View Full Version : does anybody know these scams are set up?

01-02-2005, 04:10 AM
I'm really curious how these scammers operate..
I'm assuming that there are real women involved
and it isn't just men...
do some of them work on their own, or is it all
well organized, or through agencies?..
Are the girls who pick up the
money transfers real? (i assume they are).
If they're not working alone, what's their cut?
What does it cost them in e-mail expenses?
do they use translators, and what does that cost?
I'm also curious if some women will
try this on a lark..for instance,the person who scammed me
last summer, i was later only able to find one hit
on the internet using her name as a possible scammer...

01-05-2005, 12:11 AM
They operate at every level:
Individual girls, Groups of girls, and men using womens' photos (real photos or stolen from Internet etc). Also semi scam Agencies, they talk for the girl and the Agency scams you.
Never use an Agency where you are not talking to the girl with individual e-mail address. If you get a first letter, the Agency steps in for "fees" report them as "scam agency" because of non-disclosure of that fact.
Always write in Russian using "free Russian Translation" on Internet.
State in your Profile and first letter (use kind words) That you do not send money. Some still try.