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11-29-2005, 12:59 PM
Oh, my Darling, how I happy to write to you again. I so much
thinking of you these times. You are always with me, in each my step, in each my
deal, always. I really can't understand how have you done it. You should to
teach me, then I will use it on you.
We are born alone and, as we develop our reasoning faculties, that sense of
separateness and aloneness is a source of anxiety - a feeling that our lives are
incomplete. A basic human desire it to overcome that sense of aloneness through
love and the union with another.
Love, to me, is a productive activity. It is essentially a giving of
oneself. It involves a large risk and one must be ready to accept pain and
disappointment. A loving relationship will contain measures of both of these
emotions; it is unavoidable.
Mature love requires a sense of discipline, concentration, patience and
dedication. Love also requires humility and objectivity. Love is difficult but
the benefits are large. Through this distinctly human activity, we unite with
another yet, at the same time, we preserve our individuality and integrity. In
love, the paradox occurs that two beings unite and yet remain two.
I do not imagine that the male-female relationship is about finding an
object of love. Instead, I think of it as finding a kindred soul with whom to
share the creative process. The family is the product of the dedication of the
man and woman in the conduct of this life-long activity.
I want to share this philosophy only with you and the best way to do it is
to meet in person? May be in Odessa?!
I am so much dreaming and thinking about us. I really need to see you. Please
tell me if we can meet. I so enjoy reading your letters, in any case they makes
me feel good. I reread all your letters, and it gives me joy, and I truly see
you face behind my screen. Just imagine our romantic souls leaning to each other
in our mutual passionate kiss.
Ok, my love I wait your call or sms!
I am so happy. You made me happy.
Tender kiss to you.
Lovingly yours,

11-29-2005, 01:00 PM
I only sent her 2 emails.... 1 line each!

11-29-2005, 11:32 PM
quote:Originally posted by Detective

I only sent her 2 emails.... 1 line each!
HaHa, that's funny. Two one line e-mails and she is in love.
I think that this recent surge in Russian scam activity probably involves alot of Russian guys too.
Many of the guys being scammed these days do not realize that sometimes it is not even a woman that is scamming them.

A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.

11-30-2005, 05:15 PM
I called the ukranian buddy today and she hang up the phone... it seems she forgot about me:(.... or maybe she forgot to whom she sent her numbers.... lots of variables when it comes to russians and eastern europe.... who can solve an equation with multiple unknowns!!
Stay out-of-trouble...