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07-31-2005, 07:14 PM
A I just being paranoid or am I right to be cauious. I have been writing to a woman in the Ukraine for the last 2 years. I have been too the ukriane and met her and her family. I have ran a basic background check that confirms that the address and phone number that I have been given are hers. She wishes to come and visit me in the uk. I arranged an appointment for her at the visa section in Kiev. She says that she has been given the visa. Now we are arrangeing the flights. What is the best way a) to confirm she has the visa and b to arrange the flights to the uk?

07-31-2005, 08:08 PM
She obviously cannot leave or enter a country without a visa. To insure the saftey of your money for the flights for her, Prepay for them so they are not refundable to her. This will insure your monies do not disappear into perhaps a robbery at the airport.

07-31-2005, 08:14 PM
after 2 years , it seems an all up front relationship, but I am sure she would not object to the prepaid flights if she is real. It seems that way to me, but caution is the word. Just ask her and see the response, I am sure she will not take offence of the situation. She may be honoured that you pay for it all, and take the responsibility for her saftey and comfort.