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06-06-2005, 01:22 AM
Anyone heard of an email address tracylove4u@yahoo.com ?? I suspect I may getting set up for a scam.

Thanks to anyone who can be of any assistance.

06-06-2005, 05:53 PM
Stay away from this one! There is a group, running scams out of Nigeria that uses many addresses like this. They will ask to have packages sent to your home and then have them picked up and delivered elsewhere. They use stolen credit cards. The other scam is sending you money orders and you return the money via Western Union. Don't fall for it! If ANYONE sends you a postal service money order, bring it to your post office to validate it. If anyone wants to have merchandise sent to you, don't let them! I am talking from experience in both of these. Thankfully, I lost NO money.


06-07-2005, 06:30 AM

Thanks for your advice. Actually, this person is now asking me to purchase a plane ticket for her, you know, the one where I make the arrangement to buy from here, and if she doesn't show up, then I can get back some or all of my money. I told her I will check her out in Nigeria, because I have a friend here who has connections in Lagos, and can most likely verify her identity. I have told her all this, and seems to be not bothered by it. In fact, she even says it would be okay for me to visit her, or even get my friend's connection in Nigeria to help her with coming over here! (the connection is a lawyer, by the way) But she would prefer to come here. The story goes like this: She is telling me she was born in the UK, but lived in the US, then ended up in Nigeria. So, she has her UK passport, and thinks she could come here directly, if I buy her the ticket. I have spoken to her over the phone (but it could be anyone) and my initial feeling is that it is a scam, but my gut feeling says it could still be real. Right now, it's just a waiting game to see of my friend's connection will be able to match the photo with the address and phone number to the person I have been speaking to. It's tough one to conclusively judge yet, and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

Looking forward to your valued opinion, John, and to anyone else out there who might be able to help.

Thanking everyone in advance..

randy peters
06-08-2005, 03:14 AM
Ah toughnutocrack. I', trying mot to be a smartass but. Who ever heard of going to a foriegn country without a return ticket. And you want to trust a lawyer? Lawyers will do things a rat won't do! You say this person is a British ciizen. Let her go to the British Consulate there. Just cause she lived in the states does not mean that she is a citizen here. If she was the consulate would send her home and come to you for the airfare. Don't know what the brits might do! Have you met this lawyer in person? Could he and your friend(?) be working a scam together? Can you run away from these poeple fast enough?The hell with it! Are you some kind of nut? Keep your money! She got into the mess. Let her get out of it. It is a scam. She is probably listed on this sight anyway.

Randolph J Peters

06-08-2005, 05:05 PM
Hey Randy,

Thanks for your input. My friend would not be in on a scam with his lawyer friend in Lagos. No way. My friend has too many and important ties with his homeland in Lagos to do that sort of thing. He wpuldn;t do that sort of thing! And certainly, his lawyer friend would not screw him over, as he owes him many favours because of those strong ties he has with him and others. My friend told me yesterday he could point out first hand to me scammers if I go to one of the functions he will attend later on this summer. I have already been to his friend's parties, and I know the sort of people i am dealing with. he told me he would point to me who the scammers are, cause he knows all aboiut that ****. Don't worry, my friend is okay for that. He is not that kind of person. In fact, I am rather lucky to have him as a friend for this instance i am in. And besides, I have made the woman aware of what's going on, so she knows she will be found out soon enough. If they are indeed scammers, wouldn;t they have long turned the other way around, and never emailed me again? I responded to an email she sent to me yesterday about how she wants to send me money orders to cash them over here in Canada, but I blanantly refused and told her I will not fall for such scam! She (or whoever it is behind her) acknowledged this, and now she seems to be going by my rules! So, Randy, I am counting on my friend;s connection in Lagos to verify her identity, then at least I could either travel there, or prepay a ticket for her to come here. She even asked me if I could come down this moth to see her! I said I must wait until I ascertain the truth in everythingm then I will decide. I mean, even if she were to come here, even if she don't board the plane, then I will be able to get some money back from the airfare, and I will not have been scammed, only wasted some time and money for plane ticket. After all, if she is real, this is a risk I'd be willing to take. Wouldn't that make sense?

As for her UK passport, yes, I agree she could just go to the UK consulate there, and make arrangements to go back to UK. My friend said the same thing. And yes, it is strange that she wouldn't want to do that. That alone smells of scam, but I do not see right now, given what is on the table, how she could possibly scam me. I won't send money to anyone, and the only possible thing I might do is to either go there myself, or perhaps prepay a ticket which would be only a last resort. I won't do anything until I AM CERTAIN of things - she knows it, I know it. So, if they somehow try to plan a scam beased on this knowledge, I sure as hell don't know how they could do it, because i WILL NOT FALL FOR IT!

Please feel free to comment on this, Randy. Like my friend, I value every opinion you may have to offer in this case.

randy peters
06-08-2005, 06:52 PM
I wish you the best of luck, but would recoomend one last thing to check, because she does not want British Embassy to help. That would be to check on warrents at your local police. Something is nagging at me and it does not track. Good luck, But be careful

Randolph J Peters

10-13-2006, 07:14 PM
LISTEN TO tjcat2001!

"black hand on scammers door!"