you. Your a waste.
But it looks like Aussieman40 is truly ashamed of himself for what he has done, in saying he's not doing it anymore and that it was a learning experience, maybe you should follow his lead.

12-26-2004, 12:43 AM
Just so you know, I have written personally to the dear chap who decided to libel me on this site!

It's Christmas! Peace & Goodwill.

I do hope that wxman was bought a dictionary for Christmas. If he wasn't, a very good one is Webster's Comprehensive Dictionary. ISBN 1888777028. An American publication - so shouldn't be hard for him to find.

In it he will find a quote (p.1883) that sums up feelings towards his vitriolic opinion of me....

"You are young, my son, and as the years go by, time will change, and even reverse many of your present opinions. Refrain, therefore, a while from setting yourself up as a judge of the highest matters."

Plato (428 - 437 B.C.) Laws.

Happy New Year...may you find peace and temperance in your heart. And in future...keep your opinions to yourself, old chap!...There's a good boy....

Keep one step ahead of the Scammers, guys.

I've broken no hearts.
My daughter is 7.
I am Police-checked every 2 years for my job.
I work with children.
I am a psychology major.
I have had great holidays and treated the women with TOTAL respect. I am still in contact with them all.
My nephew is married (9 yrs) to a woman 17 years OLDER than him...that makes him or her a pervert does it? He always dated 'older women'. That's what he/she like. You want to tell their son that he is the result of a union between two 'perverts'?

It takes all sorts in this life...and we are all different. Opinions on how we conduct our lives are also different but let's all 'toe a line', guys! That's why you will never find me criticising anyone just because (in my opinion) they may choose to lead their life differently to mine.

Chaque ? son go?t!!!

12-26-2004, 03:15 AM
Well Comingtoyou, you can slam me all you want. As I previously said, why don't you write to the US embassy in the Ukraine. You will find out that Novemeber 1st, they changed the requirement. The person being interviewed must now be able to speak english, at least broken english, and that is what I had said in previous posts. You have not bothered to check, yet you apparently know all of this. I'm amazed at your great abilities. Sounds like you are a slacker, as you did not bother to check. Someone who makes claims such as yourself, would at least attempt to write the embassy or call the state department before saying the other person is wrong. But of course you don't, you just spout off your big mouth and say the person is wrong. Have I said you are wrong about the process in Russia? No! I was talking about the Ukraine, so get YOUR facts straight. Oh yes, I did call the state department, and got the same information.

You are a typical fool who attacks government workers as you have no clue what we do. I can guarantee I do much more work than you do. You are obviously a typical bigoted person who attacks people based on their line of work, without even knowing what they do. I hope you are not bigoted against people of different color or creed, but if you are, that is sad.

I'm sorry that your fiancee died, that I truly am. I do wish you success in future outcomes. I would never wish anyone bad in living a happy life.

Willys, I will try to spell better, and I hope that makes you happy too. Peace to all.

12-26-2004, 07:59 AM
Your a prime example of what I am talking about when it comes to the kind of people that work for our government,
Are you nieve, brain dead. or just plain stupid?, because you certainly do not comprehend well at all.
Hopefully you don't work with high tech.
You may be suited for a filing or mail room position at best.

I will say it again, only "slower", this time so maybe you will catch on, so pay attention.

I am not interested in the rules of Ukraine, as I wrote in my last posting as follows:

&lt;&lt; I cannot say about the immigration process in Australia or Ukraine, but I do know most there is about the laws that pertain to bringing a lady from Russia to the USA &gt;&gt;

Don't worry little guy, if is just attention you want. I'll give it to ya.

Lone Gunman
12-26-2004, 11:19 AM
Hi all

It has become such a terrible low level in this forum.
Please behave, gentlemen(if you are), it's still a bit of Cristmas holliday reminding after all!

Hasn't anyone here ever considered the possible "turnoff" factor for ("normal") women who discover that their male "e-pal" scrutinize all their taken measures? From a
"technical evidence" view.
-And "confront" them continouesly about it.

- It doesn't seem so.

Naturally they also want to feel "in contol" and try to "minimize their losses". They may think of such behavior as a proof of abnormal jealousy.
- It's just SO human. And they're probably right, sometimes.


See Ya

12-26-2004, 01:37 PM
Yes, I did misread your remarks and for that I do apologize. But I still do not know why you had to respond with insults after I responded back to FlytoRussia. Aussieman40 and I were having a conversation about the Internet, and sending packages to the Ukraine, when FlytoRussia decided to be insulting to both of us. I'm sorry he did not believe in "earlier" conversations that at least broken English was required at US embassy in Kiev, or that I do have a reputable lawyer, (how he knows that he isn't reputable without knowing him is amazing). But our current conversation was about the cost of Internet in Ukraine. I replied back FlyToRussia, and then you decided to add your remarks with insults. Did you think I would not respond to attacks? Of course not, you were expecting it. Did you have any valuable information to add about the costs of Internet, or how it operates in the Ukraine? None that I am aware of so far, but if you do, then please add it.

Oh by the way I do have a high tech job, and I will continue to slack off in my $100,000 a year job. I hope I get a big raise too. I thank every taxpayer for paying your taxes as I will enjoy those paychecks.
I will tell all my fellow government workers, who obviously slack off too, to take more naps, and of course to keep enjoying those raises that we get every year!

Again, for misreading your initial response about Russia and Ukraine, I do apologize.

I do wish you peace in the New Year. I hope you will find a wonderful women and have a happy life together.

01-06-2005, 12:19 AM
Think I'll jump in here...
All that needs to be said is don't send money - that's what it's all about. If people never sent money then this Forum need not exist and criminal scammers would not exist by that mode of operation.

As for that stuff about age. Age difference is not important when 2 people love each other. Many years ago, I met a fab Mexican girl, half my age, was a difference of 20 years. She had a body of a goddess and character of an angel. She came to the UK on her own steam as a surprise visit, but I'd gone to take up work in another country before I contacted her about it. Imagine how she felt when she turned up at my house - and I'd gone.

When I tried to contact her, I found I had lost many friends in Mexico - all gone in an earthquake in the late 80s. I never found her. So don't argue about age, it has no meaning and relation to love.


01-09-2005, 01:05 AM
Come on aussieman40 you know that you are never going to give this thing up because you know you are not going to get the callibre / age of lady from Austrilia that you even have a chance with in Eastern Europe.

Yes, I've been burned to the tune of about $1000 from a young lady in Moscow. But I count it as a learning experience and I am not going to make the same mistakes again. It's easier to just say no for requests for gifts / money over email than it is in person especially if you have feelings for her.

As to the immigration situation in Australia I can not speak to that. That may be something you need to work out. I am sure there are loopholes.

Good luck and take it easy.

01-10-2005, 06:15 AM
Aussieman, Stay Cool!
This forum needs people like yourself.
Haven`t always agreed on some of the things you have said on some topics,we are,however,intitled to voice our own concerns and opinions.
l can`t comment on the laws of your country and whether they are right or wrong...but don`t give up!
There are many true and honest women out there waiting to meet you..it`s just about taking your time and not putting all your eggs into one basket.
Best of luck!

01-10-2005, 02:16 PM
Hi all,

Well as u can see im new to these forums.

Im not here to flame any of you guys i understand what it is like to feel lonely. However i can't comment on how these agencies work as i have never used one. If you dont mind i would like to make a few comments if you would be so kind as to read on.

I happened to stumble upon this site and this thread by chance(funny what some search results return) and got reading as you do then before i new it i had read all 3 pages and numerous other posts also i may waffle on abit but i assure you my main intention is to help in any way i can using this space.

Can i start out by saying that some of the rude comments i have read are descusting and have no place in a topic such as this.I mean if my eyes serve me right this thread is about a guy having some trouble with a lady who is well within the age the law requires NOT some guy complaining because he is trying to marry a ten year old and her parents are giving him grief.
After reading all this thread I felt as though the so called scammers had won NOT by getting money from you but by taking away your trust and messing with that glimmer of hope we all have inside I mean it was christmas when this thread took place and call me old fashioned but isnt christmas a time for sharing happyness? and not a time for posting on the internet about how a russian agency girl is maybe scamming you?.

Let me take this moment to say this post is not ment to hurt or offend any one in any way if you find it offensive my oppologies in advance.

Aussie40, You say that this $500 you have spent in gifts phone etc doesnt matter but IT does matter otherwise it would not have been stated in the first place for example the monitor im looking at cost me urm not sure as I wrote it off as soon as i bought it. I cant help but feeling that because of the ammount of money you guys(anyone its relivant to) are sending abroad for one reason or another are going to make any relationship with anyone regardless of nationality very dificult to get going and keep going (its true love holds no bounderies but i dont pay to connect to love) because you will always have a finacial tie untill its to late.
Aussie40 please dont take this the wrong way but through reading your posts it seems to me you are letting this take control over you I hope I am wrong about this.

I have a suggestion that i would like to throw to the wind and its up to you if you close the windows.

All of you are looking for love and are willing to send money's or gifts over the internet in the hope that in reply(if you get one that is) you will get something wether that somthing is just a reply or maybe more is down to the individual. But you all seem like realy nice guys maybe you could send these gifts to each other( as freinds of course) in times of need like christmas birthdays etc or even just because you want to make somone happy. This may sound silly or you may already do this but atleast you know where you stand with the other guys here and it wont feel like you have been ripped off or kicked in the crown jewels everytime you dont get a reply for weeks. Even better you can build strong bonds and who knows even visit each other and go out on nights out(you may never find love but you may just find a great freind).

Another suggestion that is humming around the attic is that you are all obviously intelligent people has anyone tried to maybe pool some resources and make your own agency sounds far out yes but so does the idea of meeting somone who will love and marry you after a few emails (if you would like any tips on how to do this feel free to ask if i can help i will probably in another forum more tailored to that discussion).

I took the liberty of tracing stop-thescammers.com to its source (more out of curiosity than anything else) and it is located in St.Petersburg this is probably a usless fact but i like to look at all angles and my point is i hope none of you guys use any details here that you use when you mail these girls as it wouldnt take a expert to browse these forums and play on your feelings more or become more of that woman you are looking for (a good business will always research its customers and tailor to there needs). Anyway back to the site being in St.Petersburg(St.Petersburg is in russia) has it not crossed anyones mind that the site maybe constructed for that very purpose? i mean i could be wrong and im not saying this as fact(its my view only) but you could look at this site as a betta site where you post the scam they( by they i mean agency,scammers) read the scam and think ok no point in using that one(by that one i mean scam,name,picture,chatup etc) anymore.

Well i have had my say I hope I didn't offend anyone with this post and my bad english or with my comment regarding this site it is mearly my opinion thankyou for taking the time to read this post and who knows maybe one day we will meet and go out on the pull[B)]

01-10-2005, 02:25 PM
I nearly forgot incase no one continues this discussion


Lone Gunman
01-10-2005, 07:52 PM

Naturally, theres a risk, you are perfectly righ ( I think)

It's a perfect " marketing" analyze-tool this kind of site, to get into male thinking, and finetune a scam-plan..
If one individual's intentions are such.

No wonder it's run by dating agency's owners, either.
These may as well benefit from similar knowlege, and by that I'm not meaning nesessarly scamming in a agency scale.
They get snippets of information about customers thinking and competitors fees, for free.

And I do hope likewise, that no one here uses same username to log on here as well as to log on to any dating agencies, and such things.

See Ya

01-12-2005, 06:50 PM
Welcome Northstar
I remember Aussieman40 got crapped out by some astonished guys when he told us the Site is Located in Russia and Site Admin was angry about it - so what's reality, why did Admin protest about that. I'd figured it out by some mails and read the time zone. If the Site is made to assist dating agencies beat other dating agencies, then why not - all sounds legit in the cuthroat world of business and finance, its to beat the competition - BUT ADMIN SHOULD STATE ALL ITS PURPOSE UP FRONT. And I'm sure that most members would remain.

As to log-on and not using on Dating Sites, ok don't. But all the pro scammers (also many guys posing as women) have rifled right through this site - of course to pick-up tips. But in Scam letters, most don't seem to be improving - except to insert the addreese's name more often. Fact is, they still have to ask for dosh at some point. But be more wary of a woman who come to you after your visit. Consulates are posing some real interogation to try to stop many comming in.

Its just plain dumb and assisting criminals when presents are sent.

I've been chatting to some scammers after the game's up, almost get admissions out of them.

My biggest gripe is with Western Union. Apparantly absolutely no willingness to pursue a multiple requests for money. They told me to call the FBI and gave me the appropriate address. Its plainly obvious who's getting the most out of scamming. Where's the biggest crime going on ? It ain't in Russia or Ukraine. Best is don't send money to anyone. I don't, I only report it.