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07-26-2006, 11:45 AM
I was just reading the scam report of Hamid who sent $2000 for some Russian chick to come to the Vancouver aiport. First of all with a name like Hamid you are probably Muslim. 95% of Russian chicks will reject Muslims. The other 5% you need to be extreemely rich. Next the Canadian Embassy will never issue a tourist visa to an unmarried chick. Forget it. Next once she's got your $2000 she see nice clothes and shoes and mobile phone she can buy in the shop. Why to bother with some guy named Hamid?

Even if you go there in person and meet her in person it's not easy. You've got to have money and treat her like a queen. It's still hard because you are competing with the local guys who have money.

And a guy with an occupation of truck driver just forget it.

They are all scammers until proven innocent.