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12-19-2005, 11:27 AM
as posted on another site:


it looks like (as i hypothesized) scammers often utilize pools of pre-written letters.
That is the case.
I had a quick look here & there and i'm sure i located at least a dozen letters i read as posted by men who got scammed.
Buyer beware!
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12-20-2005, 08:57 AM
Yeah, this pre-written letter business is one of the reasons that I stopped this internet letter writing crap a few years ago. Even if you are not scammed, it all just becomes friggin' boring.
Alot of agencys promote this kind of thing also. A girl joins an agency (sometimes) with the hope of finding a husband. The agency requires her to provide a letter of introduction. Her original intro letter is now randomly sent by the agency to several of their male members.
Who know's how many guys respond to this. But for the one's that do, it is money in the bank for the agency. They repeat this process over and over. Sometimes the girl receives the response's, sometimes she doesn't or maybe she is just not interested in some of the guys.
Either way, the girl starts to think that she is the only girl in town. And then of course the agencys themselves will respond to alot of guys, making them think that they are receiving letters from the girl.
It's mostly just a big game designed for profit. Reminds me alot of the local carnaval that comes here once a year with all of their silly games where people try to win a prize. If you try to shoot a basketball through a hoop, the hoop is smaller than normal, thus making it much more difficult. If you try to shoot a target with a rifle, the sights on the rifle are skewed just enough that you are mostly relying on luck.
The hand is quicker than the eye. But most people don't realize this until after they have lost the game.

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12-21-2005, 09:08 AM
Good work Ham !!!
Next time when a scammer sends me prewritten love letters I ask her to change the database because I am bored in HER letters !