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06-27-2005, 02:59 PM
Report below received on June, 27, 2005. It is interesting and we hope it will be helpful:

"I'm a German guy and I have been several times in Romania.
The city of Iasi has the second biggest university in Romania and the
majority of students coming from other romanian cities live in the big
student campus in the "Tudor Vladimirescu" district (more than 20
different buildings). In the whole campus students have access to internet
for free and since some months they started a massive scam job on yahoo
personals. They just open an account on Yahoo Personals USA and they put
the pictures of their girlfriends (or - if they are girls- they directly
put their pictures). All those student-scammers have a webcam, so the guys
who contact them think that they are not cheaters. After some emails the
scammers ask to their victims to send some money to buy an airplane ticket
to come in USA and to pay a tax to obtain the USA visa.
The victims send the money through Western Union (usually a sum between
300 and 1500 dollars) and bye bye romanian girl.......
Apparently in Romania there is not a law against this kind of scam, so all
those scammers give to their victims real names (to send the money) and
real phone numbers. Every student knows english pretty good so there are
no problems in communication between scammers and victims. I saw all these
things with my eyes, so you can believe me.
I know that some of those student-cheaters earned something like 35,000
dollars in 1 year. Some of them were able to buy a flat, a car, etc. One
of the most "smart" scammers is earning more than 2,000 dollars per week
(instead of studying he spends the nights on internet doing scams). Don't
ask me the names and surnames of those people, because sincerly I don't
know their surnames (I know only the names and the faces because I went in
their rooms a lot of times -I have some friends between Iasi students) and
I don't want to have problems with them. Some of those guys can be really
dangerous, in a country like Romania where the law doesn't work so well.
The majority of the scams is made in the buildings T17, T18, and T19. I
wrote you this message because I want you warn people to NOT SEND MONEY TO
ANY GIRL LIVING IN IASI or in the poor cities near Iasi (BARLAD, TECUCI,
GALATI, VASLUI, TARGU NEAMT, etc.). They are not single girls, nut just
students who try to earn money in this way. I hope that one day romanian
police will do something."

06-27-2005, 10:04 PM
I've been to Romania 3 times, and I also dated a girl from Moldavia who lives in New York but was actually Romanian. What a lawless country that is, poor, people are so rude. I saw little kids abandoned sniffing glue, as young as 10 years old. My heart was breaking, but I couldn't do anything. As for scammers, why not scam American people if they are stupid?

randy peters
06-28-2005, 12:52 AM
Admin wrote that a guy from Germany wrote about a Romaniam scam and ended the post with "I hope that one day romanian
police will do something."The police will not do anything unless enough complaints are made and the proper palms are greased. This will not happen. There is nothing that can or will be done. Laws in civilised countries where it is survival of the fittest. I often joke eith my friends that we could set up a scam operation in this country with the computer programs, they can turn out photographic images and movies of women with out the woman. and just by modifying a few letters in a header. only a hacker knows for sure. Several posts ago t told of running a tity bar in Florida. So it comes to now to this. As soon as they realize that over $500 attracts attention, They'll scale down the price and get more lunkheads. Think about how much is spent in "Gentlemans Clubs" America is a contry of men who are losers, with a very few exceptions. And I count myself as one of them.

Randolph J Peters

07-05-2005, 07:44 PM
I met a Romanian "woman" on Yahoo personals about a month ago. I still want to believe that she is real, and not part of a scam. I still hold out this hope because In the first email, and several since, I have emphasized how I am going through a divorce, and have no money at all. She continued to chat with me until I left on a trip about a week ago. I have not heard from her, even though I mentioned that I am sending her a swiss chronograph to remind her of me. I have not sent it. Perhaps when "she" receives the package and sees that it was opened, and that there is no watch inside, she will email me about it. This would be an interesting response, perhaps telling me a lot about her intentions. Earlier in our chatting, I mention sending her money, and each time she gets angry and says she does not want any. I mentioned money to her as a sort of bait. That is part of the reason why my red flag has not completely gone up yet.

The above post from the German guy has me intrigued. The "girl" is a student in Iasi, and her mailing address is on st. Tudor Vladimirescu T17 room 232 in Iasi. The german guy's post was remarkable in that it identified T17 in Iasi.

For those of you who are interested, here are a few details she has given me:
Her name is Camelia (nickname Camy)
Says her parents live in Bacau.
Says she is a student living in the student housing at T Vladimirescu T17.
Says she has been awarded an Erasmus-Socrates Scholarship opportunity in California
her yahoo ID and email is badpusssycat@yahoo.com
She has a profile at yahoo personals as badpusssycat4u, as well as badpusssycat (interesting that there are two so similar)

Email me if you would like to see photos of her. If it is a scam, the person is very sharp, as the photos are amateur snapshots taken around Iasi. (I verified through an Iasi website that they were indeed taken in Iasi). Also, I am a college professor, and I can tell that this person is well-educated, with a very sharp sense of humor. We have discussed European politics, economics, philosophy, etc.

If it is not a scam, I have been lucky enough to find a truly remarkable, beautiful woman. If not, it has been a good educational experience for me.

Jason Masters