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01-11-2007, 04:18 PM
im from europe and i find this forum, some days ago and im glad that i find it.
Im a member of CC or ualadys and i rite to 7 ladys there and one of them is very nice and i was the first to email her and she did not rite to me first, since i was the first to rite to her.
She send photos of her, in different positions, whit her mother and send photos of her in France. in Paris and other trips that she make.
I visit myself Paris, a long time ago, whit my parents and she did visit some of the places that i visit too, when i was there and she send photos of it, so we both visit Paris and in different years, but almost the same places, that it is interesting to now this.What a coincidence.
After the site is up again, the only lady that rite to me, was her and im riting to 7 ladys.
I also ask the support if it is possible to order the lady personal information and see below what they rite to me.
Plus, you can see the letter that the lady email me and i would like to now, what do you think of this? Is she is for real? HOw could i now.

A- Letter from CC/ualadys, when i asked if i could order lady details.

Thank you very much for your message, we are always glad to help you.

You know, very few of the ladies know English so well to correspond or talk with you directly, they need our translation services.

And there is one more point. We don\'t allow any contact information exchange neither for free nor for money. It\'s our policy against scam.

If wish you can come to your lady via our Agency by a trip package or on your own, come to one of our offices and meet with the ladies in personal. After the meeting you\'ll get all the contacts of her and you\'ll be able to call them and write to them directly.

We understand that this system is quite strict but we do our best to protect you and the ladies.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

We appreciate your membership!

B- email from the lady.

Hello ____

At last I managed to get you! It was so difficult. Do you know there were some problems with the site. I even did not know what to do. I thought that I had completely lost connection with you. But now everything is fine that's why both of us can relax. How were you and what news my darling wants to tell me?;))))))))))

Do you know that we had Christmas last weekend? Actually during the whole weekend I stayed at home with my family. I even did not want to leave the house. I watched TV as there were many different programs and movies. I stayed in bed and did nothing so you see how lazy I am;))) Do you still like me?;))))))))

Ok, I am waiting for your letter very much.

Kiss you softly

__________________________________________________ _________________

What i think about her, is that im also very lazy and we both have manythings that match, so i think that she is for real, but i would like to protect me, before i travel there and your help will be welcome. What you can tell me about what should i do, before i go visit her in Poltava?

01-11-2007, 06:28 PM

Ok I will tell you that I received the same letter as you just after Christmas.
In fact 9th January so might be an idea to check the date you received it.

I think this my not be what you want to hear.

Is her name Nadezhda?
Is the photo with her mother in Turkey?
Is the photo in France outside the cathedral?

If the above is her, I am very sorry that you hoped she is genuine.

If it is her, it?s what I am looking for, and I could do with some help from you.
Have a look at the ualadys.com topic which dublindevil created. There are a lot of legal proceedings taking place and I am involved as well as others, which is why I could use your help.

If it isn?t her, remember that I said I received the same letter word for word from Poltava branch.

Hope this helps.

01-11-2007, 08:45 PM

Well, i must say "Bingo". thats her and im glad that i found this site now, before i travel to now her. what a waste of money that will be. thanks that i ask here.
I did not loose much money whit this, but im glad that i post here, so i can see if it will be worth to travel there and i now, that it is not.
It is hard to see that, but when it is too good to be true, it means
almost time, that it is. she is very sexy lady but a scammer, like the others.
I will terminate my account in CC since all are scammers.
How can i help you and how can you help me?
Too bad that she is a scammer.

01-11-2007, 08:47 PM
p.s the date is the same 09 January 2007 10:39:09

01-12-2007, 12:49 PM

If you wouldn?t mind could you make copies of emails received from her and send them to me.
I am looking for matching letters being sent from one lady.
I do not need any information you have sent to her and any letters that do not match I will delete.
As we have both received the same letter on the same day and only ten minutes apart, we may have more.

If anybody else has been dealing with Nadezhda N. #3867 I would like to hear from you.

01-13-2007, 02:23 PM
what you will do whit my letters?

Does CC use the lady profile, whithout her nows that they send letters whit theirs names or CC and Ladys work together, to scam us?

Example, if lady nadja send to any of us, one original letter and after that, the CC, dont give to the lady, our answer and star to use the system, so we think, that its her, that is sending to us the emails?

01-13-2007, 05:33 PM
I am looking for the letters as proof that the lady?s or Translators are sending out the same letter to many men.
I have been told by someone else that she sent exactly the same letter to them.
With three of us so far it is good proof. But if I can find other letters that match its even better.
The letters will be added to a huge list of evidence against CC/ualadys.
With your letters possibly being added it will be yet more evidence.
Should you decide against sending them I totally understand.

As for how the letters are being sent out to men. There could be many answers. Yes the lady?s could be involved in this scam or they may not know letters are being sent. However it is being done it is a scam and it needs to be stopped.
You can always send me an email if you would like anymore info.

01-16-2007, 04:19 PM
Did you get the email below? I did and this is the only email i could share whit you.

I am so glad to get your present! Wow, I am really very impressed, thank you for being so attentive to me. I could not even expect that. I think you are very kind man and that you know how to please the woman, but of course it would be more pleasant for me to get the present personally from you. I think the idea with videoconference is nice, I like it;)

Please congratlate me, congratulate me!!!! I have passed my exam in foreign lietrature today! I have got an excellent mark and I am so happy! So my work was not in vain. You know the exam was pretty difficult and I was nervous. The matter of fact there were not only students and one teacher but also comission,br....I could not even cheat! But anyway everything is behind me and I am glad of that.

After the exam we went to the caffee and celebrated our successful passing of exam;) I know why I have passed it - because you were thinking of me, right? I know you spiritual energy encourages me and helps in many aspects. Darling, I decided to pose you some questions which seem important for me, don't you mind? If you feel difficulties in answering you may not answer or ask me. So I am going to begin my little test:

1) What of these items of family life and relationships is MOST important to YOU and what would be LEAST important. Please number them as you need to or even Add any additional items that you feel are more important:

Honesty, Loyalty, Friendship, Passion, Sex, Love, Understanding, Forgiveness, Common Interests, Communication

2) What would you sacrifice to preserve the relationship?

3) Would you be willing to do anything your wife asked you to do?

4) What kind of presents would you like to receive from your wife?

5) What is your MOST FAVORITE present to get?

6) What would be the 3 Most Important things that you would EXPECT from your wife to provide to you?

7) Would you be angry if she did not give you what you wanted?

8) What things make you ANGRY?

9) What makes you MOST HAPPY?

10) What do you know about Ukrainian Culture?

11) What is it about you that I would LOVE the MOST ??? Would it be your:

Personality, looks, sex appeal...

Thanks a lot for being with me and my Congratulations on the coming Christmas!!!

Sincerely yours

My Christmas Kissss


do you now about any agency that is not a scam?

01-16-2007, 04:58 PM

I can actually say that I didn?t get that one. I understand it being the only email you can share. No problem.
As for any agency that is not a scam I would advise asking dublindevil, he can be found on the ualadys topic. He has done a lot of research on agencies and may be able to guide you to one. Or just post that question in the ualadys topic. Some good people there who would be willing to help.
Thanks for your help and good luck.

01-16-2007, 08:57 PM
Do you have any email that you send to her and that i could use as my own and see her reaction?
We could make a test to see if it is her that is envolved in the scam or only the agency.
what do you think?