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03-26-2005, 12:30 AM
Hi !

English is not my native language. So those who have, could you explain me what do Russian women mean when they tell that they want to find a man who is GENEROUS ???
Really many women use this word...
How do you understand this word ?
Do they mean that they want easy life and to find a man who gives them all what they want ?
Or what ?
Sometimes those translations are not so easy....
Many misunderstandings can be possible, especially with Russian women....We must be very carefull with them.

04-10-2005, 09:59 PM
Hey lonely
when a russian woman refers to yo u being gererous.She means that she wishes you affection and attention.Check out some of the russian phrase web sights and you will find many answers to you confusion.................. Jimmy the rose

Tex N Arabia
05-02-2005, 07:02 PM
Also remember, they are learning the "Queen's English", it makes a big difference in many things.

USA Mike In Saudi