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03-08-2005, 07:22 PM
Hi my name is Jim. I am writing about a woman who has just scammed me out of more than $12,000USD!!!!!! Anyway i have been searching the known scam sites and had never seen or heard of her anywhere? I did however start to become suspicious when she claimed,she was in Moscow making her Visas and Passports etc, and claimed the new "apple mac" Powerbook($2,900USD!) i bought for her was stolen!It was only after i checked the "Email Headers", in the "script menu" that i noticed that this e-mail was actually sent from+300("WHICH IS IN FACT ACODE FOR YOSHKA-OLA!!!") I then checked all other email headers and they obviously don't know how to hide these?(Some thing for your readers to check? As if," I " had from day one, i would have known that "ALL WAS NOT AS IT SEEMED!".... This girl was "good!" i mean we had been corresponding for months! I didn't even think she may have been a scammer because i saw "HER PROFILE,AND CONTACTED HER!"... She even did buy the notebook computer as we started real-time chatting through an "Apple mac iChat program"(she couldn't possibly have used this at a cafe, the program was identical to mine! She never not answered any questions always answered everything i asked! (Therefore i was reassured each time she was a "GENUINE RUSSIAN GIRL" looking for a nice guy? I then contacted a "Private Detective to do all checks on this girl. As i was seeing more and more about these scammers in the news, etc, and to my "SHOCK!"..."YEP!" False address no known person with her date of birth. everything was completely "Fabricated!"(But i couldn't work out why such a "PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER" hadn't been listed even a remote description?..I mean i read through hundreds of letters in case she simply copied them?...But nothing! The Detectives were very fast and it only cost me a few hundred dollars and that was a weeks worth! But they found out all in 4days(And travelled from Moscow to her "bogus address in Cheboksary to Yoshka-ola prospekt! And supplied photo's of the false address and also the supposed "Hotel she was in!"("YEP!"..NO SUCH HOTEL!)And even spoke to people and other residents etc. I wish i had just paid all this long before i gave so much money away!!!! Anyway i will supply some photos for the web-site and guy's i think you'll agree it is the same girl? Only now she has blonde hair!
As i think you would agree it's the same girl i have more than 30 photos and i have compared them all it is definitely "Her! The facial features ,eyes etc, are unmistakable!"(The pictures are of my girl" "NATALIA VLADAMIROVNA ANISIMOVA And the pictures of her with Black hair are The A.K.A.s Please feel free to use my letter as a a regular scammer who has changed names and looks etc
Kind Regards,
Sydney Australia
(A.K.A.'S) "Anastasiya Pershutkina" or "Oksana Omelchenko" or ("Elena Pavlucheva"THIS IS THE GIRL ON THE STOP SCAMMERS WEBSITE!
PS I will send her new pictures with her blonde hair on this web-site!


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Lone Gunman
03-09-2005, 01:45 PM
Just want to comment one particular thing.

"" I then checked all other email headers and they obviously don't know how to hide these?

How visible the full header data is, or how easy it is for you to make it show, is more a matter of what kind of e-mail client you've choosen, or your own skills, in my humble opinion!!!!!
Those data's always there! Unless posted trough an anonymizer site?

- Come to think of it, I've probably saved quite some future regrets (I
think) by, at an early stage by comment the women's use of "The Bat" mailer. A software highly productive, very suitable for spam/junk(or small business/corporate) mail distribution....
- If your full header field tells that the X-mailer is "the bat" beware, be at least very doubtful!
- At once I've spotted it, I recommend Mozilla Thunderbird to them instead of The Bat, and tell that I don't consider their prior choice as particularly ladylike, in my view. ;)
- They've all stopped to write, so far!
- Or am I maybe too rude, huh?
- Has it any useful feature on the individual's basis use, besides feeware version, overseen by me?

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03-09-2005, 02:19 PM
Hi "lone Gunman, yeah! I checked after reading your opinions, and 'low and behold'..'YES! SHE WAS USING "THE BAT! Mailer! So you are absolutely right mate! I never knew the Bat was an e-mail client for sending spam or junk emails? Now thats something i will check from now on!!!!!:-(

Aussie physique

Lone Gunman
03-10-2005, 03:18 AM
Hello JAMIE physique

Despite the double versions, freeware or registered software who could benefit from a software able to collect addresses and such from spreadsheets and so on? My own address-book as a example, I could send slightly modified emails trough a conventional modem addressed from my whole address - book in flat 3.5 minutes, according to the company?s bragging! And gee, I got addresses!

They (the SOFTWARE COMPANY) claim company use, I say, why on earth a freeware version available at all, under those circumstances?

ALWAYS, don?t be so darn focussed on Russian chicks, surf to other sites once and a while and learn new tech things!

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Lone Gunman
03-10-2005, 03:56 AM
And just as I wrote latest posting I was written to by one claiming to being at an Internet cafe, using The Bat.
Please note:
I?ve only read about it, haven?t seen any point in testing it myself. So obviously it?s a possible choice for Internet cafes!

But on the other hand, I?ve never acted as described by me earlier, but towards others claiming to have a computer at home!!
And I who thought I?d found an easy, foolproof mean to distinguish god from bad:(

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03-11-2005, 04:07 AM
I would like to make one comment about this situation. I am in no way trying to be a smart ass and I feel bad about it for you. It really sucks that there are such dishonest, selfish and lieing women out there but I am not at all surprised that this is a FSU woman. It is my guess that she is probably either above average in looks or possibly very attractive. They are the ones most likely to try such a thing and never be concerned about the damage they have caused. Not only to you but also to the very few FSU women who are trustworthy.
The point that I would like to make is this. 999 out of every 1000 Russian women scammers will not be found on any scammer internet site. It is good to know that western men are finally beginning to see through the smoke screen of some of these women and marriage agencies. But for every known scammer, there are a thousand unknown. I have been walking through this minefield for several years now and I can say for sure that it is much worse today than ever before. The word has been spread throughout Russia and Ukraine that western men are very stupid and will send money very easily. Of course we westerners know that it is not so true but the women over there do not know that. They think that we are stupid!!! So they continue to make fools of themselves all over the world with their money scams.
Five years ago it was actually very easy to find a good looking Russian woman to correspond with and to meet in person with marriage intentions. They were somewhat honest and sincere back then and were very happy just to receive a letter from a western man. But today it is totally different. It is now the women choosing the men that they wish to correspond with. Anyone that does not believe it should try this test. It will proove my point.
Go to a site that has a large data base of Russian women. Anastasiaweb.com, eastwestmatch.com, globaladies.com, Aforeignaffair.com. Or just choose one of your own. Read the hype about Russian women. How they are the most beautiful, the most caring, very intelligent and eager to meet western men. How their main goal in life is to have a nice family and a good husband. For some of them this is of course true. But for they majority is is total BS&gt;
Post your profile with a photo. It really does not matter to much how you look so don't worry about it. The results will be the same for almost everyone. Choose 100 women that you find attractive. Above average looks. Keep the age difference no more that about 12 years max. You will need to search many profiles to find the 100 that appeal to you.
After you have made your choice, send them a short letter of introduction, of course being truthfull and sincere and state your true intentions. You never know, you could be the lucky one that finds a chunk of gold in the garbage dump. Keep your letter fairly short and ask a couple of questions of them. Here is what will happen.
The majority of them, around 60% you will never receive a response from. There are several reasons for this.
1: They do not exist and are only bait for the agency.
2: They receive enough e-mail that they can pick and choose who they want. They are all waiting for a letter from Brad Pitt.
3: For some reason or another, they do not receive your mail.
The most common reason is #2. All Russian women seem to think that they are in some way very beautiful. Much more than they really are. Sure, there are many that are correct in thinking this way but even the average one's think they are something special.
You have read about how smart and intelligent Russian women are. In some cases it is also true. But the majority of them are not so intelligent. Even with their university education, most of them are somewhat on the dumb side. They do not recoganize a good thing when they see it and are to damn dumb to protect a good thing when they do have it.
OK, you should receive about 40% response. Some will answer you quickly and some will answer you in a week or two. You should write back to every women that responded to your introduction letter and reveal more about yourself and ask a few more questions. Do not take any of them serious at this point. You will not hear back from half of these. They are only curiousity seekers and have fallen into the original 60% category. They have decided that since you are not Brad Pitt, they do not like you.
So now there are 20 women left on your list. Out of these some of them will also fall into the original 60% category after a few letters as soon as you say something they do not like or they misunderstand something. With some of these women, even a very slight misunderstanding will cause them to go back into Brad Pitt mode. The rest of these women who are left out of your original 100 will seem somewhat sincere for awhile. But the majority of the one's left will be the visa, airfare, money for anything scammers. They will reveal themselves soon as they start to ask for money. Of course they will express undying love for you even though you have never met in person. Very funny stuff. Being a person of good judgement an not the stupid foreigner as they think you are, you will of course send them some fake money and tell them where to stick it.
So now after several weeks you will be left with 1 or 2 that seem sincere and do not show any signs of being a scammer. You have grown to trust them as you get to know them. They are not overly expressive in terms of love and romance and seem to be intelligent and sincere. They want to meet you in person in the future and seem to be interested in you as a person. WARNING!! You are now subject to the most harmfull and dangerous type of scam. Forget the money for visa crap. It is small time compared to the damage that can be done by some of these women. The scam will not really start until after you have met in person, had sex, expressed love for each other and made some serious plans for the future. Now that she has your complete trust you have to be VERY carefull. Of course you will not know that you have been scammed until after you have spent much money on her and her family. As soon as she feels that she has used you for all that she can get, then your life will become a nightmare and you will start to think of yourself as a real dumb-ass just as she has thought all along. She will move on to her next victum and never thing of you again. These women have no conscience and justify their actions by thinking that something for nothing is owed to them and screwing you over is nothing more than a victory for them. This kind of thing is happening more and more everyday. The ticket and visa scam is just a small potato compared to the real heartbreakers.
Sure this kind of thing does not happen to everyone. The guys that have been successfull, I congradulate and wish you very good luck. But it does happen to alot of men with Russian women. Much more than you may think.


03-24-2005, 10:39 PM
Hi n/a !!

You are right !! I have fallen in this kind of scam and agree with you completely !! I lost a great deal of money but the worst was that I really believed that all was true ! We met two times and she loved me so much ! Then she suddenly disappeared when she had got enough from me !!

05-07-2005, 02:03 AM
Dear n/a,

I felt sorry for you after having read your first post. $12000 is a huge sum of money and this person certianly needs to be prosecuted. Being a russian and possessing knowledge how to find out the person's real address using the IPS from an e-mail header, I would certainly have helped you. That is, if I didn't read your second letter trashing all the women of my nation. It seems that you have your compensation already in the form of bitternes, ill will and anger towards all russian women to whom I, too, belong. So there you go. Enjoy your sour feelings for the rest of your life.

05-15-2005, 10:47 PM
Hello Jim. I also am going to Yoshkar -ola to meet a lady. I will be going there on October 6 til Oct. 24 . I have not booked the flights yet so if you are interested in a travel companion to there , please write me a email and we can set up a meeting place for the trip. I think it will be out of Toronto, Canada or through Chicago. I will know more as the time grows nearer. We can certainly meet and go there together. toymaker57@yahoo.ca. I have sought out the cheapest fares and am down to just over 900.00 return from Moscow. What it is from there to Yoshkar -ola is anyones guess. I am trying to get a flight to their local airport also. or to Cheboksary which is 60 km away. I will be staying in a private house so you will need lodging.The people i will be visiting know the town well and maybe the person too. hope to hear from you.

06-04-2005, 08:42 AM
Hey Jim,
I got one thing to tell you, listen to me carefully. Get a gun, open your mouth, then pull the damn trigger!!! Practice shooting yourself ;)

06-04-2005, 06:28 PM
"It was only after i checked the "Email Headers", in the "script menu" that i noticed that this e-mail was actually sent from+300("WHICH IS IN FACT ACODE FOR YOSHKA-OLA!!!") I then checked all other email headers and they obviously don't know how to hide these?"
And they obviously don't know that if you use Yoshka-ola provider somewhere else you'll have its acode? :0

"These "Bitches need to be confronted!"
Cool guy! Ha, "Cowboy"! I'm glad you've been scammed. So sit in your australia and feed crocodiles there.