View Full Version : Second Generation Scammers?

05-06-2005, 06:42 AM
Not sure, but have a suspicion that scammers are evolving:
As men migrate to sites with vigorous anti scam policies
the scammers must follow, but they usually dont last long.
However I think a master scammer could be joining the site as a legitimate woman then identifying suitable targets and sending in
the foot soldiers. How to check? Well the site administrators could help by cross indexing all men the master scammer has been in touch with to see if they have been also targeted by the same 'first generation' scammers sent in by the master scammer.

04-23-2007, 03:57 PM
I dont know about second generation...but I do know for sure that there are mother and daughter teams in Nigeria....those will take you and your clothes to the cleaners....they think things through very carefully and between them they have all experience.... if you give them a tough question they cant answer right then and have them on the ropes...something goes wrong with their pc or something else happens for a couple of days while they get there answer together and their reply all make sense.....those first and second generation scammers are more common and the ones you should really be on the alert for. When your new internet lover tells you that her mother says hi or is aware of your conversations with her....you have stubled on the masters. Open your eyes or you will be opening your wallet. It is my opinion that they (african scammers) are very much behind the times as far as evolving....their African scams are so sucessful due only to their victims being first timers and are being totally ruled by their heart. Me and anyone else that has been screwded already, set back and marvel at how we didnt see that S%$t the first time.

Patrick Little