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12-16-2005, 10:28 AM
Elena or somebody else please tell me what happened ....?
I will tell you an example how Russian women will behave in correspondence.
Several times it has happened that after a rather long and good correspondence many women suddenly stop writing.
I have tried to get explanation to this but they have never answered to me anymore...
I think this kind of behaviour is not normal. I should say it is VERY BAD BEHAVIOUR !!

12-16-2005, 05:34 PM
this topic was extensively discussed elsewhere:
a) most women "work" different men at once (same as men do). Of course they rank candidates according to whatever priority, and once #6 (Leroy from Harlem) who has seldom written reappears, she may dump #15 (Pedro from Monterrey ) who wrote everyday...You're not alone: picture yourself in a queue...Salvatore from Palermo #11; Kamala from Uganda #18; Wong from Taipei #3...etc
b) it is a generally widespread LD/WWW behaviour to quit without explanation. Ever seen chatrooms where people leave/IM-ers (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo messenger etc ) log-off in the middle of a conversation...?
That is the best way to dismiss the argument WWW/LD (hence MOB) is like real life. In real life one would not stand another up like that...at least some excuse like "my pager beeps" or "i have to join a meeting ". Over the internet everyone is just a faceless charachter. You log off/bin the email/block the sender/change alias: it's that simple: no way it's [u]THAT</u>simple in real life.
c) reasons for a) vary:
I) she fixed a time limit and if you're not visiting by then, you're out
II) she prefers men with such&such job or location...you're not that but one of them just came along
III) she wasn't really that interested in you, but you were better than nothing
IV) she got tired of WWW/LD games; she got married or whatever. Despite often letting believe otherwise, these women have lives, meet people...they aren't dying in front of a PC screen waiting for a letter from prince charming.
V) her live-in boyfriend got more demanding so she can't fool over the internet anymore

The counter-validation is many of such women (here i won't even consider Igor & Boris ) can and do reappear later (even months or years later) if (for whatever reason) their earlier options wane or turn to a bluff.

Either you get used to this ( and worse ) or you'd better drop the WWW/LD/MOB pursuit.
That has nothing to do especially with FSU people...it is a WWW/LD thing.

12-16-2005, 07:32 PM
Thanks for the good comments Ham !
I am sure that all possibilities must be counted.

12-16-2005, 08:02 PM
well, i went online in 1997. I was then a postgraduate student. I wouldn't say i am the soft-EST or naiv-EST person around, yet at first the impact with WWW/LD behaviour is devastating...
human courtesy, decency, sense of entitlement, politeness all go downhill at lightspeed.
You're in the middle of a conversation, which you deem interesting and suddenly the other logs-off or disappears; you send a picture and get rude comments like: "ah! you're ugly so don't bother talking to me anymore" and you're blocked.
The internet is basically a human junkyard.
For example take moderators or people playing the sheriff over the internet banning people or attacking them over limits.
Then picture the same idiots in a crowded pub, disco or party bouncing people away, whose talks or comments they dislike.
I don't need to be a genius to guess they'll get a knife stabbed in their back or a broken jaw pretty soon...unless they're a cross breed between Hulk Hogan, Bruce Lee and Terminator.
For personal experience i knew a guy who was some karate black belt or whatever; well he was a bada$$.
He once kicked another man's a$$ over women's stuff.
Then he kicked 2 friends of that man.
Then again, 3 others from that gang.
Then again 4 (no, i'm not joking ).
One night on his way home a car appeared out of nowhere. 5 men attacked him under a friends' eyes: he went to hospital, stayed in ER for 2 months and then cut his attitude a lot.

Another man was famous for starting fights over nothing because he was big.
And so on he goes for a long time.
One day three people come, bring him outside, kick his a$$, shove a gun in his mouth and he learnt the lesson and he's nowhere to be found.

over the internet it is completely different.