View Full Version : also new here-need help-a new breed of scammer?

01-02-2005, 03:49 AM
last summer i was scammed by a very clever
somebody, so i'm not a total virgin. (didn't
lose much money, fortunately)...
about a month ago, i was contacted by somebody
calling herself Sveta--i figured it was a scam
and decided to play along...since that time we have
exchanged about 30 e-mails almost every day, and
she is yet to mention money. i mentioned it and she
became indignant..stranger still, she has yet to volunteer
either her last name, an address, or a phone #.
she has sent three photos: the first is a normal looking
distance shot of a woman in ski clothes, nothing special;
the second is a professional looking shot with blue background
with her right side to the camera, a hand in her pocket,
wearing a jean jacket--it's hard to tell if this is the same
woman as the first--she looks like a model; the third photo
is a shot with her arm draped over another woman, this photo
does not look professional--she looks much different from the
second one, but it is clearly the same woman (she's blond and
does not show her teeth)...sound familiar to anybody?
I'm wondering if i should post one of these here, and if so,
how to do it....does anyone think there is a possibility
this woman is legit, and if so, how should i proceed?
and if she isn't, i really do want to bust her..
one more thing, has anyone had any experience with
a repentant scammer? assuming some of these scammers
are women, do they really make out so well doing this?
or are they being compelled by circumstances? do they
really like their situations in russia?
I'll leave further questions to another post.

01-05-2005, 12:17 AM
How are her letters ?
Does she use the word "love" If so, it's a scam.
Some scammers will write for months.
Any "wafting-on" of none sensical jargon is sure scam.
If she's offering "tasty pies and soups" forget it.
If she won't say a surname - sounds bad.
When you are ready for visit to someone - do a full address check and ask for photo of her Russian passport. They have one as ID document. or you might get stood up for refusing to send money.