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06-28-2005, 02:45 PM
Dear All.

I would greatly appreciate some advice on what may be a scam.

In brief I am writing to a 'pen-pal' in Russia, who was on an English
dating forum, where I live. She had posted she lived in my home town, but infact she was Russian. I noted this, but ignored it.

She keeps telling me she loves me, yet has never met me!
I have a photo, she is average looking, not a model or 'gorgeous'.
It's obviously taken at her workplace, she says she's a 'seller' but never told me where she works or what she does.

Now she tells me, when I stupidly?! told her it would be nice to meet her, that she cannot get a fast VISA to visit England to see me.
She tells me she has to wait 2-3 months for a FREE RUSSIAN VISA, or she can get it faster if she pays. Is this true? Except she can't as she only earns $50 a month in Kazan, Russia. She says she will get a MARRIAGE VISA to come to England, then hopefully we can get married.
Why would she say this? We've never met. I have told her I am sick, and have NO JOB, I told her I have NO MONEY, she doesn't care. Strange, well good, but almost too good to be true.

She tells me she has no computer and has to travel to an Internet Cafe to use one, as her apartment doesn't have it. Fair enough I thought.

She tells me the Visa is $220 (Visa necessary for Passport, Hospital Insurance etc), and if I 'LOVE HER' I will send her the money. Now I thought this was odd, as I've never heard an English woman say something like this to me, anyway, I am on the brink of sending it to her, but I wanted to check here first with people who may know more than I.

She told me to use the 'WESTERN UNION BANK' and I would share with her a 'secret' 10 digit pass code. I read up on this, it is correct.
What is odd though is:

1)She wouldn't give me her CITY, STATE, LAST NAME OR ADDRESS.
I told her to give it to me, or she gets no money!

2) I told her I am chronically ill and cannot get out my house much.
She tells me she doesn't care. I thought this was odd, wouldn't she at least ask WHAT illness I have?

Today she wrote back and gave me the address where she lives, it is in Kazan as she claimed from her first email, street of Decembrists, apartment xxx, House 1. I don't actually undertand that part, HOUSE 1? Problem is, does this address exist, I have no idea.

Then she told me the bank:

AK BARS BANK Amirkhana prospekt 10a 420126

I guess this has to be real, but again, if she runs off after I send her money, will this bank care? [:0]

Anyway, what is very odd is in the last two days she keeps altering how she spells her name. Is this strange, or do Russian women alter it. Like me saying CHRISTOPHER one day, and then CHRIS, the next.

She has always said: OKSANA, it also says this in her email address.


But in the last 2 days she calls herself OXANA. Would a Russian woman do this by accident? I don't know.

Lastly the most odd thing she wrote today, she says at the end of her email and I quote.

''Arrival in you also is necessary for me your full name.
It is very important! I very much to wait on your fast
The answer! Your future wife Natalya..''

I am confused, why did she suddenly call herself ''Natalya''.

Please can someone give me some ideas on what they think?
She has never mentioned money, sex, cars, a rich lifestyle.
She has seemed quite normal until I offered to fly her over.

Only then did she go crazy and say if I love her etc, I will pay.

What do you think? Do you know of this person?

She says her name is: OKSANA SHATUNOVA, but today it is OXANA SHATUNOVA. Surely she can't keep altering it, and the bank will only accept one name anyway. [?]


Ben from England.

06-28-2005, 02:50 PM

06-28-2005, 02:52 PM
Hi mate, thanks for the quick reply.

Do you think this person, literally forgot to fake their name as they're on the verge of getting money?

So they forgot and signed it Natalya instead of Oksana?

If so I am very cross:(

I wonder if I could set this person up with the bank, so when they collect the money they get nabbed?

I wish I could write/speak Russian and email her and ask her!

06-28-2005, 02:58 PM
Why would "they" get nabbed, on what charges??? It's not a crime if someone sends money to someone, you understand that? As for messing up names, they have so many customers like you tey lose track. Remember, never send any money, ever!!!

06-28-2005, 03:15 PM
Listen to Peter, he's absolutely correct, Tell her (him) to take a long walk off a short pier.


Non veritas verba amanda

randy peters
06-28-2005, 03:23 PM
Ul_single, You csn go to the Russian website and read up on the requirements for passport if you wish and Britain Consulate to read up on visa requirements. A Russian Visa will probably do no good to get into Britain. She will need British visa. Western Union is not a bank. They wire money from one agency to another (usually a bank) Here in the states it can be a groery store, conviemecne store bowling alley, whatever. All she needs to pick up money is identification with name on it and ten diget number. If you want payback write her money has been sent and make up an amount and a ten digit number and send her to bank. Do not call Western Union. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY. Ehen she writes you upset that they sent her away with no money. Explain name was spelled wrong and send her back. I think seven times is record. She has played with your mind, now play with hers. write her an explicet love letter. Pick up a penthouse magazine and copy one of the letters to the editor in an email. BUT DO NOT SEND MONEY. period.

Randolph J Peters

06-28-2005, 03:57 PM
Very typical scamming !!!

Once again. Serious Russian and Ukrainian women DO NOT ASK MONEY for the meeting ! NEVER !
Though their living is not so easy they will always find money for the meeting if they are really serious !
Well, you can promise to pay costs back when you have met her. But not beforehand !
Kazan area (Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Nab.Chelny) it is full of scammers !!
But there are true girls too ! I found a nice woman from there, met her and we had a nice meeting. We will meet soon again.

06-28-2005, 08:54 PM
I agree. Not all are scammers. I have met a lady from Yoshkar-ola also and am going to see her in October. She has never asked for a penny yet she uses a translation agency and has to pay each month. We mail packages to eachother as well as birthday and anniversary cards. Do not lump them all into one pile. There are good ones too. Maybe you should contact a few ladies on your own like I did and not wait until these teases mail you. It is too obvious if it is spread out in front of you, do a little searching on your own. You may be surprised who you find. I made the first contact and have never looked back. All the email ladies that contacted me first turned out as scammers . Seventeen to date and I reported three new ones myself and one is on its way soon.

06-29-2005, 02:46 PM
Thankyou for all your replies.

Today, 'she' replied to me after I challenged 'her' saying why has she used the name: Oksana, Oxana, Natalya.

Here is 'her' reply:

Greetings my love Ben!!!
Is very glad to receive from you the message! Excuse me that I have written to you Natasha. I very much suffer for us with you. I all on nerves. Me call Oksana! Whether I wanted will be convinced you are fair with me? I wanted to check up your reaction. Whether I am unique at you as my feelings to you are very serious. But now I can trust up to the end to you. At me all is good. How at you an affair? I yesterday walked with mum on streets of our city. It was so beautifully. I talked to it about you. Mum wishs good luck us happiness, and hopes that we in the near future shall meet you and experiences too. She is happy for me that I have found you. You speak that the good person with whom I shall be happy! If there is a phone number I can call you! Write to me it! I love you. I wait with impatience of your letter! Yours Oksana!

What do you think?

'She' asks to call me, but maybe I should call 'her'. Although it could be a random Russian woman in Kazan.

06-29-2005, 03:34 PM
Here is the site of British embassy in Russia.
Just look on fees. http://www.britishembassy.gov.uk/servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1089124811993

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get visa for free.
The most of UK tourist visas are garnted in the same working day.

Insurance costs about 1$ per day. (in Moscow)

The bank she mentioned is http://www.akbars.ru/english/
Their branch on Amirkhana St, 10a is a small pay desk in the post office.

The most strangest thing is that she is leaving in the same house, in which the head office of AK BARS BANK situated.
Look at "AK BARS Bank Profile" on their web site:
Address of the Head Office
Russia, Republic of Tatarstan 420066 Kazan, Dekabristov str.,1

So why she prefers to receive the payment in a small office instead of head office which is in the same building to her flat?

It does not matter how the name is written in English, it must sound like her Russian name. So Oxana is equal to Oksana, because it sounds the same. In the bank she must show her Russian internal passport, where everything is in Russian including her name and surname.
Also you can use English variant of you name, e.g., Helen insted of Russian name Elena.

06-29-2005, 08:00 PM
Are you stupid man? Get your ass on a plane. It's only a 3 hour flight from the UK to Russia. Meet her in person.

What is your problem?

You are lazy and don't want to do that? You want to order your mail order bride?

No better yet send her 5000 pounds of your money. Kiss it goodbye. You deserve to be taught a lesson for being so damn stupid.

06-30-2005, 05:27 PM
With respect, what do you know about my life?
I'm actually chronically ill and housebound, I can't walk far or standup hardly, and certainly can't fly due to blood pressure problems. I have to wear DVT tights 24/7, never mind on a plane.

So next time, try not to judge before you ask why I'm dating someone using the Internet and being 'Lazy'. Trust me, if I was being lazy I'd still be in a wheelchair and peeing in bottles.

If I had my health, I'd go down a bar or a club, not use the Internet and risk getting screwed by some Russian bird, but I have no choice.


06-30-2005, 05:33 PM
It does not matter how the name is written in English, it must sound like her Russian name. So Oxana is equal to Oksana, because it sounds the same. In the bank she must show her Russian internal passport, where everything is in Russian including her name and surname. Also you can use English variant of you name, e.g., Helen insted of Russian name Elena.

Thankyou for your information.

I agree on the spelling, Oksana/Oxana.

So is 'Natalya' or 'Natasha', the English variant of Oksana?

I don't think so. So odd she wrote that. Don't you agree no one can make that mistake?

06-30-2005, 05:37 PM
UK Sinlge,
I'm really sorry to read about your health condition, but remember, lady who you corresponding with is not interested if you are sick or not! She does not care if you drop dead tomorrow, but after you send her money. Do you understand me? Person who is interested in marriage would definitely be concerned when you wrote you are terminally ill. They are scammers, give it up and remember: every women who is serious about marriage would be VERY much concerned about your condition "PERIOD."

06-30-2005, 06:26 PM
UK Single,
I forgot to mention this: Consulates of every Country charge administration fee for issuing Visas, no such a thing like free Visa. However, some Countries charge small amount, some way higher. For example, Visa from USA to Turkey in 2003 was raised from $25 to $100, just to be lowered back to same price in 2004. USA to Russia $100, to Uzbekistan $80, to Kazakhstan $120 and so on. When I was stationed in Kyrgyzstan from 1998 until 2002 Visa to USA was $50. Recently I came back from a business trip to Uzbekistan, where "applying" for visa would set you back $100. Again it all depends on Country where people apply.

06-30-2005, 09:22 PM
'Natalya' and 'Natasha' does not mean Oksana at all. There is no any connection to Oxana.

Natalya=Natasha is like John=Johny or James=Jimmy.

06-30-2005, 11:19 PM
Look dude, take on the advice, sorry about your condition, but being screwed by a scammer ain't going to help you.

Tell her or him, to **** right off.


Non veritas verba amanda

07-02-2005, 03:34 PM
Sorry UK single but where I come from the man MUST be able to support her and her children totally before they can enter the country permanently. It sounds like you cannot really do this, so do look in the UK for someone closer to home. Perhaps a person in the medical feild such as a health care aide or a nurse. The FSU women want a man to work and support the family, not to be a burden on them.

Sorry about your health problem, but the truth will out.

12-14-2007, 05:22 PM
Scam my friend. RUssian or Ukranian women who are respectable and serious with you will never ask for money. In fact, it's a cultural thing, they even have a hard time telling you they need something if you ask them. If they ask you for it, then don't delude yourself. You may be hoping she is different, but it could well be she is a man sitting behind a computer. If you still feel the urge to give her money, tell her you'll bring it to her, get on a plane and meet her first.

12-26-2007, 02:19 PM
"She keeps telling me she loves me, yet has never met me!"

:D you should have figured it out at that point.