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11-10-2004, 02:01 AM

Most anti scam info seems to relate to Former Soviet Union and would seem to be professional. I have found very little relating to other countries.

Mine comes via a free chat website www.face-pic.com where I have met a few lovely ladies, Thailand, Philippines, Africa where we chat by mail, IM no prob. A few I could rush out and marry with hardly a second thought :D

I get a fair bit of unsolicoted mail from young African girls (and boys). Reasonable, they are just getting the technology and have a field day checking out people all over the world and, have you been to Africa? Jees there?s some tough life out there!

So, a simple message, blah blah, I have a visa for your country (Spain) blah blah

Then, I can pick up my ticket and be over in a few weeks, can you accommodate me for a couple of weeks?

Then (IM) I need some help, 100 euros for my ?declaration fee?.

(I kind of recall something about people from Africa having to show they have some resources before they can travel).

Then (after no) ok I?ve raised 50 can you western union 50?

Then plz, plz, plzzzzzzz

Well, it?s small scale, From my Zimbabwean friend in England who wants to visit, for the visa she needs a written invitation (proof of accommodation) (http://www.languagecourse.net/visa/spain.php3).

So, apparently, this girl has the visa, can get her ticket, has good internet access, but still needs 50 Euro?s cash? Who?d miss it? I?d almost send it just for being cute!

She actually seems a sweet girl and we can talk arty stuff (she seems genuinely to be an artist). But you just have to say ?no way??

Anybody else had this from West Africa (Ghana)? Would be nice to get some backup before I burn her :(

But I so understand how how a cute young thing from Africa would luuuuuv to find an ageing Englishman with (or without) some cash, the hookers over there do it all the time, just to have somewhere nice to crash for a few weeks.

Hoping to hear.


11-18-2004, 12:13 AM
I too have had letters from young women in Accra Ghana. It seems rather questionable to me that twenty-something year olds can fall so easily and quickly "In love" with a 69 year old man they have never met!! Some of them seem to be in love even before they write the first message!! It certainly dosen't take them long to be asking you to arrange Visa payments! I am 'playing one along' at present to see what happens. One thing that won't happen is me sending any money!!!

I also get a number of the "I am son/daughter/wife/mistress/and whatever else,of Mr Such-and-such who has been assassinated... and has left funds of $millions and we need a bank account...

Africa is certainly becoming very 'Scam-active'!!

11-18-2004, 08:56 PM
I joined a new site. Had Chat. Ivory coast came on-line. Mercy words from "refuge camp" they wanted my e-mail address. I'm sure a starving African has Internet !!!

That's a way to start a Scam on you. They will do some kind of "overpayment scam". They also do it if you try to sell your car on a car site.

That site blocks all persons from Nigeria, Ivory coast. But I.D. was yahoo.co... They are trying everything. Get there e-mail address and report it to I.P.