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11-29-2005, 12:26 AM
My love!
l think you have those qualities i am looking for that's why i am asking you to be my best friend and my lover for life.
I felt in love already with you photo, am eager to see your next picture.
Let me hear soon from you and tell me more about yourself.
My love,my English not so good but I will happy to hear your
voice. If you like call me or write sms (here she wrote a phone number)
Kiss you Mari

This is the third message I got from this freaken ukranian thing (could be a male, a female or an animal... it seems that animals also can send email in russia and ukraine:D... I can only say how idiot whoever wrote this email is..... They say Americans are idiots.... look at that!?! Don't these freaken ass holes have any human values!. Do they really think that we are idiots??.. Please can someone explain to me why these people are soo sick!....coz I really do not understand at all..... I never met such stupid people.. I am talken about eastern europe and russia.. I am thinking seriously of thinking about a project to start with to put an end to these jerks. I think that non-experienced guys will easily be scammed... And I want to help.. Any ideas!..

11-29-2005, 06:32 AM
Hi !
Yes you are right. The newcomers fall very easily once even twice to their traps before they learn. That is a big problem. I have done it too....But I hope I have learnt my lesson. The scammers have many ways to scam you. It is very easy to recognize the visa-ticket scam but when we meet the woman in her home country be sure that many men have been scammed there, lost a lot of money and been very disappointed in their meetings !
So I mean that the worst scams take place with real women in Russia. The women who do it this way are very unscrupulous and can behave also very arrogantly. As far as you are in your home country you have a chance to control the situation but when you are there among people who don't understand your language you are completely at their mercy !
Also these scammer women use sex to lure you out of your money.
They have no conscience in doing so and taking your money. In Russia there exists a phrase that all property which you can't control by your eyes or hands is available for anybody. It is the old communistic principle.

The agencies should take this problem still more seriously. Most of them inform "DO NOT SEND MONEY ! " but it is not enough.
I still believe that only a small part of scammed people contact these forums. So we do not know excatly how much they have robbed money.
Neither we shouldn't forget that there are a lot of nonscammers. Probably only about 20 % of profiles belong to scammers but these profiles get 80 % of all contacts. The reason is clear.
Anyway if we all follow the old good advice "NEVER SEND MONEY !" it is a good start because THERE IS NO NEED TO DO IT ! All serious women know this question and it is 100 % sure that we can't get a woman by sending money.
We should tell more about our experiences about meetings with the women there to understand what to do when we meet them. Anyway it is sure that a sincere Russian woman waits a lot during such a meeting. If she really likes you she also wants to make fast decisions. But if she does not like you be sure that she can show it in rather an unpleasant way. But this is mostly due to the fact that you have probably given false information about yourself or sent photos which do not look like you. Unfortunately many women also send photos which were taken 5-10 years ago. So sometimes this can cause some surprisings too...and from both sides.
Here I would like to tell also that the situation in Russia is not so bad as we generally think. Russian women are very proud about themselves and Russia. You should always remember this! Never insult them by talking bad about Russia ! Accept their opinions. I have heard many times them say that Russian people are very polite, their food is better, their family values are higher and so on....I do not agree with that but we must always remember that our cultures and habits are very different. Also they say that money is not important but still can suck you out of the money there...They do not have any respect to other people's money, they can use you and your money very arrogantly. But if the question is about HER money the situation changes rapidly !
So this moment I have no new ideas to give but only warn everybody about the real meetings ! The meetings can be a big adventure in a new world but it has many really big risks too. There is not any big risk for physicial violence in Russia if you behave like Russians and never boast of your money ! So all will go well.
Good luck !

11-29-2005, 10:23 AM
Thanks for your comments...
Any other ideas:D

11-29-2005, 05:40 PM
Dear friends !
I really think the main problem is that this phenomenon of scamming is not known enough and most of the people become aware of it when unfortunately it's too late. Let's face it - Most of the people in those forums are innocent victims who found those forums after being scammed (Like me, for example !). The solution is publishing this bloody phenomenon everywhere we can : newspapers, TV programs, radio, everywhere a potential victim can read/hear/know about it and stop himself (or his friends) before falling into this trap. It doesn't have to cost money and I don't think we'll have to identify ourselves if we tell all those horrible stories of scamming to other people. I'm sure that most of journalists will be interested in publishing those stories. It's about time to bring it everywhere we can instead of sitting here for months (with all the honour to all of you, and most of you are really nice!) and cursing together !. Don't forget - Most of the people have never heard about scamming, that's why there's still a lot of victims every day !!!. Let's publish everywhere we can (and not just in those forums) the main sentence : " NEVER SEND MONEY ! ". Andy.

11-29-2005, 05:57 PM
You are absolutely right... I actually say it in a very bad way.... I know it is not the best way to deal with the situation (i.e. insulting the russians as a population)... I always say actually the same words to a point that it is getting boring... But I will keep on doing this just as a matter of extra precautions. I appreciate the russians as a group but some scammers should stop this... and I think it is our job to protect the innocent people who are now being scammed.
Andyjeal, I think you are right in what you said 100%....

11-29-2005, 10:21 PM
I agree with Andy. Awareness through media would be the most efficient way. I have proposed the exact same thing as far back as a year or more ago, and I have recommended to several of my clients who really wanted to get back at scammers to go to the media and to tell everyone they can about the scam, so this whole business would eventually become extinct. But somehow when it comes to ACTION, majority of the "revenge seakers" tend to dissapear somehow. Very frustrating.

I myself have done 2 interviews on national TV in the USA warning people about this problem, and I got a mass of phone calls from guys all over the country saying that my interview on the tv saved their wallets big time.

11-30-2005, 07:22 PM
When there is a problem, you do not just solve the consequences... you have to go to russia and teach people there about human values. Small pox disease has gone because we found a vaccine not because we treat it with antivirals.
I agree that TV's, newsletters and all that stuff is very important to tell the north americans that russians are not and will never have the same values as you do but this does not solve the problem... it will postpone it few years till a new generation comes into action and things will re-appear again. I do not think "never send money" solved the issue coz you might be scammed even after you go to russia and meet the woman....and at that point I do not think you can save money....coz there is a very small chance that the woman might be truthful (although I doubt but that's a personal opinion).
I think the problem is in the russians head not in north america... whoever is looking for solution to this issue (I am one of them), should address it in russia not in North america.

11-30-2005, 10:17 PM
Detective !
You're maybe right, but every single day there are new victims of scamming, and we have to make efforts to stop it or to reduce it at least as soon as possible ! . It takes years to educate a new generation, and it seems that until those dreamed days all those damn scammers will be new "Roman Abramovich"s. It's about time to act, my friend !. This morning I called two TV programs in my country for informing them about this problem, and I can promise you that it's just the beginning. I think that's the ultimative way to start drying up those scammers. If you all want to join me by making this in your countries, you'll be blessed...!!!. GOOD LUCK !!!. Andy.

11-30-2005, 10:39 PM
I was thinking of another solution actually. I think it would be wiser for us to focus on the internet because this is where the victims get scammed by the russians. I do not think that TV stations or newspapers or any kinda meeting is more beneficial than a well designed website. I have no time to design a website coz I work but I can ask some professionals to do it for me....
What do u think?

12-01-2005, 09:19 AM
great !, any solution that can help will be blessed...!!! Even if we save one person's wallet, we'll achieve something, and I really hope that it will be thousands, of course...!!!. I would be really happy to read also the other guys' opinion about it !. Andy

12-01-2005, 10:52 AM
I'm with you guys 100%. I have been saying for a long time that there are no websites that really address this scamming problem.
These type of forums are great for sharing information but that is as far as it goes.
What many people fail to understand is that all of this scamming and dishonesty is the direct result of a widespread social disorder that disregards one of the most basic laws of human nature. RESPECT FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN!!!!

A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.

12-01-2005, 02:16 PM
The problem will disappear as soon as we (the guys) are starting to use our minds instead of thinking with our ......
I still do not understand how a guy can send hundreds or even thousands of $/EUR to a woman he has never met and only exchanged e-mails with and maybe talked on the phone with.
If you guys transfer $1000 to my account, I let you mail with my girlfriend :D
I am sure I will get no offers, but what is the difference? :)

12-01-2005, 04:58 PM
Since you mention that you have help from professionals, I can add a couple of suggestions. One tactic that people fighting the Nigerian 419 scammers use is to create programs called "auto-baiters" - these usually work using a database such as MS Access or My-SQL and a program (PHP, PERL, C++, Java, etc.) They seed the auto-baiter with prefabricated scripts - a sequence of template letters, response letters, that have variables for name, and so on. The programs do all the work. Using the database, they can load in the e-mail addresses of thousands of scammers. I know of one auto-baiter that is currently handling approximately 30,000 e-mails per day, wasting the time of the scammers.

Another way to frustrate the scammers is by using "chat-bot" programs such as Alice (these use a variant of HTML called AIML - Artificial Intelligence Markup-Language). They get the scammers in AOL-AIM, MSN, or Yahoo-YIM chat sessions, and the scammers waste countless hours of their time chatting with "robot" programs that have a prefabricated series of scripts and responses that queue on key words. Reading the transcripts of some of these chats is absolutely hilarious.

12-01-2005, 06:03 PM
quote:Originally posted by Dutchy013

The problem will disappear as soon as we (the guys) are starting to use our minds instead of thinking with our ......
I still do not understand how a guy can send hundreds or even thousands of $/EUR to a woman he has never met and only exchanged e-mails with and maybe talked on the phone with.
If you guys transfer $1000 to my account, I let you mail with my girlfriend :D
I am sure I will get no offers, but what is the difference? :)

sure. send no money. period.
Otherwise picture your $ gone to buy some "herbal viagra", "the secrets of the wealthy & famous special report", " insider's forex trading cash machine scheme"...bunk.