View Full Version : I just got A ckeck for $4,800.00

06-28-2005, 10:50 AM
I just got A check for $4,800.00 from Qchex com. I have no idea where it came from (But mybet it A check from Precious she said she was going to send me one) I tried to get some info on the phone and web site .But no luck ShouleI ca**** and wait for it to clear or what or take it to the bank and let then take care of it . This Comp. is in Las Vegas NV. It kust came with my name on it and look like A real check. It says not valid for use as A money order or cashier's check. Should I put in the bank and see what happenes or just wait. or let the bank people look into it for me . One I just don't anyone to get my bank account. Because sometimes the put your account on the back of the check and I do want any scammers to get my account number ?

I have been scamed by A girl in Nigeria

randy peters
06-28-2005, 01:08 PM
Just tske it to the bank. They have the ways to find out if it is real. If you cah it and it is not good it can open up a bag of morms for you. Anout like what is called Uttrring a Forgery here in <ississippi. This is a felony. YOur next penpal may be called BUBBA and have a hairey back. Since it came thru the mail, There are interstate commerce laws that could be applied, if you try to cash it.

Randolph J Peters

06-28-2005, 10:16 PM
Absolutely DO NOT take a Qchex to your bank. You may deposit it, the bank will try to clear it and when they find out it's a forgery, they will place a freeze on your account based on "fraudulant activity." There is a huge amount of fraud going on right now using Qchex drafts. Stay away from them entirely! Take it directly to your local police department or FBI, or hang it up on your wall as a souvenir if you can't be bothered.

There's a lot of discussion about Qchex fraud here:

07-02-2005, 02:01 PM
[xx(]Don't cash any of those check My bank started A big to who about it they think I was scaming them .But I asked frist before I deposit it and then they said they would call me back about. Well I missed the call my answer mech. got it (It was someone from the bank) So I call the next day to talk to the person .But they were not there .But the sect. said go ahad and deposit it and see what happeneds. .So on Thurs one of the bank officals that know me calles me and tell me that the check is bad and not to use any of that money .I told her that I didn't plan on it because the check looked funny but someone I talked to in the bank said it was ok .So I did just that..I told the lady on the phone (Asded) would this mess up the DD ih comeing in on Friday and the money I all ready have in the bank .She said no .But friday I was in the red(Not to count my blood level)and I question the teller about it .She called the lady I had talked to in the bank on Thurs. And she said it should not have happened and would stright it out right now. Well that was not the end of it some securty guy from the bank called and became very nasty to me and I got back to him the same way and I tried to tell him the story but all he saw or thuoght I was doing was scamming the bank. so I hung up the phone on him and call the Lady at the Bank and told her about her securty guy . she asked me A few question and I answer the and now I think thing are fine but the check is still out there in my account but at hold is on it .But from the the first to the last do not use these checks