11-07-2005, 07:42 PM
I have a question for you???? I have noticed that some of you, if not most, are from the United states, canada, UK..... You talk about western girls like ****.... you say they do not care about families and all that stuff that you presumably, based on nothen, hoping to find in a russian girl..... my question is: The western girls that u r talken about are the offsprings of people like you.... If you claim they are bad then the problem is who made them like that..... It's you guys..... When you are bad examples to your kids then yes.... If a western girl was born in a family and she is raised adequately then she would be perfect..... just a treasure that i would love to take care of.... A western woman knows what's in life.... whereas a russian girl knows nothen coz she is poor and she doesn't know what's across the street..... And this is scary my friends....because you can never predict her reaction when she comes (IF EVER) to North America....
Why don't you look at the statistics???? Probabilities my friends predict what's gonna happen next..... 94 % of russian women divorce after getting the GC?????? Russians who immigrate to Canada and the united states aint not betta than what you describing about the canadian and american girls..... What does that mean???? If you are week and you are not bad this means nothen..... a good man is a powerful man and an honest man.... If I break your arms you will definitely be behaving better coz you do not have the strength to fight...and you will be friendly COZ YOU NEED THE OTHER....
Guys, A good American or canadian woman is a lot betta.... why?? coz she DOES know what she wants..... coz she know everything..... whereas a russian girl doesn't know anything..... how can she decide what she wants if she knows nothen????:D:D

11-08-2005, 10:33 AM
Well, you are absolutely right about the Russian women ...
Anyway the best, most family-oriented and beautiful girls you will find in Scandinavian area. But how to find them, it's another question....

08-02-2006, 09:30 AM


ANYBODY, including Mr Detective.. please help me with this statistic.
Is there a place, perhaps on the internet, where I can confirm this statistic?

Granted, I'm not from the US, I am Australian. But if only 6% of marriages between American males and Russian females actually endure, it augers badly for other Westerners also.

Where can I confirm (or otherwise) this 94% statistic?

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08-05-2006, 10:35 PM
Personaly, I dont think that defective has any ideal what he is talking about and is the main reason this forum had taken such a nose dive. I cant help but feel that he is responsible for the decline in postings,I know its how it affected me, anyone else feel this way ??

08-18-2006, 02:42 PM
There are several reasons that western men have the perception that their own western society's women are not the best. For one thing the Judicial system in this country(Canada and USA.) has decided that during divorce proceedings the man is to be made to feel helpless and weak. He will not have much access to his children, he will pay and pay her to raise his kids even though she may be out having fun and partying it up with new mwn in her life. In short a negative male attitude is being cultivated in these women (machismo, domination, abusers of the man) and the men take on the role of the negative characteristics of the female(complainers, weak, lack of confidence,etc.). This suits the controllers of our society just fine because now they have broken up the family unit and they have a group of sheep or human cattle that can not organize themselves in family groups to decide for themselves how to run their own government. Television and it's infections give all of us an unrealistic view of the world and our values disintigrate befor our eyes. Women are effected easily by soap operas, racy miniseries and other crap on the tv. These negative influences are the real key to why we are disatisfied with our women and why we seek the Russian or Ukrainian women with their more family oriented qualities. We all fail to realize I guess that the same bankers that financed democracy at the same time financed communism to create controlled chaos and make money from the constant friction(there are no profits in peace!) Communist countries have their own negatives that many of us are unfamiliar with and we will learn this as we hash these matters out on this forum. I have never seen the figure of 94% failure for marriage of this type though. I don't think that it is an accurate figure. I think that an older man from here should be prepared to be able to keep a younger woman fully entertained and happy or she will become bored and leave. This seems logical to me. So if you are an old balding guy with a belly and bad breath, who the hell would stay with you anyways? I think that any younger woman will naturally be higher maintenance.

08-27-2006, 09:17 PM
What's the problem with higher maintenance women??
I am a high maintenance guy.... and I have no issues with that. Whoever earns money has the right to spend it on whatever he/she wants. If she wants my money.... she can get a one way ticket to hell even if she is my wife.... She should work in order to spend money... NO MERCY WITH WOMEN.... THEY CAN BE VERY NASTY...

09-20-2006, 10:29 AM
ya'll talking about westeners and scandinavian women...why ya'll don't try asians???hehehhe...just smiling sweetly to all of ya....[:o)]

hearty Philippines