View Full Version : USA guest visa

01-31-2019, 03:01 PM
I had a question for you - this is a new one for me as well. I was asked to send an invitation to someone in order to get a guest visa to come to the US. Have any thoughts on this???

02-01-2019, 05:49 PM
i believe is a scam

02-22-2019, 07:47 PM
It might not be an outright scam as in give me the money now, but what they might be asking for is for you to "sponsor" someone to visit your country which can have the appearance of an invitation. Check out your countries regulations as you could be liable for any issues that this person creates whilst in your country, like when they don't return at the expiry of their visa... you could be open to a whole host of financial liability. Don't ever do this unless you know the person very well.