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08-20-2006, 12:00 PM
Scammer details:
Surname: ?
Name: Oleg
City: Medvedevo
Country: Russia
Postal address: don?t know
Phone number: don?t know
E-mail address: golub4ik@bk.ru
Photos she sent you (all you have): see below
Letters she sent you (all you have): see below
Agency details:
Which agency/website you contacted her through: Faceparty
Is this agency a member of Anti-Scam Program: I don?t know
Did you report the scam to the agency: Not yet but I will
What was the agency response:
Your contact details:
Your name David Simons:
Your email address djsmtl@sympatico.ca:
Your pseudonym (under which name to publish your story): David, Montreal
Your contact email address/URL to publish with the warning (optional):
Your story (as detailed as possible):
Russian scammer report August 20, 2006

Male ? says he is gay
Name ? Oleg [Listed on Russian-scam.org as ?Nikolay Chaldishkin?

?Oleg? contacted me on July 14, 2006 through Faceparty, saying he was coming to Canada soon and that he would like to meet me. He said he was very interested in my profile and was looking for a gay lover. We exchanged correspondence a few times and by chance I tried to get some info on the city he said he lived in, Medvedevo. When I went on line all I found was info on scammers from Russia so I looked for photos of him but could not find any, I confronted him with the info about scammers but he assured me he was not one. When he kept ignoring the fact that I have a boyfriend and was seeking nothing more than a friendship he continued to make all sorts of remarks about how wonderful it would be when we met, when we touched, etc. I became more skeptical. A bit more research on line showed him on another scammer site [russian-scammer.org] under the name ?Nikolay Chaldishkin?. He is good looking and quite good with English although much of what he writes reads a bit like ?cut and paste? texts. He answers some questions but avoids most. He never got to the point of asking for money and said he would pay his own expenses for the trip. He writes good stuff and, had I been single, I might have gotten further involved.
Of course, ever since I sent him the article exposing him as a scammer, there has been total silence from him.
Below are some photos and copies of letters from him.
Montreal, Canada

Photos of ?Oleg?

Letter #1, sent to me at Faceparty

Subject : untitled
Date Sent : 14 August 2006 at 23:08
golub4ik says...
Hi! My name is Oleg. Your profile have interested me very much. I live in Russia and would be very interesting to learn more about you. I'm 28 years old. I search a man, which could become friend to me, and may be more. I am going to visit your country in two or three weeks and would be very happy if you could be mine the satellite, the guide and may be someone else!:)
If you a little interested, please answer me soon! I have problems with inbox on this site. Please, write to me on my e-mail golub4ik@bk.ru

Letter #2 ? directly to me

Oleg (golub4ik@bk.ru)

Re: David wants to talk to you!


Hi! How are you doing? I'm so glad to get your answer:)
Sorry, I can't use any messengers at this time, but try to do this soon!
First of all, I have write to you
because I know and heard much about your country.
I have chosen to talk with you because I know English,

I have been studying it in university and I have been studying it in
school for 3 years. so I have decided to write to you knowing that You
will understand me without problems and between us there will be no
language barrier(I hope it) :) Other reason, and probably it is the
most important reason for a writing of my letter to you, it is that
fact, that I now am at a stage of registration of the visa in your
country. I long time worked without holiday and now I have many paid
days for rest. My colleague advised me to go to travel agency and to
choose there travel for relax. Also i want to tell you what i'm
looking for a gay. Because i need friend who love me and help me in
all directs. I want real relations between us.

I have filled all necessary documents for the tourist visa and I look
forward to hearing from embassy which is in Moscow. To me have told,
that the answer will be ready in a one or maximum two weeks. I am
glad, that I can soon see other country with interesting culture and
people. I think it it would be interesting to learn you, at that time,
while I wait the visa. There can be we shall interest each other and
then we can meet in the person.

I can be naive, but I think it very interestingly to meet somebody in
other country. Whom you knew before only in letters. I wait much from
this trip because I am very tired from work and loneliness.

Let me tell you more about myself. I'm 28 years old, my height is 6' 1
and my weight is about 80 kg (176 pounds). I was born on the 28th of
August in 1977. And when were you born and what is your zodiac sign? I
think it's quite important to know this because we can learn the
person better when we know his or her date of birth.:)

I'm white Russian gay. I'm orthodox Christian so I believe in Jesus.
I'm single, I have never been married and I have no kids. I'm an
open-minded person, I'm very sensitive and sociable. I love to meet
new people and learn something new about different countries,
different nationalities and so on. I love to read. My friends and
family say that I'm very communicative and kind-hearted. (If they have
not told so. Probably they would be not friends for me :) LOL)

What can I tell you about the city I live in? I love my city. It is
very small. It is called Medvedevo. it's situated about 800 kilometers
from the capital of Russia Moscow. My city is very beautiful. But here
it happens very coldly in the winter. I think, that in city
practically there are no such strong frosts as at us and does not drop
out so a lot of snow. In the winter everything is covered with snow
and people have to wear warm clothing. We have a lot of fun at winter.
I go skiing, skating and sliding with my friends and family. But my
favourite season is summer, when the trees are green and there are a
many different flowers. I often go swimming in summer. And what is
your favourite season? What is the weather like in your city right
now? Also I want to say you couple words about my education. I have
completed college and I got the diploma of book keeping and Audit.

Well, it's pretty long letter:)
I did not think that I would be able to write so much! Once more I was
happy to get your letter and I hope to hear from you soon!!! By the
way I'm attaching my photo and I hope you'll like it. Good bye!

Your Russian friend

The ?russian-scam? report that revealed ?Oleg?s? other identity

Chaldishkin, Nikolay - Perm City, Russia

Postal Address: Tramvaynaja Street, 14 do Vostrebovanija
Phone Number: Unknown (said parents did not have a phone; yet he called me twice!)

Details: I was contacted by Nikolay through gay.com. He was extremely cautious about answering most of my questions. Pretended to go to Moscow to Odessia Agency to be trained for his visa and passport. He offered to pay for his trip and schooling if I would pay for his plane fare. I offered sky miles for his airline ticket; however, he said that the agency would lose their reputation and license so I sent money not only for airline ticket but also for visa. Then suddenly he said there was a tax on the money I had sent via Western Union. I refused to send anymore money. Then the communication from him stopped. Watch Nikolay: He's very smooth and very clever. Do not be influenced by his "falling in love" with you, his tears, his wanting to come to America, his offering to work when he arrives because he "is not lazy and wants to work." Nikolay is indeed a scammer!

First reported:

03-03-2007, 10:00 PM
i was interested to read davidjs5's account of oleg----nickolay chaldishkin.oleg may also be timur mirzayanov as the script used by oleg is almost word for word that timur used to try and scam my self,even down to his education and dislikes and likes.timur said he came from izhevsk.timur used the following email adress---amuzer@gmail.com here in australia and works on the local gay sites.if any one needs more details feel free to contact me